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C203 – Elimination

However, it didn’t matter.

When most of the soldiers began to follow the main force to the south, the 100 charging bugs and 5000 Sickle Insect from the flank rushed over.

The shock brought by this wave was no less than the 50,000 Insect Sea that came from the north.

Huge monsters, together with the small Sickle Insect from the Agility, ran at a speed that far exceeded the speed of a human running and crashed into the panicked noble warriors.

Especially the one running at the front, it seemed to be the bravest and fiercest.

The front arm that was thicker than a human waist swung with force, and the two of them flew into the air.

They landed more than ten meters away.

Although it was the shape of a lizard, its body was indeed made of insect shell.

Ordinary soldiers would not be able to break through the defense of these monsters even if they used all their strength.

Only a Bronze Level warrior could barely injure a little bit of the charging bug with their luck.

The formation of over a thousand of them was completely destroyed in less than three minutes.

The officers who were commanding this group of people hurriedly ordered more people to fight, but the soldiers only wanted to run away, so they were not in the mood to fight.

From the initial air force bombing to the current Insect Sea assault, these tens of thousands of people had no ability to resist at all.

Many brave soldiers who fought under the suppression of Absolute Strength and tactics gradually lost their courage.

The soldiers running in the southernmost direction were no longer called retreating, but fleeing.

But the nobles did not reject this kind of behavior, because they knew that only by fleeing faster would their own army be able to preserve even more.

“The third round of bombing.”

The Air Force, which had loaded the Explosive Beetle, took off at the third speed.

The bombardment that could kill more than a thousand people each time had a greater effect due to the chaos of the enemy.

There were quite a number of suicide squad members among the charging bugs.

They had a firm will to fight.

They were all the elites of the Noble Army.

The battle between the two sides gradually became more intense.

Some of the more agile people not only easily dodged the attack of the charging bugs, but also avoided it.


Although the precise command of the five Brain Insect largely reduced the damage of the charging bug, the weakness of this creature was too obvious, and it was not very comfortable to fight.

“This won’t do.”

Lo Ya asked two artillery soldiers to rush over and prepare to support the Collider Bug.

Of course, if it was the last resort, she did not mind going into battle personally.

After all, Lo Ya had long learned how to gather momentum and had a certain level of combat power.

Although the content was not much, because of the Strength and Vitality being high, She could beat most Diamond Level warriors.

The Launcher Insect’s speed wasn’t very slow.

When they reached a distance of two kilometers, they installed cannonballs that the Sickle Insect could transport and then fired at their targets.

The four cannonballs shot at one point, accompanied by a burst of thick smoke.

The cannonballs instantly killed a few of the opponents as usual.

Because there were not many artillery soldiers at the current stage, Lo Ya was not very willing to use this kind of weapon to attack ordinary soldiers, so after firing, she immediately made them retreat.

Hence, in order to deal with the remaining enemies as quickly as possible, the 3000 Wolf Cavalry and the remaining 4 and a half Sickle Insect divisions that had been waiting on standby attacked the escaping troops from the two wings.

This scene reminded Lo Ya of the time when they surrounded the wild boar.

The heavy cavalry faced the chaotic fleeing enemies and easily harvested them.

The difference between the two sides was too great.

“It’s about time” Lo Ya heaved a sigh of relief and prepared to not pay attention to the battlefield.

“Brain Insect, I leave the commanding authority to you.

Try your best to surround the enemy.

Don’t let them escape.

Wait until the battle situation is completely under control before starting to eat.”

Victory was inevitable.

Unfortunately, because there were too many enemies, it was inevitable that some people would be released.

However, Lo Ya did not care.

After this battle, the kingdom’s military strength had already suffered a fatal blow.

More interestingly, the Archduke of Blood Orchid, who was a few hundred kilometers away, really thought that the rebel army’s victory depended on a large number of magic beasts, so he began to desperately buy all kinds of food for himself.

Other than resting for a day, this Sickle Insect needed to eat for twelve hours.

Every day, it would give birth to three to ten tails.

After the tails were born, the new bugs would also eat with all their might.

In order to nurture the bug army as soon as possible, the Archduke spent several thousand gold coins and unknowingly raised the total number of bugs to 600.

Then, he realized that there was not enough meat food, so he mixed some dry food and fed it to the little bugs.

This action of indirectly helping Insect Girl Clan expand their strength made Lo Ya happy.

Not long ago, the scale of the entire swarm was not even ten thousand.

At that time, by relying on everyone to hunt, the number of insects that were bred in a day was only a few hundred to a thousand.

Unlike now, the territory produced tens of thousands per day, and the nobles helped to nurture a few hundred.

Perhaps, even before the time came to attack the archduke’s territory, the insects he raised would suddenly launch an internal assault and wipe out the army of the nobles.

“This is really satisfying.

This is my potential.”

Lo Ya happily wagged her tail, feeling proud in her heart.

She was the first ancestor of Insect Girl Clan, the only abnormal being in the white worm clan.

Because of the Explosive Beetle, she began to consider installing trebuchets on the new Battleship Insect.

The cost of the trebuchets was relatively low.

If she could throw out dozens of Explosive Beetle in one shot, Well, during the naval battle, the blow to the enemy crew was devastating.

Large amounts of explosions could also sink some wooden ships.

It was much better than unreliable weapons like crossbows and stone bombs.

As for the Launcher Insect, it could be used as a long-range navy soldier.

Its cannon power even exceeded the Magic cannons on the Phantom Ship, and it was enough to shake the maritime warfare model of this era.

Lo Ya also planned to build a large Battleship Insect as an aircraft carrier and let the Wind God Winged Insect be the aircraft carrier.

It could not only search for the position of the enemy above the sea, but it could also carry out accurate bombing.

If they did not have a certain air defense method, the enemy crew would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

“Emm, let me think about what to do next… En, let’s just play boarding battles.

Let the bug swarm board the warship and land behind the enemy.

This way, the enemy will not be able to take care of the front and back.”

The biggest advantage of the swarm was mobility.

Lo Ya decided to use guerilla warfare.

Let the enemy tire themselves out and then launch a large-scale attack at a certain moment.

She would completely wipe out the remnants of the Noble Army.

At that time, the 80,000 defending troops hiding in the imperial city would not be able to hold on much longer.

Yes, it would only take a week at the fastest time before this pitiful feudal kingdom would fall into his hands.

In the eyes of most foreigners, this was only a rebellion organized by the rebel army using magical beasts.

Although… the scale of the swarm might cause the surrounding countries to be suspicious, what use was that The Insect Girl Clan was really strong now, so strong that they no longer needed to care about the opinions of the surrounding countries.


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