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C200 – Bombing!

Hojo Kingdom, east of the capital.

The huge human army walked on the flat road between the villages.

They were all Professionists as they advanced.

They chatted.

Some commanders rode horses and occasionally observed their surroundings.

And so… They would be on guard against any sudden situations.

Under the dark clouds, the shiny armor glowed with a heavy metallic glow.

The orderly footsteps of the soldiers gave off an indescribable sense of vicissitude.

Very quickly, the army set up camp beside the northeastern village of the capital.

Many soldiers took out their rations and sat on the ground to eat.

“Promotion makes me so rich, if I can perform a little better in this war… Maybe we can be promoted to be officials.

That way, we can bring a lot of money back to see my wife.” A young warrior sitting on a rock bit on a hard black bread as he revealed a look of longing.

“Hey, don’t say that, do you think you can be an official Then you definitely can’t be.

You have to say, after this war ends, I definitely have nothing left.

Then after this war ends, I might have everything.” The old captain put down the circular wooden shield and iron sword in his hand and took out a water bag from his pocket.

He took a sip.

The few people beside him all laughed out loud.

No matter what, they didn’t want to fight.

Because this meant that they needed to pick up their weapons and charge forward.

Two of the veterans had fought when they were young, and they were very brave before going to the battlefield.

They swore to be heroes, and looked down on those idiots who fled for their lives.

In the end, when he saw the blunt and hard blade cut down on a person’s neck, he couldn’t go down or come up.

He was truly scared crazy.

Later on, the soldier whose head was chopped off was cut off bit by bit by the other side with a blade saw, and the person who killed him was also hit in the eye by an arrow in the end.

He died on the spot.

Because the old soldier always liked to talk about the terrifying things that happened back then, the people in this small team did not like war from the bottom of their hearts.

Just as everyone was eating, the young man suddenly said, “Captain, the general said that we are facing a group of resistance troops that have raised a lot of magic beasts.

Then who is our enemy Humans, or magic beasts”

The captain put down the water bag and glanced at him.

He shook his head and said,” Let’s pray that we don’t meet magic beasts.

The beast war many years ago was much crueler than the battle between humans.”

“Is it because magic beasts are cruel”

“No, of course it’s because magic beasts know Magic.

Among the humans, Magic masters were rarely seen.

It was a decisive Strength in the army.

Although we know how to arrange troops and arrange formations, and even make all kinds of heavy weapons, However, when faced with all kinds of endless Magic, one will still suffer a lot of losses.”

While everyone was chatting, they did not forget to take a look at the surrounding scene.

This branch army gathered the private armies of 21 Lords, a total of 70 thousand people.

There was no lack of catapults, crossbows, crossbows, and other equipment strengthened by Magic.

There was even a considerable number of magic beasts that were brought to the battlefield.

The most common of them were pig dogs that were raised by humans.

Those dogs were the most loyal dogs.

At first, they were used to help manage the wild boars in the breeding grounds.

Later, they were used by the nobles to train and use on the battlefield.

In fact, just from this alone, this army was truly magnificent to the extreme.

The massive numbers made the soldiers in it feel proud.

Without a doubt, they did not think that the rebel army could win.

It was unnecessary for the nobles to gather so many soldiers so nervously.

Just as everyone finished eating most of their food and was about to move, a commander in the distance suddenly shouted, “Everyone, be careful.

There are magic beasts in the sky.”

With such a reminder, the young warrior hurriedly looked up and saw black dots appearing in the sky in the north.

At first, it was still very small, but as the distance shortened, it was already starting to look like a Winged Hand Dragon.

“So many Winged Dragon.” The captain hurriedly stood up and narrowed his eyes as he stared at the sky.

Those birds were flying very high up in the sky.

Even a high-level professional could only see their general appearance with their eyesight.

It really was a group of dragon-shaped creatures.

“All Magic Masters and Archers, prepare to attack”

Not sure if they were coming for them, the commanders did not dare to slack off.

They hurriedly ordered the soldiers to enter battle preparation mode.

Very quickly, the winged dragons arrived at the top of the army’s heads.

These were naturally the Wind God Winged Insect army of Insect Girl Clan.

Under their claws hung a bag of huge leaves and spiderwebs.

It was filled with Explosive Beetle.

The moment they passed by the densest area of the crowd, one bug after another automatically crawled out of the bag.

They jumped down.

Lo Ya considered the bearing capacity of the Wind God Winged Dragon and let each of them carry 120 Explosive Beetle.

There were 60 of them on the back and 60 in the bag below.

When these insects fell down sparsely, It really felt like a huge explosion.

200 Wind God Winged Dragon, within a few seconds of flying in the sky, had already dropped over 600 bugs.

After that, hundreds of bugs fell every second.

The human soldiers below looked up at the sky in confusion, not understanding what had happened.

“Magic Master, long-range Magic, fire.”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Wind Blade, fireball, and ice arrow flew into the sky.

Unfortunately, apart from the last ice arrow, none of the others were able to shoot more than 200 meters into the air.

Although the ice arrow was a few hundred meters high, it was still very far from where the Winged Dragon was.

Only a dozen or so Diamond Level mages could make his Magic reach a thousand meters high.

One of the ice arrows was very lucky to hit the ice bag.

As a result, its power was weakened.

However, it only pierced through the bag, causing over a hundred small beetle to fall down at the same time.

Gradually, the little black dot that was thrown down slowly approached.

Most of the soldiers finally noticed these beetles, but they did not understand what they were.

In any case, they were not good things.

“Everyone, be careful, don’t get hit by the things falling from above”

“All troops, be careful to avoid them”

“Everyone, cover your nose and mouth to prevent the poison gas!”

Since they did not have the experience to deal with it, the officers could only consider it from the worst possible angle.

Very quickly, the first small beetle landed on the ground.


Along with a deafening sound, flames soared into the sky and smoke filled the air.

The shockwave carried the shrapnel and swept a few nearby warriors several meters away.

They only felt a buzzing sound in their heads as bone-piercing pain came from their bodies.

The shrapnel pierced through the armor, cut open their skin, and merged into their flesh and blood.

This was only the first time.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Soon, one explosion after another rang out, and the entire formation began to explode.

The falling black beetles were extremely fast, and it was impossible to determine where they would land.

The entire ground was filled with explosions and smoke.

The young warrior who saw this scene with his own eyes hurriedly ran away, but the explosions soon reached him.

After a loud noise, he quickly lay down on the ground and covered his ears.

In his line of sight, many soldiers were blown into the sky.

Sometimes, a few beetles exploded at the same place, and some even exploded a few seconds before landing.

The cruel scene was hard to believe.


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