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C2 – Eating insects

The attack worked, and the giant red insect’s life was quickly sucked away.

However, she did not have any more skills in her arsenal, so Little Insect Girl felt a little depressed.

It’s a pity that skill cards could only be used once, she thought.

She stopped brooding over it and went up to gobble the war spoils.

Igniting all her strength, she wriggled to the side of the giant red insect, opened her mouth and tried her best to take a bite on it.

“Oh, so hard.”

She couldn’t harm it at all even after using all her strength.

She was no longer a human, and her jaw didn’t have any teeth.

Even a small stone could injure her.

“Let’s turn it over.”

The shell only encompassed the backside of the red insect, and the other side was the opposite, being soft and gentle.

After a lot of effort, Little Insect Girl finally pushed the giant red insect, making it roll half a circle, revealing a light red thin belly.


After taking a bite, the translucent red flesh melted in her mouth.

It was crystal clear and tasted even better than the flesh of the white insect.

Little Insect Girl’s eyebrows curved into crescents, as she laid on the insect’s body without caring about her appearance and happily enjoyed the delicacy.

[Evolution points 1]

[Obtained components [Insect Fang]]

[Prompt: Evolved editor can equip components and consume evolution points, saving a large amount of time.]

“Eh, did I get a new item”

The light screen pulsed in front of her, and a few sharp fangs appeared on it.

Little Insect Girl seemed to have understood that this component was the fang of the giant red insect.

‘No wonder they were so powerful, they actually had fang.’

“I think I should continue to eat.”

Awoo ~

[Evolution points 1]

[Obtained Component: Soft biological Shell]

Soon, Little Insect Girl’s evolution points accumulated up to 15 points, and the body of the giant red insect was also completely devoured by this moment.

She obtained an awesome new skill.

[Skill Card: Paralysis]

It could paralyze other creatures and restrict their movement.

Little Insect Girl, who was already full, looked around vigilantly.

After making sure the vicinity was safe, she slowly crawled into an abandoned broken eggshell and yawned cutely.

“Sigh, I have unknowingly gotten used to this kind of life.

Could it be that after becoming an insect, I no longer have any ambition”

Little Insect Girl looked at the two lumps of bulging flesh on her chest and fondled them twice.

She did not have any strange feeling at all.

She felt that there was a huge difference between her and an ordinary human.

Her tail was very soft and could be easily pierced by a small branch.

No, actually, even the branch would be too big for it.

Little Insect Girl found that the trees in the distance were like heavenly pillars, with no end.

Even the withered branches that fell to the ground were so big that they appeared boundless to her.

She was like a germ, so lowly that it was not even worth mentioning.

“As expected, I am too small.”

Living with insects all day was boring.

Even if she could eat good food, that would not be enough.

“Oh right, isn’t there an evolution editor, how should I use it”

As she thought of this, a new screen popped out in front of her.

It pulsed with a few words: Do you wish to enter the Evolution editor


With a gentle tap of her finger, the surroundings immediately blurred with darkness.

Little Insect Girl discovered that there was a projection of a creature that was exactly the same as herself was lazily lying in front of her, looking very cute.

“So cute.

Who is this”

‘Uh… It seems to be me.’

Little Insect Girl saw the two components hovering beside her and had a realization.

She flipped her hand and moved the insect fang around the projection’s chest.

[Are you sure]

“Yes… No, no, no.”

‘How can there be a monster with fang on its chest’

She carefully moved the insect fang into her mouth.

[Insect fang: A fang used by micro insects to eat.

It can help chew hard objects.

Editing Consumption: 5 evolution points]

The next one was a soft biological shell.

[Soft biological shell (LV1-3): A biological shell that can harden upon eating other creatures.

It can be strengthened till level 3.

It is very soft and can only protect against fragile micro-mollusks.

Editor Consumption: 10 Evolution points.]

“It hardens when eating.

Turns out the red insect didn’t evolve it.”

The soft biological shell was light red and its coverage area was limited.

Little Insect Girl thought for a while and put it on her tail.

“Okay, it’s done.”

She nodded in satisfaction and was about to withdraw from the editor when her flitting gaze happened to fall on a grey option: Mysterious side evolution.

“What is this Could it evolve into magic”

It seemed like she couldn’t use it for now.

Thinking till here, she stopped caring and left.

The surroundings lit up once again, and the boundless earth appeared before her eyes.

In the hazy mist, time seemed to be accelerated, and it passed rapidly, not waiting for anyone.

Not long after, the days reverted back to normal.

[This evolution takes 3 days.]

“3 days.

So fast.”

The scale of biological evolution would often take millions of years, but Little Insect Girl only needed 3 days.

Did this mean that her potential was extraordinary

Little Insect Girl crawled out of the broken black eggshell but found that there was still a third of the insects around that had not been hatched yet.

There were countless insects in the distance.

A few red insects were as brutal as before, constantly engaging themselves in battle.

Little Insect Girl was no longer like her previous self, afraid and timid.

She wanted to kill those hateful fellows to make herself stronger.

She tried her best to climb to the nearest white insect, grabbed its flesh with both hands and easily tore the external layer of the skin.

The slightly transparent white substance moistened her throat and flowed down her esophagus.

It was sweet and cold.


[Evolution points 1]

It seemed like she wouldn’t be able to obtain skills and components every time.

When she completed eating the white insect, she only obtained a small number of Evolution points.

After finding a few more white insects, Little Insect Girl did not hesitate to devour them in her stomach.

Finally, she obtained a new Venom Spit Skill Card.

This way, the number of skills on her arsenal increased to two.

However, it was a little strange.

Why did she have a Paralysis Skill Card

She thought doubtfully.

Coincidentally, she discovered a red insect in the distance, so she wormed her way towards it.

When she got close to the target, the red insect immediately rushed towards her.

Its round mouth opened wide, revealing dozens of thin and sharp fangs.

It appeared just like a monster of different species.

Insect Girl tried to use paralysis on it.

After a flash of light, the originally ferocious and arrogant red insect immediately became paralyzed and began to twitch on the spot.

Little Insect Girl took the opportunity to climb over and bite the enemy’s outer shell.

This was a test.

If she was still unable to bite open the shell of the red fatty insect… Then she would have to attack using skills.

Fortunately, the sharpness of the Insect Fang was very exaggerated.

After exerting a bit of force, the shell of the red insect was pried open.

By this time, it finally recovered a bit of its mobility, but it was already bitten at the vital part by Little Insect Girl and quickly lost its ability to fight.

[Evolution points 1]

Soon, a pompous feast ensued.


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