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C199 – Change to the War Mode!

The Launcher Insect’s shell was very long, but not too thick.

The structure was actually more like a cone, and the cylinder at the end was relatively short.

It was only about 10 centimeters.

The production time of each cannonball was as long as an hour (requires the consumption of crystal ores), while on the back of a bug, there were only two production launchers.

Thus, in a day’s time, it could only produce 48 cannonballs.

During the battle, it would definitely require the help of other bugs to transport them.

The prickly cannonballs themselves were not poisonous, and there was a long strip of energy crystal about two centimeters in diameter inside.

During a battle, the shell could be fired at a distance of one kilometer.

Lo Ya tried to let the Launcher Insect attack a distance of two kilometers.

With a burst of thick smoke, the cannonballs flew out like rockets, dragging a long trail of flames behind them.

The flying height was not too high, and the speed was not too fast either.

However, the explosion that occurred when it landed was quite shocking.

It had an effective radius of 12 meters, and the shrapnel of the explosion could cause damage to people within a 50-meter radius.

In terms of pure power, it was actually already close to some of the grenades in modern warfare.

For people of this era, the power could be considered very shocking.

Unfortunately, when Lo Ya was shooting, she found that the cannonball itself deviated from the target by 15 meters.

If a distance of 2 kilometers could deviate from 15 meters, this kind of accuracy rate was really terrible to her.

This could roughly tell how low the Insect Girl Clan’s long-range attack ability was.

After all, the production cost of the cannonballs themselves was not low, and the production speed was also not fast.

After firing the two cannonballs, the Launcher Insect still needed to slowly use the insect limbs on the side of its body to move the cannonballs onto the launcher (about 30 seconds).

Or it could spend an hour to produce two cannonballs.

“Oh, although it’s a bit bad, the current enemies really don’t seem to be able to resist such an attack.”

After all, artillery couldn’t only be equipped with one.

A bug could be replaced once every 30 seconds, which was equivalent to firing 4 cannons per minute.

Actually, it was not slow.

According to Lo Ya’s calculations, about 30 bugs were equivalent to a group of artillery during World War II.

If they could increase the power and range of the cannon a little, they would probably be able to fight against the artillery in World War II.

Such a weapon had a significant meaning in this era.

Lo Ya knew that the enemy had many Gold Level warriors.

Once combat power erupted, Leaf Ball and the like would be very hard to kill.

And the Explosive Beetle also required a lot of continuous bombardment.


It would completely weaken their Strength.

However, the Launcher Insect’s attack was different.

Anyone who wasn’t a Diamond Level warrior would die if they were hit by it.

Even a Space Level warrior wouldn’t be able to survive within the effective radius of the attack.

“As long as it’s not an extraordinary warrior, I have a way to deal with it.”

Lo Ya was very satisfied and immediately ordered the Sickle Insect to give out about 9,000 sets of incubated food to this Launcher Insect, preparing to expand the size of the artillery to one group.

The price was very expensive, but the cost-performance ratio was not bad.

It could be considered one of the few high-end Strength in the Insect Girl Clan.

She realized that the total military strength of the race had almost reached 100,000, and decided to start to organize the army.

Sickle Insect, 100 thousand troops per legion, each legion divided into 10 divisions.

Which meant that each division had 10 thousand bugs.

Then, the division was split into 10 regiments, which meant that each regiment had 1000 bugs.

Each regiment would be split into ten squadrons, which was equivalent to one hundred squadrons per squadron.

The squadrons could be split into 10 squads.

According to the serial number, the first bug will be the commander of different squadrons.

Some bugs could take on different commanding roles at the same time (Brain Insect would be the independent commander).

With this calculation, the current 100 thousand bugs would be able to form an organized Sickle Insect legion.

Currently, there were only 3,000 adult Black Wolf Beast.

Lo Ya directly formed a division and similarly divided them into large groups and small teams.

If it was human-shaped Undead Insect, their strength would be extremely unbalanced.

Among the current 3500, There were 1,200 Black Iron Level, 1,600 bronze, and the rest were Silver Level and Gold Level.

Lo Ya considered building a team of 3000 Bronze Level Undead Insect within three days to match the Black Wolf Beast.

Then, she would form a powerful Wolf Cavalry.

The terrifying thing about the Wolf Cavalry was that during a battle, the human-shaped Undead Insect on each of their backs could use the dark thread Magic, which would negatively affect the Spirit of the enemy.

This would infinitely increase the combat strength of the heavy-armored cavalry.

As for the small beetle, there were about 800,000 of them.

After distributing them, there would be eight legions.

That was the 800,000 bug division.

Most of them would be used for territory expansion and hunting.

A small portion would be used to support the main force in battle (After the consumption, there would be an average of 10 divisions per day).

Lo Ya had already obtained 300 Wind God Winged Insect, and they were split into 3 squadrons (30 squadrons).

They could obtain the highest authority to use the Explosive Beetle and carry out large-scale bombing in the air force.

Lastly, the Launcher Insect.

Every 30 insects would form a artillery division with 2,000 insects defending them.

It would be used for battlefield support and firepower attacks.

The position of the charging insects was rather awkward.

Currently, only a few hundred of them would be incorporated into the 1st legion of the Sickle Insect.

They would be centralized during a large-scale assault.

Under the current legion mode, the position of the Brain Insect was extremely important.

Lo Ya had a premonition that a large-scale war would soon occur, so the number of Brain Insect commanders who could only command 10,000 bugs would increase to 20 or more.

Their names were number 1 to 20 (Lo Ya was too lazy to name them).

The swarm was currently expanding rapidly, and new insects were born every day.

The navy, air, and sea armies all had basic combat units, and Lo Ya was now completely unafraid of humans.

Hence, while the southern nobles formed an alliance army and prepared to gather hundreds of thousands of soldiers, Lo Ya also began to mobilize the main force of the insect swarm to the human territory, planning to launch a war to completely unify the Hojo Kingdom.

Once the war ended, the rebel army kingdom that simply announced the establishment of the country without being recognized, would truly stand on the stage of competition among the human countries.

“Lo Xin, from tomorrow onwards, all the insects at home will be moved by you.

Just pay attention to the basic hunting and don’t start a war that you can’t win.”

Before leaving, Lo Ya seriously warned her baby.

“Yes, yes.” Lo Xin licked her fingers and nodded her head vigorously.

She looked very reliable.

“Emm… I will temporarily leave 200 Wolf Cavalry and 100 Wind God Winged Insect for you.

You do not have the authority to command these insects.

Their mission is to protect you, and they won’t allow you to leave the safety zone of your territory.”

After Lo Ya said these words, she climbed onto the back of a Black Wolf Beast and prepared to lead the army to set off.

Along with them were the five Brain Insect that were tied to the back of the Sickle Insect (to prevent falling).


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