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C196 – Material Fusion

The next day, the rebel army announced the establishment of a country in the occupied area.

Subsequently, the various cities and villages started a large-scale conscription operation.

They used low taxes and increasing the status of slaves as a reason to attract people to become members of the army and fight to protect their own land.

Unexpectedly, the civilians quickly started a vigorous protest.

They expressed to the rebel army government that they were unwilling to accept lowly slaves as equals.

Yes, on one hand, these oppressed ordinary people hoped that they could be freed from the hands of the nobles, but on the other hand, they were unwilling to give up the benefits of the slaves.

Some of the remaining forces of the nobles were even more strongly opposed to such a thing.

They wanted to restore their rule during the chaos.

However, due to the deterrence of the swarm, many large families with a certain amount of private armed forces did not dare to show obvious resistance.

The upper echelons of the rebel army realized that civilians occupied the majority of the kingdom’s population.

If these people did not allow slaves to become citizens, then they could not do such a thing to them.

Thus, after only a day, they once again promised the civilians that they would give up on changing their slave status and only give basic power to the ordinary people.

The conscription operation was pushed forward because of this.

In order to obtain more support, the rebel army began to cooperate with a portion of the swarm to clear out the thieves in some areas and hanged the bandit leaders in front of everyone.

Such an act received the support of many people.

Many civilians contributed their own iron plow, short knives, and other items, and joined the fierce resistance against establishing a country with great enthusiasm.

At this time, many different ideas were stirred up in many places in the northern part of the kingdom.

For example, an idealized anarchic society, or a restriction on the ruling class.

Many people were not satisfied with the current system and even thought that they could obtain the authority to manage it.

No one knew that at this time, the main force of the bug horde had already taken over the aristocratic territory in the western part of the imperial city and started to gather forces to prepare to invade that magnificent capital.

Lo Ya was clear that with the current 20 thousand Sickle Insect, they could not even enter the gates of the imperial city.

According to the intel she obtained, this city and its surrounding had at least 80 thousand regular legions.

It was precisely because of them that the capital was still able to maintain its existence despite the collapse of the entire country.

Although the current king had lost control of the country, on the surface, This country still belonged to him.

“Phew, don’t rush to push forward for now.

Let’s first take control of the territory in the north.”

Lo Ya had taken down at least 150,000 square kilometers of land.

The rebel army had no time to take over and only sent a few incompetent officials to declare sovereignty.

There was not much meaning in continuing to invade the south now.

It was better to digest all the food that they had obtained a while ago.

Looking at the tens of thousands of lively tails in the territory, she happily rolled on the ground and waited for the little bugs to be born.

“Mm, when the main army has 100,000, immediately control the rebel army.”

Thinking about it, she sent the 200,000 small beetle on the other side of the rupture zone to the human territory.

Now that they had gathered their troops, they could take control of the vast territory in the north of the kingdom.

She would eliminate all resistance, destroy all the bandit forces, and even give people a bright future ruled by insects.

Just as she had thought, in the next few days, tens of thousands of main forces and several hundred thousand Beetle Army came to the territory of the rebel army one after another.

The scale of the insect swarm in the territory also underwent a huge leap.

The details were as follows:

[Sickle Insect: 70000 (15000 underage)]

[Black Wolf Beast: 2500 (Other 2,000 underage)]

[Humanoid Undead Insect: 3000 (Among them, iron 800 / bronze 1,500 / silver 580 / gold 120)]

[Shooting Reproductive Insect: 8]

[small beetle: 600,000, Explosive Beetle: 80,000]

[Charge Bug: 80]

[Spitting Insects: 3]

[Wind God Winged Insect: 200 (Another 100 underage)]

[Battleship Insect (Can be equipped with 80 cannons)] One first-grade warship, one second-grade warship

If one did not include the young ones, the number of main troops that could be mobilized had already exceeded 75,000, and the Sickle Insect occupied the main portion.

The expansion of the scale of the swarm directly caused an increase in the amount of food caught, and it also accelerated the rate of reproduction.

Because of the small beetle, the main force of Insect Girl Clan was increasing at a rate of more than 10,000 per day.

In other words, even if they didn’t do anything and didn’t do anything else, just by relying on their current state, they could produce three million troops a year.

The increase in quantity was inevitable, so the main thing now was quality.

As long as it was a slightly stronger animal, it would be sent to the mouths of the insects.

The stronger it was, the easier it would be to obtain genes.

And during this period of time, almost all the insects’ attribute points had increased every now and then.

It didn’t seem to be fast, but it accumulated over time.

Lo Ya remembered that she had obtained 10,000 Evolution points from the mission of buying a boat.

She could almost undergo a new evolution, so she directly entered the editor.

New things appeared on both sides of the main trunk of the mysterious big tree.

[Rapid Adaptation to the environment: All individuals (including branch tribes) will gradually evolve in the harsh environment and completely adapt to the harsh environment in a short period of time.] [Rapid Adaptation to the environment: All individuals (including branch tribes) will gradually evolve in the harsh environment and completely adapt to the harsh environment within a short period of time.] The results of evolution can be applied to the entire tribe.

Editor Consumption: 6000 Evolution points]

[Material Integration: Under the circumstances of consuming a large amount of Evolution points, not only genes, but even ordinary materials can bring about evolution.

Editor Consumption: 8000 Evolution points]

“Oh, I knew it.

The things inside the editor are extraordinary.”

Lo Ya had already accumulated more than 15,000 Evolution points points.

She could choose between both of them.

Hence, she simply clicked Consumption and left the editor.

After coming out, she did not feel any changes for the time being.

She prepared to carry out the test, so she let a Sickle Insect run over and devour the energy crystal.

After eating a few pieces in a row, the digestive liquid and crystal produced a violent reaction.

With a bang, it directly exploded.

There were only a few broken limbs of the Sickle Insect left on the scene.


Alright, eat again!

The second bug started eating again.

A few minutes later, a notification came.

[Received beneficial gene.

Can be used within the Explosive Beetle’s body (Creating crystals with an even stronger explosive power).]

“Great, it’s really a success!”

Lo Ya was very happy, and she prepared to let the Sickle Insect eat the cannon she bought.

“Let’s do five.

If we don’t get the five cannons after eating them, then we will give up.”

The value of five cannons was very high.

Actually, Lo Ya was a little reluctant, but what if they evolved into cannonballs

Thus, without saying anything, she started to eat.

But it found that the body of the cannon was not ordinary hard.

It could not bite at all.

After struggling for a long time, it was useless, so she could only choose to give up.

“That’s good too, it feels like after eating it, what grows out in the end isn’t a cannon, but a layer of metal”


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