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C190 – Do a business with the Governor

“Let everyone live a better life I can roughly understand it, but I can’t understand it.”

The difference in species resulted in the differences in the characteristics and thinking patterns of the two.

Lo Ya had memories of the human era, but deep down, it was completely different from the time.

The current her was Insect Girl, and it was only Insect Girl.

It had nothing to do with her identity as a human.

The only thing that she acknowledged was the Spirit that Luya dedicated herself to, fighting for everyone’s happiness.

Although… This girl was not smart.

Luya also brought the five of them onto this firm but not too big ship.

The current goal was to buy cannons.

Military weapons were generally very difficult to purchase, but money could make ghosts push the mill.

Lo Ya did not believe that her 15,000 gold coins could not get what she wanted.

The ship sailed all the way to the south.

After about half a day, they arrived at another country in the southwest of Hojo Kingdom.

“This is Trio, a country with a lot of spiders.

It is said that a few generations ago, the king loved raising spiders.

He caught a large poisonous spider with black and red patterns all over its body from Fresnel Forest.

I didn’t expect that spider to be so rampant that it could be found everywhere.

It had poisoned quite a number of people.

Later on, people habitually called this spider Trio cloud poisonous spider.

” A soldier beside Lo Ya showed off his knowledge.

He could tell that… This man really wanted to have a good relationship with Lo Ya (actually, he wanted to pursue Luya).

“Is it so magical Could it be that I can see spiders at any time in this country” Lo Ya widened her eyes.

“Not at all, but there are really a lot of them, and they are very poisonous.”

“Alright, but the purpose this time is to buy cannons.

I don’t care about this kind of thing.”

When the Battleship Insect approached the shore, it met a fleet.

The other side was very vigilant.

They set up their weapons and entered a state of preparation, waving their flags at the same time.

Lo Ya did not know what the other side’s intentions were.

In the end, she discovered that the man beside her also took out a red cloth and placed it on a piece of wood.

He waved it three times per second towards the opposite side.

The other side observed the situation on the boat and said a few words before letting the fleet pass by.

“That was…”

“It was just to prove that we are not pirates.” He said.

“So that’s how it is.

Looks like you’re very capable.” Lo Ya praised from the bottom of her heart.

He was clearly just an ordinary soldier of the rebel army.

He was an ordinary young man and did not have any special characteristics.

She did not expect him to have such an ability.

“Haha, I used to be a sailor and know some things about the sea.

Speaking of which, Trio’s shipping is indeed quite advanced.

I also heard that there are powerful cannons imported from there.

It’s just that the price is a little expensive, but I don’t know if I can buy it.”

“If there are, it means you can buy them.” Lo Ya was sure.

The ship arrived at a port and docked for inspection.

Lo Ya used the illusion of becoming bigger and the illusion of her legs to show her appearance to others.

The group of people were shocked by this ability, but Lo Ya only said that she secretly learned it from a mage and did not make any other explanation.

Because it was too beautiful, the inspector was a little absent-minded.

Fortunately, they did not do anything difficult and let them pass.

“If you want to buy military weapons, you can only talk to the local officials.”

Lo Ya knew what she should do, so she found the local governor’s office with a few people.

Originally, it was said that it was very difficult for civilians to get in touch with officials, but when they came to the front of the residence, after a few announcements, the guards were released.

A few male soldiers felt that this was due to Lo Ya and Luya’s beautiful appearance.

Entering the mansion’s office, the man leaning on the chair smiled and welcomed them.

“I understand your intentions.

Purchasing weapons, right In fact, Trio had sold quite a few pieces of equipment before, but as you know, recently… Our country is currently training a new reserve force, so it will be difficult for our merchants to buy weapons.

Not to mention foreigners.

“What do you need” An experienced sailor asked.

“His Majesty has always had the habit of collecting treasures.

Compared to money, sometimes good collectibles move him more.

I think if you can take out any good antiques or jade carvings, perhaps he will let you go.

After saying that, a row of content jumped out in front of Lo Ya’s eyes.

[Mission: First step to the hegemony of the sea]

[Objective: Use treasures to move the king.

If you succeed, the Provincial Governor will be promoted and make a fortune.

If you get a ship cannon, why not]

[Time: One day.] “

[Mission reward: 10,000 Evolution points] 】

“Eh, mission”

The interface suddenly popped up, and the rewards were extremely generous.

She felt that she would be letting herself down if she didn’t do it.

“When was the last mission Forget it, I don’t care anymore.”

Let’s see what kind of treasure I have first.

Lo Ya glanced at the inventory and quickly found one.

[Crown Order: An expensive crown worn on top of the head is filled with a sacred and noble aura.

The red rubies seemed to be blessed with divine power and emitted colorful rays of light.

This item is the ironclad proof of the European King, other than being able to prove that you are full of European energy.

It was useless.


Yes, this item was very noble.

It was worth a fortune at first glance, but it was useless.

In fact, if you carry something like Certificate with you, you won’t be able to do so.

Perhaps there was still a law of Ofei’s conservation in this world.

Although Lo Ya was a little reluctant to part with this crown, considering that she would be able to snatch it away one day, she still decided to sacrifice this external item.

“How about this”

With a wave of her hand, the luxurious crown officially appeared in front of her eyes.

“This is…”

Ruby, gold, jade, agate… Complicated structure, noble form, this was a true top treasure.

The governor himself clearly knew what was good for him.

He stood up from where he was and quickly walked forward.

“En, he is indeed a fool.

He is not interested in such a beautiful girl like me, staring at a broken hat.”

Lo Ya looked up to this governor.

As a man, this fellow did not show any appreciation towards Luya and herself from beginning to end.

To put it bluntly, he did not seem like a man.

“Very good.

I really did not expect you guys to take out such an expensive treasure.” After he finished appreciating it, he excitedly returned to his seat, “If you are willing to hand over this thing, I believe that the king of this transaction will definitely agree.

“Your King likes to collect items so much”

“It’s just his personal hobby, after all, I’m the governor of the capital, so I know that person quite well”

Lo Ya raised her eyebrows.

So the city that she landed in was the capital of this country So now it was under the watch of the Emperor


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