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C19 – Migration

Unfortunately, she couldn’t compare to the flying speed of the Ladybug with her pitiful crawling speed, and was quickly caught up by a Red Ladybug.

It spat out three to four meters of silk and making a web around her tail.

Under the strong binding force, her body’s movement speed immediately slowed down by a huge margin.

“Oh, damn it.”

At this time, she had only one option, so she immediately used Spiritual Communication to ask for help from the Insect Girls.

In the woods far away, Lo Xin, who was lying by the side of a small hole overlooking the outside world, wrinkled her nose in puzzlement and turned to look at Lo Yu who was beside her.

“Lo Ya… seems to be… calling us.” Lo Yu’s words made her doubt even more.

Although she did not see it, there was indeed a voice in her mind telling her to take the initiative to help Lo Ya who was in danger.

It was like a voice that came from the soul.

Because it was the main consciousness, she had to obey it.

Due to this reason, the six adult Insect Girl were all mobilized.

On the other side, Lo Ya, who had been pulled to the front by the thread, stretched out her hands, and greeted the Ladybug with an Electric Shock.

The moment the opponent landed on the ground, an Earth Spike mercilessly pierced through it.

Due to the fact that she had gained control of the earth element, the Earth Spike had grown up to 50 centimeters, and its hardness had also increased significantly.

Under Lo Ya’s precise control, the sharp edge of the spike, which carried magical energy, pierced through the ladybug’s abdomen, pouring fountain of green blood.

“Intruder… Enemy… Go to hell…”

In the spiritual connection, the other Ladybugs kept letting out similar cries.

At this time, they were all crazy and regarded Lo Ya as the biggest threat.

The numbers kept increasing, as if the entire vicinity was filled with Ladybugs.

‘Was this unity’

Lo Ya felt shocked, but she could only continue to fight, and didn’t have the time to ponder.

Her Electric Shock could be triggered many times, and the price she paid for it was only some of the energy stored in her body.

This battle continued for a few minutes, and just as Lo Ya was struggling to hold on, Insect Girls arrived.

“Lo Ya, we came to help you.”

Lo Xin, who was leading, spat out acid.

Immediately after, Insect Girls also used the acid to help.

Although it was not very effective against the Ladybugs, it still brought them great pain.

Like an army, six Insect Girl formed a formation and attacked the Ladybugs.

The Electric Shock and the sharp blade collided while the Dark Melting silently attacked the opponent who fell to the ground.

In a very short moment, the defense line of the Red Ladybug Clan completely collapsed.

“So strong… The enemy is so strong, we have to escape.”

Similar information was transmitted repeatedly in the Ladybugs’ minds.

Their wave of attack had been taken care of by Lo Ya alone.

Under Insect Girl’s joint attack, they had lost six of them.

Finally, they felt fear and escaped from their territory.

A pile of spoils of war was left in the battlefield that was chaotic not long ago.

“It seems like Insect Girls are not weak.”

Or maybe the enemy was just too weak.

It was also because the powerful creatures had all disappeared recently that Insect Girl had the space to tyrannically abuse them.

Next, of course, it was to pick up the spoils of war.

There were a total of seven bottles of Beginner Healing Potion, two bottles of inferior quality Spiritual Power Recovery Potion, and three Satiety Pills.

There were 2 Treasure Chests, all of which were Bronze.

They opened a Thread Skill Card and a strange item called Universal Currency.

[Universal Currency 7 units: Can be used as any common currency.]

Who knew what it was In any case, it was in the inventory.

“Speaking of which, it seems like no one else has the ability to access items, cards, and so on.”

For some reason, it gave rise to a sense of superiority called Transmigrator.

Lo Ya shook her head and ordered Insect Girl to move the Ladybug’s corpse back to the nest while she herself grabbed a corpse and started eating it.

[Evolution points 7]

[Evolution points 8]

[Acquired chance to draw cards once.]

Here comes another chance to test your RP.

Lo Ya clicked on a card on the upper left corner.

[Congratulations, you have flipped a 2-star (N)] Trap activation card: Crypt..]

[Crypt (Second Grade Trap): An area within a designated 20-meter radius collapsed into a vertical crypt, 3 meters in diameter, and 3 meters in depth.

The crypt is covered with sharp wooden stakes.]

“It doesn’t seem too bad.”

Although it wasn’t the Racial Ability Card she was looking forward to, at least it could be used to protect her life and attack her opponent.

In short, this battle was a profit.

Lo Ya continued to enjoy the food while Insect Girl quickly finished moving the food and once again gathered by her side.

“There is still half of the meat left.

Everyone, fill your stomachs.”

The previous battle had allowed Lo Yu and Lo Lo to rise to level 2 while Lo Xin had stepped into level 3.

It could be seen that when they were free, it was better to let Insect Girl exercise a little more.

After splitting up the meat, Lo Ya prepared to lead everyone to hunt the wild beasts in the vicinity.

However, when she climbed onto a high slope, she discovered that there were densely packed creatures crawling in the distance.

Gaeta Insect Swarm – Spiked Insect.

All of them were Level 1 insects.

They were like locusts as they chewed on the plants along the way.

A few rats crawled out of the hole.

Before they could escape, they were swarmed by a large number of Spiked Insect.

Lo Ya seemed to understand why she felt a sense of uneasiness during this period of time.

There were too many of them, unlike the group a few days ago.

Currently, the Spiked Insect was simply like an army, so many that it could scare people to death.

“Quick, go home and bring out three Little Insect Girl and seven tails.

Let’s escape.”

It was time to leave.

Staying behind would only lead to death.

Once a group of Spiked Insect swarmed over, Insect Girl Family could only face extinction.

Insect Girls, led by Lo Xin, understood the seriousness of the matter.

They immediately returned home with three of them who had not fully grown up.

They only knew how to crawl around cutely, and arrived at Lo Ya’s side.

“The coastal area in the north might have been occupied by the Spiked Insect.

We can only migrate inland.

If we encounter enemies in the future, Lo Jing, Lo Wen, and Lo Lee will be in charge of protecting the underaged Little Insect Girls.

Lo Xin, Lo Lo, Lo Yu will fight with me.

No matter what, we must do our best to protect our descendants.”

Insect Girl’s lack of numbers determined that their path of evolution would be incomparably difficult.

Actually, the appearance of the Spiked Insect had also brought them a safe period for a long period of time.

It was precisely because most of the magical beasts and creature had fled to the south that the weak Insect Girl was able to seize the opportunity during this period of time to rapidly grow.

At this time, the Spiked Insect group was already quite close.

For safety, Lo Ya was forced to lead the way and move towards the south.

Along the way, they encountered a group of Red Ladybugs.

In order to protect the babies, the adult Insect Girl fought with all their might and finally successfully chased away these enemies blocking their way.

After the fight, Lo Ya and the other Insect Girls seized the time to eat a meal and then continued to advance south without stopping.

They didn’t know what was waiting ahead for them.


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