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C188 – Playing

Very well done.

Because it was a precise command, and he had a high grasp of the overall situation of the battlefield, this prevented many Sickle Insect individuals from making mistakes in their actions.

Although there were still some problems with some of the details, in terms of overall consideration, the losses were indeed even lower.

Many of the opponents who originally had some difficulty fighting also became relaxed because of the perfect compatibility of different insects.

“Oh, I feel like I can release quite a bit.”

Lo Ya did not need to be busy commanding the battle anymore.

At the moment, she only needed to hide the Cerebrate Bacteria at the back and continuously give orders.

If she encountered any trouble, she could inform herself.

Ever since the defeat of the Wavelet Mantis Insect, the Sickle Insect that went out to explore had never found the location of the enemy again.

He also did not know where the enemy’s nest was, so he could only take one step at a time.

Recently, they had obtained a lot of food.

The 20 over medium-sized dinosaurs that they had hunted were all given to the Black Wolf Beast to increase the scale of the cavalry army.

In the direction of the humans, the attacks were carried out as usual.

Lo Xin’s commanding seemed to be passable, but it was actually full of loopholes.

So Lo Ya very quickly bred the second and third Brain Insect.

They were all used to supply the southern front against the humans.

With the help of the insects, the rebel army had already taken control of the land of the four noble lords.

After that, they had to continue heading south to take over the land that the Sickle Insect group had conquered.

No matter how one looked at it, the current situation was great.

Lo Ya took advantage of this period of time and returned to the place where the leader was born alone.

In the end, before she could walk very far in the territory, a round ball flew over.

Jump, jump…

The ball bounced a few times, rolled a few times on the ground, and then raised its head.

“Ah, it’s Lo Bing.”

It was indeed this little fellow.

She looked very happy, and as soon as she saw Lo Ya, she hugged her and rolled around.

“Wow, wow, wow, stop.”

After rolling a few rounds on the ground, her small tail rolled up and Lo Bing said very excitedly, “Lo Ya, Lo Ya, we are playing ball.”

“Play ball”

” Yes, yes.”

Thus Lo Bing brought the curious Lo Ya to the place where they played and only then did she understand that the so-called ball play was Little Insect Girl lying on the launch pad of the Shooting Reproductive Insect and shooting herself out.

Because she could fly over a hundred meters in the sky and enjoy the sharp wind, Little Insect Girl was very quickly infatuated with this process.

“Heavens, you guys are too bold.

Aren’t you afraid of falling to death”

Even though this group of elastic balls were not likely to cause any problems, Little Insect Girl’s weight was not heavy, and her body structure was strong.

The fat in her tail could also be used as a buffer, so falling to the ground would not kill her.

“You guys are indeed monsters that I cannot understand.” Lo Ya wiped away her cold sweat.

“Lo Ya, come and play too.

It is very fun.”

Lo Yin who was not far away also wriggled over.

She pulled Lo Ya’s hand and was about to climb onto the launch pad.

“Wait, I am not playing… It was very painful.


Lo Ya was carried up.

Whoosh ~

A gust of cold wind blew past his ears like a knife.

“Wow! Oh!”

The surrounding scene was retreating.

Lo Ya opened her arms and immediately felt the joy of flying.


Jump, jump, jump!

He decisively turned into a ball and rolled a few dozen times on the ground before crashing into a Sickle Insect.

The Sickle Insect scratched its head in puzzlement and looked at her with wide eyes.

“Alright, my tail hurts, and my head is dizzy.”

Why did those little things come up with such a… crazy way of playing

Lo Ya helplessly went back under the launch pad and found another Little Insect Girl flying out.

About ten meters away, a few little Little Insect Girl surrounded the grill and waited eagerly for the meat to be cooked.

“The truth is that a good life needs to be fought for by yourself.” Lo Xin felt a sense of accomplishment as she said this pseudonym that she did not know where she heard from.

“Beautiful my a * s.

You guys can slowly play by yourselves.

I am going to rest.” Lo Ya silently cursed and found a quiet place to lie down.

Actually, she was also very happy.

It turned out that unknowingly… Little Insect Girl and the others were already so powerful.

A few hundred meters of distance would have been enough to crush a human into pieces.

But everyone was still fine.

Of course, there was a reason for their weight and size, as well as the effects of the various Components and attributes.

“It’s been a long time since I relaxed.”

Lo Ya yawned and laid down in the grass pile to enjoy the scenery.

“Oh, right.”

Suddenly thinking of the wooden set in the inventory, Lo Ya took it out.

It was almost as big as a hill and piled up to four to five meters tall.

There were many other things, such as the famous’ Qiqiao ‘in the children’s toys in her previous life.

There were also puzzle pieces, table flags, and so on.

“Alright, what the hell is Lo Ya’s special use for”

Looking at the four big words on it, she really did not know how to say bad things.

“Do I still need intelligence I have long left the stage of being a child.”

Thinking of this, Lo Ya, who was too bored, started to play on her own.

Very soon, Little Insect Girl and the others also rushed over.

Everyone was attracted by the fun.

Just like when they were young, the cute little ones started to use blocks to build all kinds of interesting buildings.

Later, Chiang Ya suddenly had an idea and prepared to build a large fort.

Then, everyone crawled around in the narrow space inside the fort and played hide-and-seek.

There were a total of millions of building blocks, and they covered a huge area.

There were also many soft toy balls inside, and with everyone’s efforts, In less than half a day, several tens of thousands of them had already been assembled.

It formed a very tall building that took up 20 square meters.

The interior of the building was not layer by layer, but rather a disordered structure that connected in all directions.

Little Insect Girl and the others were having fun in this mysterious paradise.

They were extremely happy.

“Ohohoho.” Lo Ya also happily slid down the spiral slide.

Because she was carefree, she was in the mood to enjoy the things that these adults disdained to do.

Thinking about Earth, how many people would still have this kind of mood after maturing

Lo Ya was very glad that she could experience happiness from this kind of “childish” entertainment.

All of this was brought to her by Little Insect Girl.

Everyone could play to their heart’s content.

She did not need to worry about tomorrow’s danger, nor did she need to care about the surrounding gazes.

At night, the last rain before winter finally arrived.

Interestingly, after being reinforced, part of the building castle that was buried underground became a good place for Little Insect Girl to avoid the wind and rain.

Everyone was cooped up in a pile in the space inside.

Not only was it clean, but also clean.

It was much more comfortable than the underground cave.

The Sickle Insect helped to build the entire castle overnight.

In the middle of the night, the strong winds howled, and the heavy rain continued all the way until morning.

When he woke up early in the morning, the first Battleship Insect beside the mountain range at the end of the mountain had also finished growing.

Its length was 25 meters, a second grade frigate.


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