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C186 – A Branch Brain Worm

“All right, a bunch of hopeless idiots.”

Lo Ya was also angry.

She even transferred 20 Charge Bugs to this battlefield.

No matter how strong the opponent was, they would face an unbearable disaster.

They were also insects.

She did not believe that these low level insects could defeat her.

“Food, turn into food”

Yes, it would become the meat Insect Girl liked.

The surrounding bugs rushed over one after another.

Including the ones who were fighting earlier, there were a total of over 900 bugs.

After such a long confrontation, there was less than a third of the bug swarm left.

For the entire two hours, Lo Ya was trying her best to reduce the intensity of the battle.

With this… Delay until the main force joins.

The bugs on the other side had obviously never encountered such a suicidal opponent.

After fighting for so long, They had already lost so much, but they had never seen the Insect Girl Clan retreat.

When the Mantis Insect commander realized that there were only 200 of his subordinates left, he decided to seek help from his tribe.

However, Lo Ya retreated at this time.

5000 Sickle Insect had already arrived above the anti-gravity rupture valley and were crossing over there.

Calculating the distance, it would probably only take 10 minutes to get there.

Dragging the corpses on the ground away, the Sickle Insect retreated to a kilometer away and began eating.

The two Sickle Insect hiding near the battle zone quickly discovered the appearance of a large number of Wavelet Mantis Insect.

They were like the Insect Clan’s army, sweeping all over the place from afar.

It could be seen that these insects were not afraid of lone or weak dinosaurs.

However, their weapons were not as penetrative as the Sickle Insect.

If they really fought with dinosaurs, they would definitely die a miserable death.

“A large-scale swarm that can survive in the era of dinosaurs, no wonder it’s so difficult to deal with.” Lo Ya did not know how to complain.

When interacting with these guys, she could clearly feel that kind of violent and willful behavior.

If there was a disagreement, they would start a war.

Sometimes, even if they could not win, they would still rush forward.

It made Lo Ya recall some kind of creature in her previous life that was nicknamed Brother with a crew cut.

After eating half of the meat, the enemy swarm came over.

Thus, the Sickle Insect threw down their food and fled.

The Mantis Insect’s jumping ability was very strong, but it could not compare to the Insect Girl Clan’s side.

Therefore, with the help of the wings, Lo Ya easily distanced herself from these opponents.

After running for about three minutes, 5000 scattered Sickle Insect finally came from afar to reinforce them.

They quickly bypassed Lo Ya’s side and collided with the Mantis Insect.

The hissing of the Insect Sea covered both of her ears.

Lo Ya turned around and found that the Sickle Insect had already fiercely overshadowed the group of enemies.

They rushed towards a place further away.

“Like I said, it’s just that little amount and you still dare to be arrogant.”

Lo Ya raised her chin proudly.

5,000 Sickle Insect was really too much.

If it was a human, It would be a spectacular sight.

They were scattered throughout the vast primitive forest as they advanced.

In less than ten minutes, they reached the enemy’s main force.

“What’s going on Where did the bugs come from So many! “

A relatively large wavelet Mantis Insect sent out a very shocking message.

Standing on the flat ground, it discovered that behind the rocks a few hundred meters away, countless Sickle Insect jumped out.

One by one, they jumped onto the Mantis Insect as soon as they saw it.

It could be said that they were crazy.

Lo Ya climbed to the highest point of the fake mountain rock and looked at the large plain in front of her.

Countless towering trees extended to the horizon.

It was extremely dense.

Even if she used the Eye of Truth, she could not see too far.

The insects around her jumped one after another.

Some flapped their wings and directly glided far away.

The Mantis Insect below was not very dense.

They were probably scattered in small groups.

Facing the Sickle Insect that covered the sky and covered the earth, the enemies were very panicked, so they could not fight back in time.

The highest commanders of both sides stood at high places and faced each other from afar.

“Who are you The Mantis Insect is powerful, you… can’t afford to offend it.

You must… pay the price! “

The moment Lo Ya established the Spiritual Link, she could feel the high and mighty emotions of the other party.

Yes, like a person.

One could see that there were many skeletons of small dinosaurs on the ground in front of them.

It could be seen that these insects did not eat bones.

This was still different from Insect Girl and the others.

Lo Ya felt that since the other party was so arrogant, she definitely could not admit defeat on her side.

Moreover, even if she could not beat the other party, she had to fish in troubled waters so that her insects could get bigger after the battle.

The division of labor of 5000 bugs was very clear.

Most of them killed their opponents through battle.

A small portion of them ate on the spot and grew a tail.

Then, they sent the tail back to the east side of the broken belt on the west side and let the transport team take it away.

She did not want to teach the other party a lesson because of her pride, nor because of her emotions.

She only wanted to turn the other party into food.

Food was not qualified to be arrogant.

“Foolish food, don’t be arrogant.” Lo Ya showed her teeth and made a threatening gesture.

Because there was no blood, it did not look too scary.

She did not even realize that her fierce look was very cute.

The opposite side was a mantis, so its aesthetic sense was as different as heaven and earth from a human’s.

In its eyes, Lo Ya’s Small was extremely threatening.

Furthermore, the upper half of her body that was leaning towards a human’s appearance was a little too special.

Both sides were giving their full command to their troops.

In terms of quality, the Sickle Insect side had the advantage.

In terms of quantity, Lo Ya realized that the enemy was not inferior, and even more were gathered together.

Some dinosaurs did not dare to get too close to where the insects were.

When the insects gathered together, it made many animals’ hearts tremble.

After fighting for an hour, there were very few insects on the battlefield.

The other side seemed to have sent in a new force, but they did not dare to charge forward.

Because the loss of large-scale battles was too great, thousands of people died in one go.

No matter how strong they were, they couldn’t bear it at all.

When Lo Ya felt a little relieved, she turned around and saw that the 20 charging bugs had arrived.

They also brought 5000 small beetle.

These soldiers had forcefully thrown in their forces, bringing vitality to the remaining 1,000 Sickle Insect.

The other side wanted to escape.

“What are you running for If you have the ability, then come on, foolish fool.”

Lo Ya mercilessly mocked.

At this point in the battle, a Sickle Insect that was eating the flesh of the enemy suddenly obtained a special genetic information.

[Sickle Insect obtained beneficial genes.

Due to poor adaptability, it has formed a newborn insect species: Branch Brain Insect.]

[Branching Brain Insect: A special bug species that possesses shocking commanding ability.

It can control up to 10,000 bugs to fight for itself.

The intelligence of this bug species is equal to Insect Girl’s average level.

Current level is 2.]

“Eh, Brain Insect” Lo Ya jumped up.

Basic information (Insect Seed 1)

The following is the current situation of the chapter.


[Magical Creature: Sickle Insect (Insect Girl Clan Branch)]

[Level: 1 / 8]

[HP: 32 / 32]

[Strength: 20.0, Spirit: 8, Magic: 0, Agility: 22, Vitality: 20.0] “


Magical Creature: Black Wolf Beast (Insect Girl Clan Branch)

[Level: 1 / 5]

[HP: 32 / 32]

[Strength: 35.0, Spirit: 20, Magic: 0, Agility: 35, Vitality: 36.0]


[Magical Creature: Rushing Bug]

[Level: 1 / 5]

[HP: 102 / 102]

[Strength: 45.0, Spirit: 22, Magic: 0, Agility: 25, Vitality: 40.0]


[Magical Creature: Humanoid Undead Insect (branch of the Insect Girl Clan, known as the Undead Bug)]

[Level: 1 / 5]

HP: 42 / 42

[Strength: 15.0, Spirit: 11] 0, Magic: 15.5, Agility: 12.0, Vitality: 14.0]

Comprehension after strengthening his soul fire:

Undead Insect awakens the soul fire and becomes an initial undead spirit.

[Obtained Special Feature: Power of Darkness]

[Power of Darkness: Inflicts undead damage during battle (The stronger the soul fire, the stronger the effect) ]

After breaking through… :

【 Black Iron Level Comprehension Skill: Dark Silk Thread 】

[Dark Silk Thread: Spits out a thread of dark energy that connects to the opponent’s body and uses this thread to slowly release the aura of death, causing continuous light damage.

When the effect of this skill is created, the target’s Spirit will be affected.]

Silver Level Comprehension Skill: Darkness Concentration “

Darkness Consolidation: First Grade Dark Magic.

Consolidate the black dark matter that is floating around the surface of your body onto your weapon.


Time It could cause a huge amount of dark damage.

If energy was gathered on the surface of the body, it could form a solid defense.

And then… It could erode the enemy.

The strength of this skill depended on the density of the dark energy.



Magical Creature: Spitting Poisonous Bugs (Insect Girl Clan Branch)

[Level: 1 / 5]

[HP: 12 / 12]

[Strength: 13, Spirit: 25, Magic: 50, Agility: 12, Vitality: 14]


[Magical Creature: Shooting Reproductive Insect (Insect Girl Clan Branch)]

[Level: 1 / 5]

[HP: 150 / 150]

[Strength: 5.0, Spirit: 20, Magic: 0, Agility: 5, Vitality: 5.0]

[Magical Creature: small beetle (Insect Girl Clan Branch)]

[Level: 1 / 1]

[HP: 3 / 3]

[Strength: 8, Spirit: 2, Magic: 0, Agility: 12, Vitality: 2]

[Silicon Elemental Destruction Liquid (small beetle can secrete liquid)] [Silicon Elemental Destruction Liquid: Most of the chemical substances that contain silicon elements will be decomposed by this liquid.]


Magical Creature: Battleship Insect (Insect Girl Clan Branch)

[Level: 1 / 1]

[HP: 20000 / 20000]

[Strength: 100, Spirit: 0, Magic: 0, Agility: 3, Vitality: 100]

Personal status (Lo Ya 1)

Magical Creature: Lo Ya (Insect Girl Clan)

Level: 35

Experience Points: 90 / 1800

HP: 149 / 149

Endurance: 65 / 100

Strength: 107, Spirit: 93 5, Magic: 132.

1, Agility: 89.


Vitality: 93.


Components: Strong Teeth (Beast Level, Attack 30), Sharp Claws (Beast Level, Attack Mouth Muscle (Attack: 20) Colourless Skin (Beast Level, Defense 10), Hearing Strengthener (Enhanced Hearing), Electric Membrane (Beast Level, Attack 30) Spiritual Communication Receptors, Fire Elemental Elemental Crystal (Storage of Fire Element, Accelerate Casting) Muscle Set (Tiger, Beast Level, Attack 120, Defense Eye of Truth, rooted in cells.

Skill Card: None

Active Skill: Wind Elemental Control Level 2, Earth Elemental Control Level 2, Fire Elemental Control Level 1, Water Elemental Control Level 1 Lightning Element Control Level 1, Earth Spike Level 1, Wind Blade Level 2, Dark Melting Level 1, Nature’s Healing Level 1, Skeleton Summoning Level 1, Darkness Transformation, ice needle Level 2 (Second Grade Magic) Chain Fire Dragon (Third Grade Magic) Water Element Control Level 1, Large Illusions, Fireball Technique Level 1, Flame Ignition

Passive Skills: Frost Add-on Level 1, Physical Reflex Level 3, Basic Illusion Immunity

Other: Lower First Grade Enchantment Spell, Cogitation, Magic Elemental Balance, Magic Effect enhanced

Combat Skills: Aura Concentration, Qi Gathering Fist (First Grade Ability), Protective Membrane (First Grade Ability)

Rating: Magical Creature (High Class Beast Branch)

Evolution points 3750

Item space: 176 bottles of Basic Healing Potion, 25 bottles of Basic Spiritual Power Recovery Potion, 24 Enrichment Pills, Bronze Dagger, Flame Resistance Pill, Double Legs Transformation Certificate.

General currency 32 units, Skeleton Summoning Fragment 2 / 10.

Dark Fragment: 1 / 20.

Bronze Axe (3 / 10).

Bronze Spear (10 / 10 blessed weapon), Crown Command, Memory album, Toxic Oath Growth Machine, Star Observer, Wolf Man Stone (Bronze) 146, Mini Scout Puppet, Lower Magic Contract (101 chapters), Starry Sky Signal, Soul Fragment (Northern Princess), Building Wood Set (exclusively used by Lo Ya), Superpowerful searchlight, Universal Key

Card: Demon Blade Little Dragon (1 star, Devil, Upper Bronze), Black Demon Loli (1 star, Lifesteal Ghost), Vine Ball (1 star, plant)

Money: Not calculated yet.

Ballad Currency: 5 Silver

Species Interface (Current 1)

Species: [Species Name: Insect Girl] ]

[Current Brain Level: 2]

[Description: Insect Girl is a relatively primitive Magical Creature.

Their intelligence and survival abilities are worrying.

They are few in number and are generally competitive.

They have the basic ability to deal with crisis and combat power.


Species Number: 32 (8 adults, 24 underage, 0 tails)

Sickle Insect: 35,000 (other 5,000 underage)

[Black Wolf Beast: 1,200]

[Humanoid Undead Insect: 2,500 (Black Iron 1,000 / Bronze 900 / Silver 500 / Gold 100)]

[Shooting Reproductive Insect: 5]

[small beetle: About 500,000]

[Evaluation: Low]

[Light of Evolution (Species Species)] [This species has a race’s consciousness.

She is the lighthouse that points out the path of evolution.] ]

[Evolution (Bonus)] [Higher evolution efficiency]

[Race Skills: Wind Elemental Control Level 1, Earth Elemental Control Level 1, Fire Elemental Control Level 1, Dark Melting Level 1, Frost Add-on Level 1, Physical Reflex Level 3, Basic Illusion Immunity, Wind Blade Level 1, Small Earth Wall Level 1, ice needle Level 1, Water Elemental Control Level 1.

Chain Fire Dragon Level 1


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