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C184 – Another Insect Swarm

Series of fire dragons!

Lo Ya skillfully used the Third Grade Magic.

The furious green-eyed dragon was instantly killed.

It could be seen that there was a huge difference between a Diamond Level and an inexperienced Space Level.

With the help of the high-grade Magic, even the top predators of the dinosaur era could not do anything to Insect Girl.

Lo Ya quickly wriggled over and began to eat its new meat.

There was a diamond chest beside it, and she opened it as well.

[Opening diamond chest.

Congratulations, you have obtained the almighty key.] ]

[Universal Key: A special item that can be unlocked as long as it is locked.] “


Although it was called a key, it was actually a pool of viscous liquid in his hand.

Strangely, as long as one got close to a lock, the liquid would transform into a corresponding key and open the target lock.

“I don’t know if it’s effective on the password lock.”

Since it was something that was opened from a diamond chest, Lo Ya naturally took good care of it.

The Sickle Insect also started to eat meat.

Everyone took a bite at each other, and not long after, they obtained new genes.

[The Sickle Insect underwent beneficial evolution.

Muscle tissue strengthened.

The Strength increased greatly, and the hardness of its teeth increased.


[This evolution has been used throughout the clan (including Insect Girl).

He became stronger again.

Lo Ya did not forget to give herself a level.

The Strength from the Sickle Insect was enough to make the Devildragons half-dead.

After that, everyone spent an hour to finally send the entire dragon into their stomachs.

Of course, there were many new tails on the ground.

“There’s a lot of dinosaur meat.

We might as well let the Black Wolf Beast eat it.

This way, we can quickly expand the scale.”

Lo Ya was prepared to nurture the Wolf Cavalry in large numbers.

With the Components, they could become a truly powerful cavalry force.

In her mind, a film called Devil Ring appeared in her previous life.

The Rohan cavalry in that film was not that powerful.

If it was the Dark Skeleton Knights of the Insect Girl Clan, it could create an effect that could topple mountains and overturn seas.

How cool would that be

“Burp, I’m full.

Let’s continue to search for the next prey.”

Now, the entire swarm was moving in units of 3-5 teams.

This number could guarantee very efficient hunting of large plant-eating dinosaurs.

Even if they encountered some medium-sized carnivorous dragons, they might still be able to fight.

After the battle, the devouring speed of this number was also extremely fast.

It could ensure that the food would be finished within an hour, and thus prevent other creatures from fighting over it.

Lo Ya realized that the insects’ breeding speed was very exaggerated, so she specifically called over a few hundred Sickle Insect from the other side to be the transport team and bring the newborn little tail back to the territory.

Then, of course, it would be an indiscriminate battle.

When they encountered dragons, they would gang up on them.

If they could not beat them, then they would gang up on the Magic.

If the front line was depleted, they would transfer troops from the rear.

This was pretty much the situation.

When they cleared out a safe zone in the surroundings, Lo Ya would let the insects build a large defensive territory here.

They would build high walls to act as the Dragon Hunting Outpost on the frontlines.

“Squeak, squeak, flying insects have been found.”

As Lo Ya continued to advance deeper, a few teams of insects three kilometers away sent this message.

Lo Ya quickly brought her five teams and ran over.

Then she saw the Sickle Insect that was fighting with another group of bugs.

The opponent was a kind of strange green-grey insect with a body size of one meter, and its movements were very similar to that of a praying mantis.

Although it looked very big, its basic combat strength was slightly weaker than the Sickle Insect.

However, there were too many enemies.

Looking from above, there were even more greyish-green mantises appearing in the distance.

They launched a fierce attack on less than 30 Sickle Insect below.

The battle between the two sides was bloody to the extreme.

They were not afraid of death.

They only stopped when they were almost unable to move.

Lo Ya used the Detection to see the message above the target’s head.

Wavelet Mantis Insect, Level 10, Bronze Level, Beast.

Ripple Mantis Insect, Level 9, Black Iron Level, Beast.

Wavelet Mantis Insect, Level 11, Bronze Level, wild beast.

“Is it a new swarm of insects” Lo Ya was stunned.

Their levels were all between level 8 and 12.

They were exceptionally fierce when fighting.

At least in terms of fighting will, they were not necessarily weaker than the Sickle Insect.

The ratio of casualties on both sides was basically maintained at 1: 3, which meant that an average of 3 Mantis Insect would die, and one Sickle Insect would be lost.

Seeing a few bugs rushing towards her, Lo Ya immediately let the 50 bugs behind her charge forward.

Both sides fought on the uneven rocky ground for a long time.

Because of the heavy losses, Lo Ya began to order the surrounding Sickle Insect to come and provide support.

A few bugs came to a high place and looked down.

They found that there was a large group of Wavelet Mantis Insect running around within a kilometer of them.

“This is a f * cking locust disaster.”

Lo Ya said in a bad tone.

Currently, they were only fighting a branch of the enemy’s swarm.

Both sides seemed to treat the other side as food.

Thus, the entire process revolved around snatching the corpse and killing.

In the beginning, the other side couldn’t win against him.

However, as the number of Sickle Insect decreased… The situation of the battle began to fall towards the other side.

After about 12 minutes of fighting, the number of Sickle Insect’s losses reached 40.

At this moment, a total of 2 waves of 7 small teams joined in, finally allowing the battle situation to tilt towards his side.

Lo Ya tried to use the Spiritual Link on the other side and sent a message, “Do you want to start a war with us”

Originally, she did not expect the other side to answer, but in the end, after only half a minute, a ripple Mantis Insect replied, “You have angered the great Wavelet Clan.

Immediately retreat, or else you will feel our strength.”

“Eh, have intelligence” Lo Ya was surprised.

Yes, what was even more terrifying was that the other party also had the ability to communicate with Spirit.

Although there were some differences, both parties had indeed managed to communicate with each other.

Lo Ya discovered from the other side that the insect that sent her a message was also a Wavelet Mantis.

Both parties looked at each other.

Lo Ya did not know the other party’s system.

She felt that this insect was definitely not the leader of the other party.

It could only command the 500 surrounding bugs and almost all of them were thrown into the battlefield.

Unlike Lo Ya, if she was really willing, a single command could make the entire swarm attack.

“If we really fight now, it will be disadvantageous to me.

Why don’t we retreat first”

After removing the losses, there were still about 960 Sickle Insect left in the vicinity.

It seemed like there were a lot of them, but the total number of soldiers on the other side was far beyond imagination.

If the battle really started, Lo Ya estimated that she could only flee in panic.

Because most of the insects were in her territory, she would not be able to make it in a few hours.

So she replied, “We will retreat, but you must also leave this place.

Both parties will bring back their corpses.”

As she said this, a few Sickle Insect took the opportunity to bite the meat on the opposite side, wanting to fish it up before they left.

The ripple Mantis Insect pondered for a moment and replied, “What do you mean”

Lo Ya,… “”

After careful analysis, she knew that the other party really did not understand the content of this sentence.

That’s right, his intelligence was limited and he could not understand some complicated language.


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