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C183 – Hunting the Dragon Again.

“Lord Baron, the coast is just up ahead.”

Seeing the Phantom Ship catching up, the people on the ship were all anxious.

Fortunately, there was soil dozens of meters away, which meant that the cargo ship was not too far away from the shore.

The ship accelerated at full speed and rushed to the beach.

Then, no matter how high the status of the people on the ship was, they all rushed down like crazy.

Many soldiers directly jumped off the side of the ship and scrambled to escape into the depths of the land.

When they turned around, they could see that the Phantom Ship was only a few dozen meters away from the shore.

The cannon muzzle at the front aimed at the fleeing people and quickly fired four cannonballs.

After a wave of attacks, at least 20 people were killed.

The baron finally managed to escape 200 meters away.

At this time, he stopped and looked at the sea.

He found that the Phantom Ship had already disappeared into the fog.

The fog dissipated a few minutes later, and the scene returned to a sunny scene.

“What’s going on”

Was there a ghost on the sea Or was there some other random reason

Everyone was at a loss.

After Lo Ya returned to the territory, she let the Phantom Ship continue to roam the sea and use all her strength to attack the other ships.

About 500 Sickle Insect followed the army out and ate the things on the sunken ships to breed more tails.

It was estimated that in a few days, the terrifying legends of the undead in the fog would spread in the various territories.

Lo Ya was now waiting for the first Battleship Insect to grow successfully.

The most important thing was to continue hunting dinosaurs on the other side of the Broken Rift.

The main target of killing was the flying dragon species.

Currently, due to the continuous strengthening of genes, the combat strength of the various bugs had already made a huge leap.

With the Sickle Insect as an example, their newborn combat strength had already reached the Bronze Level.

The attributes at level 1 are as follows:

[Magical Creature: Sickle Insect (Insect Girl Clan Branch)]

[Level: 1 / 8]

[HP: 30 / 30]

[Strength: 20.0, Spirit: 8, Magic: 0, Agility: 22, Vitality: 20.0] ]

It could be said that the Sickle Insect was the weakest insect besides the small beetle.

But now, they can easily defeat almost all of the Black Iron Level human soldiers.

When facing Bronze Level warriors… It was only because they did not have any combat power that they were slightly weaker.

Correspondingly, the attributes of the higher level Black Wolf Beast were much higher.

[Magical Creature: Black Wolf Beast (Insect Girl Clan Branch)]

[Level: 1 / 5]

[HP: 30 / 30]

[Strength: 35.0, Spirit: 20, Magic: 0, Agility: 35, Vitality: 36.0]

He was born with the strength of a Mid Silver Level, and once he reached the peak, he would be a Lower Gold Level.

Their huge size and astonishing speed allowed them to break through the defense of most of the human square formations, and they were facing an opponent who was also at the Gold Level.

As long as the opponent’s combat energy wasn’t too strong, they would have the ability to fight.

The number was the trump card of the Black Wolf Beast.

The scale of the bug horde in the territory was no longer the same as before.

They had 35,000 Sickle Insect (another 5,000 underage).

1,200 Black Wolf Beast, Humanoid Undead Insect: 2,500 (Among them, 1,000 Black Iron / 900 Bronze / 500 Silver / 100 Gold), 5 Shooting Reproductive Insect.

There were about 500,000 small beetle.

The shocking number of small beetle, especially the mountain-toppling small beetle, had already tightly guarded Lo Ya’s territories.

At every moment, countless exotic beasts were attacked by the swarm.

As for the tail Lo Ya sold to the Archduke of Blood Orchid earlier, it had already gone through the first breeding.

It became two Sickle Insect.

If nothing unexpected happened next, the Grand Duke would increase the scale of the insects to an exaggerated extent.

This was equivalent to indirectly expanding the number of insects in Lo Ya’s hands.

“We only need the air force.”

Lo Ya felt regretful about this point.

It was not a good thing to lack air force in the air, sea, and sea.

The Insect Girl Clan itself belonged to the category of biological civilization.

Perhaps in the future, they would have to rely on their own bodies to fly into the universe, and not purely on science and technology.

Therefore, air force was very important at any time.

For this, Lo Ya prepared to lead thousands of Sickle Insect to the edge of the broken belt to hunt flying insects and dinosaurs.

In fact, before this, there were already 1,000 insects sweeping around the Broken Rift.

Control! That’s it! A very large safe area.

The long area led by the werewolf had already built a tunnel, and there were also specialized insects guarding the tunnel above.

This made it so that when the insects moved between the two places, they wouldn’t suddenly encounter a battle.

At this time, when they arrived at the edge of the rift and looked at the other side that was hundreds of kilometers away, they could vaguely see some huge monsters moving.

The Eye of Truth could distinguish the shapes of a few giant dragons.

Lo Ya did not know where the Winged Dragon nest was, so she prepared to expand the exploration territory and look at some high places at the same time.

If there were enough Brown-Skinned Winged Hand Dragons hunting, they might even obtain the flying gene.

Thinking of this, the thousands of black Sickle Insect separated from the cliff and flew towards the opposite side.

This time, they did not encounter any dinosaurs in the valley along the way.

After arriving at the opposite side, the swarm immediately explored the surrounding area in the form of ten small teams.

A lot of Dalong had been cleaned up, so they weren’t able to find him in the vicinity.

There were actually quite a few small dinosaurs and other creatures, all of which could provide decent genes.

“Eh, there’s a little bug.”

After killing the 50cm long dragonfly-like creature with a Wind Blade, Lo Ya immediately wriggled over.

She suddenly wondered why she did not get wings after killing so many flying insects.

Perhaps those wings could not help the insects fly, so they were eliminated.

For example, the kind on the back of the Sickle Insect.

Although it moved very quickly, its size and structure determined that it couldn’t provide enough lift.

At most, it could only jump and glide.

Sitting on the back of the Sickle Insect and running along a flat grassland for about five kilometers, a triangular dragon entered his sight.

In order not to waste time, Lo Ya directly placed two Wind Blade on its neck and chopped off its head.

More than 100 Magic points allowed her First Grade skill to grow by leaps and bounds.

Moreover, the repeated use of Magic recently had caused the level of her skills to increase.

Many of her skills were no longer the same as before.

Lo Ya jumped over and picked up the item.

She and the 30 insects surrounding her started to nibble on the triangular dragon.

It was unknown if the smell of blood attracted other creatures, but not long after, a dangerous carnivorous dinosaur slowly walked over from afar.

Green Eye Unique Dragon, LV38, Diamond Level, dinosaur race.

Dinosaurs that were close to the peak of Diamond Level were not as terrifying as Violent Dragon, and their bodies were only eight or nine meters long.

Lo Ya knew that their combat strength far exceeded that of ordinary herbivorous dragons, and that they were one of the true top creatures on the food chain.

When its two-ton body was running, the earth seemed to be shaking.

This giant dragon’s speed was extremely fast.

The Strength was not proportionate to its body size.

In just a few seconds, it had rushed from the forest a few hundred meters away to the front.

Lo Ya summoned 20 ice needle and shot at the target, barely shattering the bones in the head.

But it was a pity that the wound was too small and did not hurt the opponent’s brain.

The Mutated Dragon roared and accelerated towards Lo Ya.


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