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C182 – Fire!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The 50 cannons simultaneously spewed out flames of anger.

Although these were all 12-pound cannons, due to the activation of the Magic, the actual power was completely dependent on the degree of condensation of the energy crystal itself.

These solid crystal cannonballs were extremely fast.

In an instant, they dragged a long trail and flew out over 30 meters.

The heavy cannonballs crashed into one side of the hull like steel balls.

They broke through the wooden planks like rotten wood and smashed the people inside the ship into pieces.

However, this was only the first wave of power produced by the cannonballs.

The moment the ball entered the cabin, there were explosions.

In the midst of the flames, the hull flipped sideways, and billowing smoke filled the air.

Some of the warriors jumped out from the other side in panic, trying to escape from this dangerous area.

Explosions rang out one after another, and more than half of the ship’s hull was shattered by the explosions.

The bodies of the powerful warriors were instantly blasted apart, dying in the scene of flesh and blood flying everywhere.


Lo Ya looked at the miserable scene in the distance and could not help but praise.

She did not know whether to say that the cannon fire was too powerful or that the wooden boat on the other side was too lousy.

Maybe both.

Anyway, it was just a round of cannon fire.

The boat on the other side could no longer be called a boat.

It was completely broken wood.

Although most of the cannons had fallen into the sea, few of the targeted crew members were still alive.

This time’s bombardment was basically showing Lo Ya the true strength of the Phantom Ship.

“Previously, we only used crystals with more impurities.

If we used pure crystals, the power would be double.”

Lo Ya felt that this ship should be used to deal with the Iron-armored Ship.

No matter how big the wooden ship was, it would not be able to withstand a few shots.

It did not plan to let go of the remaining enemies, so the Phantom Ship quickly moved to the same level as the second pirate ship.

Under countless fearful gazes, it fired a new round of cannon fire.

Boom, boom, boom, boom…

The smoke and flames that soared into the sky showed the true strength of the foolish natives of this world.

Lo Ya looked at the scene and had a new outlook on the future era of power in the ocean of the Insect Girl Clan.

The sea of stars was still far away, but the ocean on the ground was right in front of her.

Judging from the noble trade situation in Hojo Kingdom, maritime wars should not be uncommon between countries.

However, if Lo Ya really wanted to dominate the ocean, she felt that she should get more cannons and energy crystal ores as cannonballs.

In the future, when facing a powerful empire, fighting a dozen land wars was definitely a very good thing.

At this moment, whether it was the surviving pirates or the merchant ship members in the distance, they were all stunned by the situation.

Especially the three cargo ships that had already left, they could hear the dull sounds from a few kilometers away.

They were all puzzled by what had happened there.

The remaining two noble warships that were originally used to intercept the pirate ships saw with their own eyes the scene of the Phantom Ship bombardment.

They were filled with endless fear.

The dense fog, the terrifying undead, the huge black ship, and the ancient Death Cannon… All of this not only brought mystery to the people present, but also fear of falling into the darkness.

“Captain, we ran into a ghost… No, those pirates ran into ghosts, they suffered retribution” A soldier shouted excitedly.

The Phantom Ship was chasing the pirates and fighting them.

This kind of thing was indescribably wonderful.

The captain of the flagship nodded and said, “I saw it, but we still have to retreat quickly.

That… that terrifying ghost ship is probably a curse.”

Everyone was very nervous.

The range of the fog was too large.

In the oppressive environment, almost no one could recognize the direction.

Everyone was even prepared to stop at the nearest shore to avoid being targeted by that ghost ship.

At this moment, the Phantom Ship had already fired the fourth round of cannon fire, finishing off the last pirate ship that had escaped.

After dealing with this opponent, a few Sickle Insect that Lo Ya had brought up jumped into the water and prepared to swim over to devour the flesh of the pirates, as well as anything edible that fell out of the ship.

As for the ship itself, it chased after the fleeing merchant group.

It was better not to let too many people know about the Phantom Ship now, so the unlucky noble navy and the sailors who were transporting the troops were dead for sure.

The current speed of the merchant group’s warships was relatively fast, and not long after, the cannon fire landed on their heads.

In less than three minutes, the attack ended, and the Phantom Ship chased after the three cargo ships that had already run far away.

Actually, it was only a few minutes.

At this time, the worker on the cargo ship was still worried about the pirate ship defeating the noble’s warship and catching up.

He did not realize the terrifying truth at all.

Just as they were about to leave the foggy area, the fog suddenly became thicker.

“What kind of weather is this” The baron walked out of the cabin.

The knight follower beside him frowned and said, “Lord Baron, this sea area is a bit strange.

Why don’t we find a port to stop first”

“Why stop There’s not much left.

Let’s just drive back.”

“Yes.” The lackey was helpless.

After a few minutes, the fog became thicker and thicker, and a few shadows appeared.

The soldiers standing on the ship couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

“Ghost ship! Ghost ship!”

“What ghost ship” The baron led his men to the left side of the deck and saw the Phantom Ship slowly appearing in the thick fog.

This time, the ship fired artillery fire from about 80 meters away, sinking a cargo ship into the water on the spot.

The baron stared blankly at this scene and did not know what to do for a moment.

“Hurry, get to the shore and head east.” A knight on the ship quickly came to the helmsman’s side and gave an order to him.

If they suddenly encountered that kind of Phantom Ship, they would only be sunk if they were to sail on the sea.

The baron also came back to his senses and ran to the captain’s side in a panic.

He shouted, “Tell your people to change directions.

We can’t stay on the sea.”

The cargo ship in the distance had already started to burn.

As half of the ship had been blown up, the huge hull was slowly falling.

It would not take long for it to sink to the bottom of the sea.

The Phantom Ship was not satisfied with the success of the cannon.

It slowly drove towards the second cargo ship and aimed the sideways muzzle at the location.

The danger was imminent.

The captain of the ship that the baron was on quickly turned around, wanting to leave this terrifying battlefield as soon as possible.

But compared to the Phantom Ship, his speed was pitifully slow.

Although the speed of the Phantom Ship and the Battleship Insect was similar, both having 15 knots, it still had a huge advantage when facing these primitive ships.

Four minutes later, a round of cannon fire hit the side and back of the second cargo ship, causing the entire ship to shake violently.

Perhaps it was luck, but this round of attack missed by more than half, allowing the ship to continue forward.

Lo Ya requested the Phantom Ship to circle to the side of the target and use a few cannons to support a wave.

Finally, the ship was also sunk.

Many Sickle Insect took the opportunity to jump into the water and swim over to catch the human that was drowning in the water.

They also transported the goods to the shore and the ship.


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