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C181 – Boom

“Prepare the ballista, get rid of these three pirate ships.”

These merchant ships were the private armies of the Marquis, and each one of them cost a lot of money and time to train their sailors.

They quickly adjusted the huge wooden equipment and aimed the sharp iron arrows at one of the pirate ships.


Whoosh –

The spring on the flagship released a huge amount of force, and the arrow shot out.

In an instant, it crossed a distance of two hundred meters and flew towards the distant hull of the ship.

Unfortunately, due to the accuracy of the arrow, the arrow passed by on the right side of the pirate ship and landed on the surface of the water 50 meters behind the ship.

“The second arrow, fast.”

It was indeed the crossbow of the Marquis Army.

Not only was it large, but it also had a shooting range of 250 meters.

The pirates on the opposite ship were all shocked.

They hurriedly adjusted the direction of the bow, trying to dodge the arrow in a more agile manner.

Although they knew that it was a noble navy charging over, the pirate captain did not seem to be afraid.

He even felt that he could easily win.

“Everyone, prepare the stone bullets, press them at close range, and smash them with the chain balls!”

With a manic roar, the ship accelerated forward.

A few solid cannonballs shot out furiously and hit one of the warships at the front.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The surrounding water was splashed high up in the air.

A stone hit the deck and bounced back, hitting a soldier’s head.

This tragic person immediately leaned back, and the bones in his neck broke.

A large dent appeared on his head, and blood flowed out.

“Don’t stop, continue firing!” The captain quickly ordered the gunner.

The two ships beside them also fired long and thin arrows.

One of them luckily hit the opposite ship, creating a small crack on the right side.

The flagship’s second cannon also quickly connected.

Because of the adjustment, this attack accurately hit the pirate flagship, piercing through two people in a row, and bringing a shocking Strength forward for a few meters before coming to a stop.

The distance between the two sides was close at this time.

The three pirate ships fired rock bullets at a higher frequency.

Rocks that tore through the air smashed onto the side and top of the ship.

The soldiers held their heads and lowered their heads.

Many of them were smashed to death.

“Captain, the fog is getting thicker and thicker, something’s not right”

The adjutant holding his head shouted at his superior, the captain standing next to the helmsman quickly walked to the edge of the deck, looking at the fog that was gradually covering his line of sight, frowning.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, archers shoot from afar, the others are ready to join the battle”

The ships from both sides quickly approached and soon approached the 50-meter range.

The stone bullets from the pirates became denser and denser, and they actually smashed two of the ballistae into pieces.

The noble soldiers on this side used sharp iron arrows and quickly killed a large number of pirates with shields in their hands.

Both sides suffered heavy losses.

In the last few seconds, the pirate ship released three chain balls with thorns, one after the other, and smashed at the merchant ship’s warship.

The flagship at the center was unfortunately hit at the bottom of the bow.


A fist-sized hole appeared at the fracture, and seawater poured in.

The sailors who saw this scene were scared out of their wits, and they hurriedly shouted to block the water.

With a nervous voice, the ships of both sides finally crashed into each other.


As they were all installed with firm ram angles, these ships were not fatally damaged.

The noble soldiers took the opportunity to hook the pirate ship with iron chains and then charged out along the ship.

The crowd quickly started fighting.

However, what the noble soldiers did not expect was that a new pirate ship suddenly appeared in the sea on the side a few minutes later.

It rushed towards the right side of a merchant ship with its sharp horn.

After a fierce collision, the middle part of the ship was directly smashed into pieces.

The solid pirate ship was deeply embedded, and it almost split in half.

“What” The captain of the merchant group could not believe it.

It was too late, the ship was almost broken, and it was inevitable that it would sink.

Now, the nobles could only use the remaining two warships to deal with the pirates, and it could be said that they were at a complete disadvantage.

“Everyone retreat quickly, take advantage of the dense fog.”

They couldn’t let the other side seize the opportunity.

The sudden low visibility seemed to give the captain of the caravan hope.

He issued a new order to stop the boarding battle that was halfway through.

The soldiers cut off the connecting chains and controlled the ship to escape from the enemy.

Unfortunately, the pirate ship was in hot pursuit, and it tightly bit the two merchant ships’ warships.

The close combat ability of the soldiers on both sides was not much different.

The powerful soldiers did not perform better than the pirates.

Just like that, after three minutes, the two pirate ships separated to the left and right sides of the merchant ships, trying to destroy them from the side.

But at this moment, a strange and eerie shadow appeared in the thick fog.

Although the distance was very far, the huge appearance still made the warriors on both sides feel uneasy.

“Boss, the fog appeared too abnormal today.

Should we retreat” A subordinate of the pirates shouted at their boss on their flagship.

“Retreat for what We’ve already fought to this point.

Everyone, don’t be afraid.

This is just an ordinary sea fog.

Defeat these soldiers.

Block them! We don’t have to worry about food or drink from escaping cargo ships for the past year.

Everyone, charge with me! “

” Kill!! !”

The battle became more and more intense, and the sinister shadow gradually revealed its appearance.

It was a terrifying warship with a sinister appearance, as if it was made of bones, steel, and a small amount of wood.

The ramming horns in front of them were like terrifying ghost heads, constantly blinking.

Half of the broken human bones were drawn on the high sails, and on the side of the ship were countless black cannon muzzles.

Countless terrifying white skeletons stood on top, their eyes wide open.

Looking at this place from afar.

“Heavens, what is that thing”

Seeing this scene with their own eyes, many warriors were completely flustered.

This mist was indeed more sinister than they had imagined.

“Not good, everyone, quickly retreat.

Something is wrong with that ship.”

The pirate chief immediately sent the order to all the ships.

The subordinates on the winning side did not care about anything else and immediately let their ships leave the battle.

The Noble Army team of the merchant group also hurriedly retreated.

As one of the ships was sunk, the other two ships were more or less heavily injured.

Hence, they suffered heavy losses in this battle.

The Phantom Ship silently sailed to the same level as the first pirate ship, and then the skeleton crew inside began to nimbly load crystal cannonballs.

A wisp of ghostly fire lit up the fuse at the end of the cannonballs, and then the fire burned all the way up.

In a short two seconds, the first round of cannon fire was triggered.


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