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C180 – Pirates

The Phantom Ship was activated and gradually entered the sparkling sea surface.

The large sea that was enveloped by the hazy fog had a strange beauty to it.

The ship’s body was hidden within it, as if it had completely disappeared from the other side of the world.

Lo Ya stayed at the bow of the ship and looked back at the skeleton captain who was working hard to steer the ship.

Suddenly, she felt a little emotional about the current situation.

“Cannon ship, it is indeed the pursuit of life.”

The structure of this ship should be slightly inclined towards the early Iron-armored Ship.

There were many places on the ship that used wood.

When it was activated, the buzzing of steam could not be heard.

Instead, it was powered by energy such as Magic.

However, Lo Ya did not know where the energy crystal ore that it used would be obtained from.

If it was used like this, then it would not take long for this Phantom Ship to be put aside.

“Also, I don’t know where the cannon came from.”

She muttered and activated the Eye of Truth.

It automatically penetrated a few kilometers of fog and saw the boundless sea.

The sky and the sea were the same color.

In such an environment, it was as if she was in a dream.

A portion of the scouting small beetle on land had already helped Lo Ya investigate a lot of situations.

In fact, along the coastline, they headed south.

About 200 kilometers away, it was another marquis’ territory.

There was a large port there, and there were a few fishing boats and military ships parked there.

There were no cannons on the ships, only primitive crossbows that could fire huge two-meter long crossbows at a very long distance.

“Let’s move at full speed, we can observe the situation there.”

After Lo Ya’s order was given, the captain stepped on the starter device beneath him and controlled the ship to speed up.

200 kilometers away, Da Ya Port.

The cold wind blew and the drizzle continued.

A worker picked up a large box placed on the ground and stepped onto the deck of the large ship along the wooden staircase.

He then piled it on a pile of neat goods.

“It’s finally done.” He clapped his hands and walked back to the shore.

He looked at the large ship that was about to leave the coast with a satisfied expression.

There were a total of six ships, three of which were combat ships hired by the Marquis.

Each of them was 30 meters long and were equipped with 80 fully armed soldiers.

There was also an extremely powerful ballista.

On the left and right sides of the warship, there were stone missile launchers.

Through the use of the Magic and a material called gunpowder, it could display a greater power than a normal catapult.

As for the other three ships, they were obviously larger cargo ships.

Although most of these ships were loaded with goods, they were actually equipped with a slightly smaller ballista.

It was extremely powerful against ordinary boats.

The 100 guards on the ship were mostly civilians, equipped with simple leather armor and short knives.

All of them had the strength of a Black Iron Level, and the captain was a Bronze Level warrior.

This showed how strong this caravan was.

“Quick, there’s still one more ship that needs to be loaded.

Everyone, work harder!”

The supervisor in the distance shouted.

The worker wiped the sweat off his forehead and quickly rushed to another pile of goods in the next house.

“It’s really cold today.

After this rain, I’m afraid it will be the real winter, right”

It was like this every year.

There was something called a rain belt that went back and forth above his head.

After it passed, the temperature would drop, and when it retreated, it would become warm.

Sometimes, in order to understand the weather in advance, everyone would use a communication paper to know the advance and retreat of the Rain Belt.

“Everyone, work harder.

Recently, the baron has come to inspect.

If you don’t want to be whipped or punished, then work harder.

Don’t forget, last year, three unlucky fellows were hanged alive in the square.

The supervisor’s words woke the workers up, and they hurried to pick up the boxes on the ground.

Nobles were not so easy to talk to.

As citizens, since they wanted to take money from them, they had to sign this kind of unfair contract and be prepared to be beaten to death.

If possible, he also did not want to live this kind of life without any protection.

“Seriously, when can I send more money I’m starving to death.”

When he picked up the box from the warehouse, he heard the conversation outside the window.

“Don’t even think about it.

In recent times, haven’t you seen the two ships that were sunk by pirates a while ago The marquis didn’t earn any money, so how could he expect them to touch his pocket It would be good if I didn’t deduct it from you.

” Tsk, then I’d like to sink a few more ships.

The worker pretended not to hear and quickly ran to the cargo ship.

Then he saw a group of people under the deck.

One of them was holding a crutch, wearing luxurious clothes and wearing a tall black goose hat.

It was obvious that he was a noble.


This thought flashed through his mind.

He quickly lowered his head, pretended to work hard, and ran forward.

When he walked up from the deck a few meters away, he clearly heard the conversation.

“Baron, the guard Strength this time is quite good, you can easily board the ship.

Our trade allies with York are all very strong.

When the time comes, there will be a merchant ship escorting us.

It will be enough to scare away any pirates.”

“If you say so, then I’m relieved.

This batch of food and equipment is very important, we can’t let any mishaps happen”


The baron and his female companion did not even put the workers who were carrying the goods in their eyes.

They did not even look at him from the beginning to the end.

The workers also knew that this was normal, not to mention the baron.

Even the knights under him had a status that was far higher than that of commoners.

The simplest example was that only with money could one become a knight.

Many of the knight’s equipment was purchased by the nobles they were loyal to, while some were bought with their own money.

If you couldn’t even gather all your equipment, it would be hard to imagine.

Which noble would accept you Unless you are very strong, or you have some specialties.

Half an hour later, after the things were moved, the baron boarded the first class cabin of one of the cargo ships, and the workers were also asked to stay there to continue serving the fleet.

When the six ships slowly left the shore, the worker standing on the deck suddenly looked at the sea full of hope.

There were so many big shots in this world, why wasn’t he

“There are more small fries, right Those slaves are even more pitiful.

At least… I still have a chance to succeed in my struggle.

There were so many lords in Hojo Kingdom, and there were only a few more open-minded ones.

Although the marquis often hung disobedient people to death, he was actually very gentle.

Before they knew it, there was a fog.

The sea in the distance was covered in a thin layer of “white smoke.” At this time, they happened to run into three pirate ships.

“Attention, they are not pirates of our country.” The observer put away the simple single-lens lens in his hand, indicating that everyone was in danger.

The soldiers on the ship hurriedly entered into a state of preparation.

The cargo ship hurriedly turned around, and three warships rushed to the front, preparing to meet the enemy.

The pirate ship in the distance didn’t even have a flag, looking at its size, It was also 30 meters long.

There were several very primitive throwing stone cannons on the ship that could fire stone bombs with a diameter of 10 centimeters.

The worker recognized something at the head of the ship based on his own experience.

It was a chain ball launcher.

It could shoot a metal ball with a chain 20 meters away and directly break the mast.

It smashed through the wooden hull.


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