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C179 – Specter Ship

As soon as the explosion ended, the space went quiet.

Lo Ya brought the insects and slowly moved in front of the remaining armored men.

The patriarch half squatted on the ground covered in blood and used a curled rusted knife to support his body.

Seeing Little Insect Girl, who was like a king but also did not lose her cuteness, appear in front of him, his gaze was somewhat complicated.

Sickle Insect, it was confirmed.

It was indeed the bug they killed last time that came to take revenge.

It could confirm that these creatures in front of it were not Gaeta Insect Swarm, because the two’s behavior and appearance were very different.

In terms of combat strength, these creatures in front of it were much stronger, especially that small creature that was only 20 centimeters in size.

“Evil Armored Tribe, you’ve lost.” Lo Ya said.

“Did you take revenge for those ten insects” The patriarch’s voice was gloomy.

“Yeah, you can say that.” Lo Ya touched her chin, “But even if what happened yesterday did not happen, I will still attack you.”


“Of course it is because… Food, hunting, and being caught have a very simple relationship, right ” As Lo Ya spoke, she raised her hand and a long and thin ice needle condensed around her body.

In these two days, although the small beetle had been attacking the Evil Armor Clan, they did not attack the corpses they left behind.

At this moment, the Sickle Insect had gathered the corpses and could fill their stomachs.

Of course, the few evil armors in front of them didn’t seem to be of much use.

That was why Lo Ya had used the Second Grade Magic and ice needle to end them.

After dealing with them, she had the Sickle Insect hold their breath and jump into the deep pond.

However, after diving down for more than thirty meters, the insects touched the bottom, but they didn’t find anything useful.

“It seems like this cave isn’t worth much.”

Lo Ya observed from top to bottom and gave up on exploring.

Instead, she set up 1,000 small beetle here to occupy this piece of land.

There were also a few thousand insects that would go deep into the mountains in the following period of time and thoroughly explore the mountain range at the end of the northwest side.

In order to completely control the mountain range, Lo Ya had already started to move hundreds of strengthened Undead Insect from the moon to this area.

In order to completely eliminate the bone beasts on it, the mountain range shrouded in dark fog would become the Undead Insect’s new home of reproduction.

“What are you doing now Oh right, building a ship!”

The Battleship Insect would take five days to fully grow.

Its final size would be decided by the food it consumed during this period of time.

At present, the navy did not have that much of an effect, so Lo Ya decided to let the worm eat dirt.

She would only provide food for about 30 Sickle Insect to reproduce.

The Battleship Insect that was born like this would definitely be a small boat.

The system interface divided these boats into many levels, and the smallest was naturally the frigate.

They were divided into levels 1 and 2, with a length of 15 meters and 25 meters respectively.

The food they needed was 150 times and 300 times the amount needed to reproduce a Sickle Insect.

This kind of high consumption simply explained the principle of “100 years navy.”

And the battleships further up were level 3, level 4, and level 5 (No Exorcism, Ocean Patrol), with a length of 40 meters, 60 meters, and 80 meters respectively.

“If humans don’t have a strong navy, then building this kind of ship is a complete waste.

” Lo Ya thought so.

However, in the previous battle, the Noble Army had taken out two very big cannons.

The power of these weapons was close to the power of the weapons from the Second World War.

It could be seen that in the distant empire… It was very likely that the cannons had already been loaded onto the ships (Even if they were not installed, they must have the ability to do so).

“When the time comes, it will depend on the situation.

Currently, one or two ships are more than enough.

If this world is a Pan Continent, then the role of the navy might not be as great as imagined.

It would be enough to use it during the landing battle.”

Lo Ya sat on the Black Wolf Beast and came to the west side of the mountain range.

She observed the shape of the sea.

She found that the waterfall extended from the northeast to the southwest, and the mountain itself was a little to the south.

As a result, the water between them became wider and wider as they went south.

Very soon, it became as far as the eye could see.

She let a small beetle jump into the water to check the depth.

After making sure that it was not too shallow, she summoned the Phantom Ship to the top.

Then, an enormous 88m long creature appeared in front of her.

The ancient Specter Sail had four masts, three big and one small.

The small one was in front, while the big one was behind.

The grey sail on the masts had a hideous black skull painted on it.

There were a total of 800 Gold Level Skeleton crew members standing on the masts, and some of them were gunners.

They controlled 108 cannons, and 50 of them were on the third deck on the left.

50 were on the third deck on the right, and 4 were on the front.

The four on the back fired solid cannonballs powered by energy crystals.

They could produce powerful explosions.

After the Phantom Ship appeared, the surrounding water was filled with a thin layer of fog.

Soon, this thing was completely shrouded in mystery.

Lo Ya could feel her absolute control over the Phantom Ship, but she could not help but feel a chill run down her spine.

It was even stronger than the Undead Insect.

“How about… letting the Sickle Insect eat a few of the skeletons on top” Lo Ya had this thought.

“Crack ~”

The skeletons on the deck seemed to have heard her talking to themselves.

They all opened their mouths wide and looked down in disbelief.

“Very good.

The draw has decided that the ten of you will become food.”

Lo Ya shouted loudly.

A chill ran down the spine of these skeletons and a terrifying feeling spread out from their souls.

After the birth of the Phantom Ship, any living being would feel a terrifying existence.

The undead were the symbols of death and disaster.

No matter where they appeared, they would be accompanied by an unknown and terrifying feeling.

But in Lo Ya’s eyes, they had become very good food.

“It’s decided.

Ten of you, come down.”


The skeletons that were chosen looked at each other in shock.

They would never have thought that their master would treat them this way.

They nervously went down and immediately, some Sickle Insect rushed up to eat.

Because it was a Gold Level skeleton, don’t look at the white bones.

However, this skeleton was extremely tough, and it couldn’t be bitten at all.

Lo Ya was forced to summon a few golden skeletons on the moon and forcefully smash these poor souls who did not have soul fires.

Then, she fed them to the Sickle Insect.

The other skeletons on the deck were stunned and did not know what to do.

After digesting it for half a day, the Sickle Insect obtained the bone strengthening gene and used it all over the clan.

It also increased the Undead Insect’s base attributes by more than 10 points.

“Good bones.

It’s wise to eat them.”

Lo Ya wagged her tail and came to the Phantom Ship.

She walked around under the fearful gazes of the skeletons.

Because it was a strange and terrifying symbol, there were all kinds of unknown curses and supernatural events on the ship.

These incidents were randomly used.

Although they would not cause any harm to Lo Ya, it still scared her half to death.

This made Lo Ya give up the idea of staying on the Phantom Ship.

“I might as well use it to explore the other countries in the south.”

After careful deliberation, Lo Ya made this decision.


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