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C177 – The Ship Man of Curse

Squeak, squeak, squeak…

The strange cries of the insects gradually covered up the chirping of the birds on the tree.

The black insects slowly approached the cave’s surroundings.

The chief held a rusted short sword that he had obtained from somewhere.

He chopped off a certain insect that had jumped up, then opened his mouth and spat out a hazy mist of ice on the ground.

Pcht… Pcht… Pcht… Pcht… Pcht… Pcht… Pcht… Pcht… Pcht… Pcht…

The fog covered the grass in front of them, and a few insects began to form frost at a low temperature.

However, this temperature was not enough to immediately kill these small beetle.

They rushed out from the cold mist.

They jumped towards the patriarch’s body and opened their huge pincers.

“Go to hell!”

Whoosh ~

With a wave of his sharp blade, the insects were sliced in half once again.

The three armored warriors who were following them all encountered similar situations.

They kept attacking the incoming bugs.

Although the four of them were all Silver Level warriors, they were facing so many attacks from all four of them.

Occasionally, they would be hit by the insects.

“How strong! Chief, it’s too dangerous for us to go out like this!” Being forced back to the entrance of the cave, and then looking at the increasing number of bugs, the tall and thin armored man on the right side of the chief felt very uneasy.

“Guard the entrance and fight side by side.”

Returning to the cave, the chief looked at the members who had piled up stones at the side of the cave and were ready to fight for a long time.

He picked up a shield not far away.

When the black bug horde was 20 meters away, it suddenly launched an attack and surged forward at a very fast speed.

Because there were too many of them, the forest in sight had already become a black mass.

“How can there be so many of them”

Everyone was shocked by the sudden influx of numbers.

The insects quickly came to the outer side of the stone wall and climbed up along the 60-centimeter wall.

Some of the beetles jumped up from where they were and jumped two to three meters high, directly crashing into the Armored Man’s body.

Everyone waved the weapons in their hands, and some of the Armored Man swung out their claws that were more than 10 centimeters long, attacking the monsters in front of them with all their might.

The bodies of the bugs were cut into pieces, and all kinds of red, green, and yellow bodily fluids splashed out.

From time to time, the unlucky Armored Man’s arm would be cut, and green blood would flow out.

Yes, the blood of the evil armors was green, and the blood of the small beetle was red.

When these liquids were mixed together, they actually produced a wonderful chemical reaction.

It turned into an extremely corrosive liquid that produced an ear-piercing sizzling sound.

Of course, this liquid did not seem to have any corrosive effect on the physical body.

Instead, it produced a wondrous corrosive force that contained silicon elements.

[Mini Beetles have obtained the ability to produce special bodily fluids.

[Silicon Elemental Destruction Liquid: Most of the chemical substances that contain silicon elements will be decomposed by this liquid.]

It didn’t seem to be of much use unless it encountered silicon-based life forms.

However, judging from the current situation, it was too difficult for silicon to produce high-level life forms.

Perhaps some place in the universe could exist.

Pipa, pipa!

Although the difference in strength between the two sides was huge, as more and more insects jumped into the surroundings of the fiends, this wall that was dozens of centimeters tall was no longer able to withstand the attack of the swarm.

The fiends fought as they retreated.

Two of them were forced to use the expensive Magic skill.

“Ice Bullet.”

Sizzle sizzle sizzle…

A thumb-sized ice ball condensed around his body, like a hair shot.

With a swoosh, it shot onto the bodies of the black insects.

The huge power instantly pierced through their outer shells and froze their stiff bodies in the blink of an eye.

However, in the face of these shockingly dense insects, even with this kind of machine gun like Magic, it was useless.

As more and more beetles swarmed in, the ground in front of them was almost covered in black.

After the patriarch released the ice bullets twice, he began to let everyone retreat deeper into the cave.

“It seems like the scarab race won’t be able to hold on for long.”

Lo Ya felt that using five to six thousand small beetle would be enough to flatten over two hundred enemies of this race.

If this kind of battle was in the past, she wouldn’t even dare to think about it.

At that time, the combat strength of a single Sickle Insect was not even as great as a small beetle.

There were only a few hundred of them, so they had to be careful when attacking the beach.

Now, the Insect Sea was comparable to a locust plague, bringing nightmares to all kinds of creatures.

Lo Ya did not pay too much attention to the battle over there.

She only occasionally looked at the situation on the scene.

Currently, the focus of the battle was on the Hojo Kingdom, and the commander was still Lo Xin.

Of course, most of her orders were sent from afar.

In fact, whether it was Lo Ya or herself, they had been salty for the past two days.

They had been playing when they had nothing to do.

Two days later, under the continuous attacks of the beetles, the vicious beetle race had been completely forced to retreat to a small opening in the cave.

After a continuous barrage of attacks, the few black beetles finally broke through their defenses and entered their last hiding place.

This was a space with a deep pool, and it was only illuminated by a few glowing stones embedded in the wall.

The tribe leader, who was covered in blood, angrily retreated to the side of the pool.

As he fought, he let out an unwilling roar.

“Why are there so many insects Why”

After any Magical Creature was evolved into a Magical Creature, They would struggle on the difficult line of survival.

From the dozens of individuals until now, they had been walking the path of elites.

These malevolent A race had never yielded to any race, but now…


The pool behind him suddenly exploded with a violent explosion, and a huge head suddenly stretched out, taking the body of a certain member with a single bite.

“Not good, everyone stay away from the water hole.”

There was a very terrifying aquatic creature living here.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, they were unwilling to retreat to this place.

The turbid water quickly surged with the dark green liquid of the Armored Man.

When everyone faced the attack of the swarm and used the Magic to forcefully expand the defensive circle, a three-meter tall head emerged from the water.


Lo Ya was shocked when she saw this scene through shared vision.

Yes, this creature looked very similar to a ship.

After the big head came out, its thick legs dragged the hull and rammed into the armored man and the bug in front of it.

Bang, bang, bang…

No matter what size it was, it was crushed into pieces by the impact of the huge monster that was more than ten meters in size.

Lo Ya saw the level on the monster’s head.

Cursed Ship Man, LV36, Human, Diamond Level.

“Another dangerous monster… Wait, Human”

Lo Ya suddenly noticed the strange information on the display and a strange expression appeared on her face.

Of course, with the sturdiness of this ship, ordinary beetles would not be able to kill it.

The remaining 20 plus armored people were also helpless against this monster because their ice Magic’s damage was limited.

Even if they hurt this big monster, they would not be able to cause any fatal damage.

Thus, the scene quickly turned into a one-sided massacre.

Large cursed ships climbed out of the water and rampaged within a hundred meter radius.

Lo Ya quickly ordered the beetles to retreat.

The scarab no longer cared about fighting the insects.

Everyone’s attention was focused on escaping.

These cursed ships were too large and could not pass through the narrow opening to leave this space.

Thus, they could only run around inside.


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