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C176 – They Are All Food

Okay, I don’t understand.

After explaining for a long time, they were completely confused.

A big word from Lo Ya’s mouth entered their heads and turned into another scene.

Sometimes it seemed like they understood, but they actually knew nothing.

So Lo Ya could only use the simplest way to explain, “In short, evolution is the process of evolution from low-level to high-level, from simple to complicated, gradually evolving.

All creatures are improving, developing, and competitive species will become stronger and stronger.

More and more intelligent, surpassing your own ancestors and adapting to the ever-changing environment.

“Oh, so that’s how it is” Lo Wen understood, “Lo Ya is indeed more stupid than us.”

“Really.” Lo Lo also shook her tail in shock, “From low level to high level, low level…” She pointed at Lo Ya.

“High level…” She pointed at herself.

“Simple.” She then pointed at Lo Ya.

“Complicated.” She poked herself.

“So the idiot, the low level is Lo Ya… Smart, high level, it’s me.”

The answer was out.

Everyone became smarter than Lo Ya through evolution.

Lo Ya,… “”

A few minutes later, Lo Ya knocked on the stick a few times.


Now listen to me about the food chain.”

She drew a pile of soil and a stalk of grass on the wooden board.

On the grass was a bug, and on top of the bug was a bird.

“Everyone, look.

The grass absorbs nutrients from the soil.

The worm eats the grass, and the big bird eats the worm.

The relationship between them is known as the food chain.”

“Wow, big bird, so scary.”

Little Insect Girl and the others seemed to have met their natural enemy.

They squeezed together and looked terrified.

“Uh… Are you still afraid of birds”

Insects were afraid of birds.

This was very normal.

But these little fellows’ panic-stricken eyes are a bit funny.

This was a fear that came from the depths of their genes.

Clearly, most birds were unable to defeat Little Insect Girl, but they still instinctively hid when they saw birds.

This could also be considered as everyone’s weakness.

“This is how nature is.

Every creature has one thing, and each creature eats another.

The plants at the bottom are the plants, and above them are herbivorous creatures.

Above them are carnivores, and of course, there are omnivores.

Most of the creatures had natural enemies, so the lower the creatures were, the more dangerous they were.

The more dangerous the situation.”

“But, the big bird is above us” Chiang Ya asked unwillingly.

“Not necessarily.” Lo Ya pointed to the top of the wooden board, “As long as we turn all the creatures into food, won’t we climb to the top”

“That makes sense.” Everyone nodded.

“Phew.” Lo Ya heaved a sigh of relief.

If they could get rid of the fear of large and dangerous birds, Little Insect Girl and the rest would really become the top of the food chain.

Nowadays, the population preyed on a large scale.

Sometimes, for a meal.

It’ll start a war of genocide against unknown small species.

For example, a day ago, when she didn’t pay attention to it, a portion of the insect swarm had a bloody conflict with a few hundred small Magical Creature tribes.

At the beginning, ten Sickle Insect had hunted down two of the enemy’s individuals.

As a result, they were surrounded and attacked by the enemy.

It was unknown what kind of creature was in that small tribe, but it looked like a person with grayish-green skin.

Its combat strength was very strong.

Its average strength was as high as a Silver Level, and half of its members knew ice-type Magic.

Under their attacks, not a single Sickle Insect was left.

After that, the captain of the Sickle Insect squad who had died started to ask for help from the other insects in the surrounding area.

From there, he gathered 1,000 insects, preparing to flatten this small tribe in one go.

Of course, before the battle started, Lo Ya stopped this plan in time and transferred a lot of small beetle to the area where the tribe was located.

The cost of the Sickle Insect was relatively high, so it was a pity to consume a large amount of it in this kind of battle.

It was better to use cannon fodder to test it out.

Therefore, in those few days, a large number of black insects began to appear in the surrounding areas of the target tribe.

After some investigation, Lo Ya finally confirmed their identity – the Armored Evil Man.

The Insect Girl Clan was born in the northwest region, the territory of the Arachnid.

After this period of time, the Evil Armor Clan’s Patriarch was in a bad mood.

Because recently, the individuals of the clan had always encountered things that weren’t good for them.

At first, it was the eruption of the Gaeta Insect Swarm that caused them to be forced to flee to the coastal mountains in the northwest.

After enduring for a period of time with great difficulty, they saw the Gaeta Insect Swarm retreat with their own eyes.

However, they encountered a terrifying beast tide.

Everyone was forced to return to the mountainous areas to continue hiding.

It had not been peaceful for a few days.

They encountered a group of magical beasts that were fighting over territory.

After the battle, the group of magic beasts were successfully chased away.

In the end, just a day ago, they encountered another type of fierce black insect.

The black bug hunted down two of their members, and the patriarch had to personally lead the battle brigade to surround and kill them.

Finally, after losing three people, they killed the other side.

In reality, the E A race was much stronger than that type of bug.

This was only the first time they encountered it.

They did not have enough understanding of those creatures, and did not know that they would sneak up on them and play dead.

Otherwise, with everyone’s average Silver Level strength, they wouldn’t even lose a single member.

After the victory, the patriarch didn’t have time to relax.

He heard from his subordinates that many black insects had appeared in the depths of the forest.

Those bugs weren’t small either, they were more than 30 centimeters long.

A few to a dozen of them, occasionally appearing in the dense underbrush.

Many of the animals living nearby had been killed by these insects, and they had no choice but to retreat to the end of the mountain range.

“The situation isn’t good.

Erdo, bring a few powerful warriors with you and catch a few insects.

I want to understand what’s going on.”


After receiving the order, Erdo left the cave they lived in.

In less than half a day, he rushed back in a hurry.

“Not good, chief.

The southeast is full of black insects.

We are surrounded.”

“What Could it be that the Gaeta Insect Swarm is here again”

The patriarch picked up his wolf-tooth club and walked to the cave entrance.

He found that there were indeed a few black insects a few hundred meters away.

Although there were only a few of them and it did not seem like there were many of them, the branches on such a vast land looked very frightening.

“Could it be the kind of bugs that we killed before”

Thinking back, the Sickle Insect that attacked the E A Clan a day ago was indeed very similar to this kind of black insect in some aspects.

The patriarch had a faint ominous feeling.

“Erdo, ask the soldiers to gather at the cave entrance.

Do not let a single black insect enter where we live.

I’ll go find a few brave warriors and prepare to explore further.”

The chief’s mood became more and more irritable.

The long period of jungle life made him have a certain sense of danger, and the current situation was undoubtedly a precursor to danger.


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