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C175 – Imparting Evolution Theory

“Wow, fruit, fruit.”

A few little Little Insect Girl laid on top of a super big watermelon and nibbled on the skin bit by bit.

From afar, it looked like there were a few small worms wriggling on a fruit.

“It’s an authentic reverse season watermelon.”

Lo Ya, who had returned to the territory, saw this scene and quickly approached her target.

In the end, she discovered that the height of the watermelon was actually 60 centimeters.

Little Insect Girl, who was less than 10 centimeters, “stuck” on top of it.

She really had the feeling that crops and pests were real.

Lo Ya also went up and took a bite of the watermelon skin.

There was a hint of bitterness mixed in the sweetness.

Sure enough, the meat inside was not as delicious as the meat inside.

By the side, half of the little cutie’s body had already drilled into the inside of the watermelon hole that was bitten out.

She stretched out her hand and poked it.

Her little tail immediately shrank inside.

“Lo Lee, quickly fly me… Wow! Oh.

A happy voice came from the top of his head.

He looked up and saw Lo Wen happily enjoying the scenery on the ground in Lo Lee’s arms.

The beautiful butterfly wings flapped slowly and the boundless forest was in sight.

“Ah, I see Lo Ya.

Lo Ya is back.”

Suddenly noticing the Small on the ground, Lo Lee happily waved at her.

This was the result.

Lo Wen broke away and fell from the sky.

“Be careful.”

Lo Ya was frightened and quickly wriggled over.

She reached out her hand and caught the little guy.

“Wuwu, it hurts.” Lo Wen felt wronged and started to cry.

“You idiots, can you be more reliable” Lo Ya knocked on her head.

Similar things happened every few days.

If it was a few times higher, it would not be as simple as crying.

A few seconds later, Lo Lee suddenly encountered danger and flew down in panic.

“Lo Ya, save me!”

Whoosh ~ ~

A huge bird appeared out of nowhere and flapped its wings, charging towards Lo Lee.

Lo Wen, who was crying on the ground just now, saw this scene and immediately turned her tail to rush forward to help.

A Wind Blade was spat out from her mouth and shot towards the target in the sky.

“Puff ~”

It was very powerful, but it missed.

The big bird turned around in the air and quickly maintained its balance.

It continued to glide towards the ground.

“Wow, I’ll kill you!”


At the last moment, Lo Wen slapped the bird’s head, instantly making the falcon that looked like a falcon froze on the spot.


The second slap swept out, completely making the big bird lose its spirit.

Then Lo Wen grabbed the bird’s head and opened her mouth to bite the other party’s head.

“Oh, oh ~ It’s delicious.” Lo Wen’s eyes lit up.

The big bird’s struggling stopped very quickly.

Lo Ya wriggled over and touched the bird’s head.

She looked like she understood something.

“Looks like we are at the highest level of the food chain.”

“The food chain What is it” Lo Wen wrinkled her nose.

“Emm, this thing is troublesome to explain.

Why don’t I teach you guys a lesson” Lo Ya felt that it was necessary to let the little cuties know about the theory of evolution.

“Ah, I’m dead.”

Lo Wen fell to the ground with a swoosh.

She stuck out her tongue and wagged her tail.

“Damn you, you big head.

It was like this when you heard class.”


Lo Ya threw her a big chestnut and immediately used the authority of the main consciousness to order Little Insect Girl to gather.

Not long after, the little fellows gathered together tightly and looked at Lo Ya like they were looking at a devil.

“Am I that scary Sweat, anyway, I’m not teaching mathematics today.”

“Oh, oh, I’m not studying mathematics.” Lo Yin, who was lying on the ground pretending to be dead, jumped up happily.

Lo Ya picked up a stone and threw it on her tail.

With a bang, Lo Yin immediately covered her tail and rolled it into a lump of meat.

“Today I want to talk about evolution and food chain knowledge with you.” Like a teacher, Lo Ya picked up a tree branch and hit the stone beside her twice.

“If anyone doesn’t listen to the lesson properly, they have to be prepared to be hit in the tail.”

After saying that, she slapped the ground twice in a show of force.

“Ahhhhh, I’m dead again.”

Slap ~ ~

Lo Ya said in a stern voice, “Those who pretend to be dead, slap them twice first.”

… “”

At this time, the Sickle Insect transported over a large wooden board that was neatly cut and placed on the side of the stone.

Lo Ya then picked up a feather that was pulled out from the body of a large bird and dipped it in some kind of creature’s blood.

She tried to apply a horizontal line on the wooden board.

“Not bad.

You can draw.

Then I will start.”

Lo Ya looked at the eyes that were staring at her seriously and took a deep breath.

There were so many cute little ones.

Although a few of the little Little Insect Girl were still at a loss (perhaps they were thinking of eating), they were indeed souls and were also Lo Ya’s juniors.

“These guys’ brains probably don’t understand things like genetic evolution.

Alright, I don’t understand either.

Let’s just talk about it simpler.”

Lo Ya thought of this and lightly coughed.

She said seriously, “When living creatures breed, there will be a genetic process.

For example, if I give birth to Lo Xin, then Lo Xin will experience the genetic process.

She inherited some of my characteristics.

Because of this, Lo Xin is very similar to me.

” Oh, oh.

” Everyone came to a realization.” No wonder Lo Xin is so stupid.

“Pfft.” Lo Ya almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

She suppressed the anger in her heart and continued, “Heritage is inheriting the genes of the previous generation of creatures.

The genes determine your external and internal performance.

This is too complicated.

I won’t say anymore.

In short, all you need to know is that because of genes, Insect Girl’s offspring can always be Insect Girl.

She won’t become a mouse, a hen, a tiger, and all sorts of other things.”

After saying this, everyone’s gaze focused on the few cute tigers, Little Insect Girl.

“But Lo Ya, the four of them don’t seem to be our descendants.”

“Yeah, they didn’t inherit us.”

The four little brain axes revealed a frightened expression, and tears almost flowed out.

“Shut up and listen to me.”

Slap! Slap!

Lo Ya waved the stick twice and continued, “Heritage determines that we can be the same as the previous generation, and not suddenly become other messy things.

But don’t you find it strange that there is a difference between you and me If it is hereditary, shouldn’t everyone look the same “

” That’s true.

” Lo Bing bit her finger and looked at her companions blankly.

“Because not only will creatures be hereditary, they will also mutate.” Lo Ya pointed at herself, “Although Lo Xin inherited my attributes, there will always be many accidents in the process.

These accidents will cause small changes in the genes, which will cause you to be born.

There will be a difference between you and your mother.

Some bisexual creatures… such as humans, who inherited the genes of their father and mother at the same time.

Not only would they undergo genetic mutation, they would also undergo gene recombination… Er, let’s not talk about this anymore.

You guys can’t understand.”

Everyone blinked their eyes and had an expression of” Lo Ya, you did not lie to us, right “

” Anyway, the inheritance allowed you to inherit the characteristics of the previous generation.

The mutation allowed you to have some other changes on the basis of your inheritance.

If this change continues to accumulate, it will ultimately push the entire species forward.

This is what everyone normally says about evolution.”


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