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C170 – Cooperation

As the swarm attacked the Noble Army, the rebel army that had recovered from the chaos began to gather.

Even the general himself did not know where these seemingly stronger swarm came from.

Perhaps there was only one possibility.

That was that their Magical Creature trading partners had sent troops over to help.

“General, are those really our allies”

Looking at the endless number of small beetle that fell to the ground, many soldiers felt ashamed.

Imagine, when you were fighting with the enemy, a large pile of bugs that were over 30 centimeters long suddenly landed on your head and used that pair of terrifying pincers to fiercely clamp down on your body.

What kind of feeling would that be

As long as there were no other accidents, the outcome of the battle was already determined.

Insect Girl Clan had the natural advantage of intelligence.

Their beetles were small in size, and they had the Spiritual Link to transmit information.

Therefore, they were able to share the information they had observed in the dark to the entire clan in a timely manner.

Although Lo Ya was the leader of the clan, she was not good at leading troops in battle.

The reason why they won the battle was because of their advantage in intelligence.

The soldiers of the rebel army had mixed feelings, especially after a few minutes.

Lo Ya sat on the Sickle Insect and came to the ground.

When she got close to the general, the soldiers all looked grateful.

“I will help you.” Lo Ya said as she got closer.

This time, she had found a proper reason to participate in the battle.

“Thank you.

I didn’t expect you to come here personally.” He really couldn’t think of the need for these Magical Creature to participate in the battle.

Perhaps all of this could only be attributed to the friendship between the two parties.

Lo Ya jumped down from the back of the Sickle Insect and glanced at the surrounding soldiers.

Pretending to be _, she said, “As the Magical Creature, I have always been worried that the Noble Army team will invade our territory.

The Fresnel Forest had been disturbed by the Noble Army many times, even though they were chased out in the end.

The Magical Creature also suffered a great loss.

Due to this, I think… I might be willing to help you win this war of resistance.”

” What ” The general thought he misheard, “You really want to do that”

Everyone here knew how strong the Noble Army team was.

Right now, everyone’s thoughts were very simple.

They wanted to defend the earl’s territory and slowly strengthen the Strength.

In the end, they would obtain the recognition of the kingdom’s officials and the surrounding nobles.

As for overthrowing the entire kingdom, it would be impossible in the short term.

Hence, the general could not understand the strength of the Insect Girl Clan.

To be able to command such a large scale of magic beasts, could Lo Ya have a Devil Beast Lord behind her

That’s right, only the lord could make so many magic beasts fight for her, right

“This time, I sent out 8,000 Sickle Insect and 100,000 Beetle Army.

Of course, you can’t expect too much of the beetles, say 100 thousand.

But if it’s really converted to combat strength, it’s about the same as 10,000 Black Iron Level warriors who don’t know any combat skills.

” Lo Ya said confidently.

“More than 10,000… Black Iron Level warriors.”

It was hard to imagine.

The general finally understood that no one could defeat the current rebel army.

To Lo Ya, apart from consuming the Life Strength of the nobles, this rescue mission was only to ensure the existence of the rebel army.

The following main battles would be carried out by the swarm.

“After this battle ends, my insect swarm will immediately head north.

Eliminate the Church’s army in the vicinity.

I heard that you do not have a lot of troops, and Victor’s army also collapsed in the resistance.

Therefore, I suggest that we focus on the construction of the territory.”

Lo Ya very directly expressed her thoughts.

Although the general of the rebel army was born a civilian, he was not stupid.

He knew that Lo Ya only wanted to find a proper opportunity to join the battle.

This did not conflict with the interests of the rebel army.

Perhaps the cooperation between the two sides could really bring this war to victory.

At least some of the territory of the northern nobles could become his own base camp.

An hour later, the count died.

The Bramble Army, which had suffered heavy losses, collapsed and surrendered.

Lo Ya ordered the swarm to collect the weapons of the remaining 1000 human soldiers.

At the same time, she pushed them towards her own territory.

The dead of the formation naturally became food for the bugs, and the soldiers did not mind eating corpses.

But Lo Ya was still worried that there would be conflicts, so she left the human soldiers’ bones to be buried.

As for the corpses of the rebel soldiers, Lo Ya did not want to eat them at all.

The army retreated very quickly.

The main force of the rebel army retreated to the north of the valley and was stationed in a small town nearby.

“This time, our opponent is a count and a marquis.

As well as three Viscounts, they have a total of 20,000 men.

In this battle, we have eliminated a powerful opponent like the Thorn Baron.

” A man wearing ancient alchemy eyes pointed at the large map of the kingdom on the table and said to Lo Ya, who was sitting on the table.

“In other words, we still need to face 16,000 people”

It did not seem like a lot.

After all, the scale of the insect swarm had been constantly expanding.

With just this number of people, even their reproduction rate could not catch up.

“Yes, the enemy’s scale is too large.

The most important thing is that the number of Knights of Judgment in the nearby areas is also beyond imagination.

500 Knights in Will City, 2000 Cult Corps.

They have already made it clear that they want to participate in the war.

The total combat strength of these troops is even greater than that of the 16,000 Noble Army troops.

Lo Ya supported her chin with her hands and wiggled half a circle around the map.

Pointing at the V-shaped canyon where the battle had taken place, she said, “My insects have already controlled the mountain where the canyon is located.

Any… any army that wants to come here… They’ll all be discovered in advance.

My 5000 insects are currently in this place, which is the southwest part of the canyon.

Lott Town encountered a private army of a noble, a total of 2000 people.

We might be able to finish the battle this afternoon.”

After this battle ended, the main force of the insect division was about to exceed 30000 insects.

If the individual armies of these nobles were not united, they could only be slowly wiped out by the Insect Girl Clan.

“Lo Ya, the insects you brought this time are very strong.

There are also quite a number of them, but it is best not to be too impulsive.

The strength of the kingdom is far from as simple as you think.

” The general was a little worried that Lo Ya would act recklessly and cause the entire kingdom’s nobles to be dissatisfied.

“Don’t worry, the Strength behind me is much bigger than you think.

You will know after a few battles.” Lo Ya confidently patted her chest and did not seem to be worried at all.

The officers looked at each other.

Most of them had mixed feelings.

This Small was already on par with the leader of the rebel army.

However, whenever they thought of her cute loli face, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of disharmony.

Perhaps this was the good intentions of the goddess, sending such a cute and powerful ally in front of everyone.


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