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C169 – A Noble Army That Resisted with Great Difficulty

“They can’t make it.” Lo Ya looked at the intense battle 100 meters below and felt that she was in control.

The Knights of Judgment’s departure made the chaotic rebel army see the light of dawn.

Some of the soldiers saw the swarm of insects rushing down the cliff and were very excited.

“It’s allies.

They came to support us.

Everyone, hold on!”

The general knew that the Knight of Judgment had been forced to retreat.

Now, he only had to face the enemy of Noble Army.

The Bramble Bird count’s army was not stronger than the old count who had been defeated by the anti-resistance army.

However, they had a lot of soldiers.

The terrifying square formation charged from afar and began to approach the canyon.

Of course, at this time, the Bramble Bird army did not know that the Church’s troops had already retreated, otherwise they would not have done such a thing.

The Sickle Insect that Lo Ya commanded forced the knights on the side of the cliff to retreat to the ground and surrounded them in groups.

Many of the rebel soldiers also ran over to help and shot arrows at the enemies at a close distance.

“It’s about time.

Those nobles have already entered the valley.”

Lo Ya’s consciousness was immersed in the swarm.

She ordered 1,000 Sickle Insect to go around the back of Noble Army to completely seal off their escape route.

The hidden insects on both sides of the cliff all popped out their heads.

Under Lo Ya’s command, they began to charge downwards.

This was a black tsunami.

It went down along the extremely steep 70-degree slope and rapidly approached the square formation of red armor.

The densely packed sword-shield soldiers and archer soldiers below looked up and looked at the enemies descending from the sky.

They were shocked in their hearts.

Four hundred Shooting Insects were thrown at these armies.

Although they were small in size, they were enough to cause fatal damage to these ordinary Black Iron Level soldiers.

“Change the formation, change the formation! Defend both sides!”

The commander raised the weapon in his hand, allowing the square formation on the flank to quickly change the direction of the defense.

The soldiers with 1.2 meters long shields, silver and black helmets, and one-meter short swords in their hands all had tense expressions as they aimed the direction of the defense at the flank.

It was too fast!

Pieces of rocks fell, and dust billowed.

“We were ambushed.

The troops at the back, retreat!”

The Bramble Bird count rode on his horse and looked at the Insect Sea charging down from both sides of the valley.

He immediately ordered the soldiers to leave this place.

It was only when he realized that a swarm of insects had also appeared behind him that he understood that something was going to happen in this battle.

“Adjutant, what’s going on Where’s the Knight of Judgment Didn’t they say they would surround the enemy in the valley Why are there so many insects “

It was obviously a battle of victory, but the scene that had just occurred had already exceeded their control.

When the Insect Sea hit the shield wall of the soldiers, in an instant, The terrifying kinetic energy directly broke through the front line.

The broken limbs of the Sickle Insect and the crushed limbs of the soldiers instantly created a spectacular scene.

They broke through the first three rows with an imposing manner that stretched as far as the eye could see.

They trampled on the bodies of the soldiers and knocked down strong enemies within dozens of meters.

Soon, the momentum of the charge was stopped, and the remaining sword-shield infantry began to use their weapons to fight against the ferocious insects in front of them.

The height of the Sickle Insect had already risen to 80 centimeters.

Coupled with its nimble movements and astonishing Strength, these creatures seemed to have instantly turned into assassins, always able to hit the vital points of the resistance soldiers in the shortest time.

A captain soldier relied on his own reaction ability to raise his shield to block the sharp blade of a Sickle Insect.

At the same time, he swung his weapon and pierced through the opponent’s lower abdomen.

Fresh blood mixed with blue-yellow liquid sprayed out, and this bug let out a hissing sound.

Its movements only froze for a moment before it once again attacked from both sides.

That’s right, because the previous slash did not hit the vital point, it did not weaken the combat strength of this Sickle Insect at all.

The captain of the soldiers discovered that these enemies had extremely tenacious vitality.

They did not hit its vitals or made it completely lose its combat strength.

It would not die.

Many soldiers thought that by cutting off half of the enemy’s head, they would be able to win, but in the end, they were killed instead.

There were still insects running down the cliff by Lo Ya’s side.

This wave of attack from both sides had a total of 4000 Sickle Insect.

Adding on the insects used to cut off the escape route, it was a total of 6000.

With so many Sickle Insect and the remaining rebel soldiers, the outcome of this battle was almost certain.

The enemy had already discovered that the swarm they were facing now was even stronger than the ones that the rebel army had commanded.

Moreover, it was not just a little stronger.

The main forces of both sides fought around a part of the valley for ten minutes.

Seeing that the 1st and 2nd flag battalion in front of them could not hold on any longer, the Count sent out the 3rd flag.

The number of troops under his command was the number of flags held by the flag operators.

Each flag had 1000 people, forming a total of 4 flag regiments.

In addition, there were also a few special forces, such as archers and cavalry squads.

Originally, he thought that so many troops would be enough to win this battle, but now he actually ended up in a miserable state.

He did not have any Magic Masters under his command, and the only Silver Level mage was also smashed half to death by the huge rocks falling from the sky.

However, there were enemies in all three directions.

Looking at the two-flag and half-crippled troops on both sides and the northwest side, His chest felt stuffy, and he was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.

These were soldiers who had spent a lot of money to raise.

They were gone just like that.

How could he not feel uncomfortable

This time, they had joined forces with a few nobles to rebel against the army.

Apart from eliminating the threat of the rebel army, their main goal was to get rid of the old count’s territory.

At the same time, it was also for the method of raising magic beasts.

In the end, the situation was really…

“Lord Count, there are insects on the southeast side as well.

We are trapped and killed in the valley.” The adjutant who was riding a horse in the distance told him even more depressing information.

“Where is the Knight of Judgment Where did those guys go ” The Thorn Baron’s heart was bleeding.

“Not sure, we only saw the corpses of a dozen knights”

“Damn it, everyone resist, get ready to break out of the encirclement”

We can’t hesitate anymore, the earl would rather give up the lives of all the soldiers than rush out by himself.

At this time, Lo Ya changed the direction of the throw and let the small beetle land near the center of the canyon, which was where the earl was standing.

Seeing the danger descending from the sky, the earl rode his horse and personally unleashed his aura to kill the small beetle.

At this moment, their formation was like the word “reply.” There was a large group of three flags at the mouth of the formation, and they were specially used to defend against the swarm of insects that surrounded them.

The word reply was the fourth flag.

The duke and the personal guards were at the center.

However, the problem now was that there were more than 3000 small beetle between the two entrances.

It was the same as putting the Bramble Army into a situation where they were being attacked from both sides.


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