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C167 – Final Preparations

Bursts of fire, high temperatures.

When the surging heat wave arrived, Lo Ya waved her hand and summoned another 20 dragons from her side.

They split into a few groups and attacked the 5 Diamond Level warriors around her.

As these fire dragons were very fast, they were almost in front of them in an instant.

Therefore, those warriors could not dodge in time.

One of them hurriedly released a protective Magic.

The other few people burst out with dazzling light and tried to block it with their combat qi.

In an exaggerated explosion, a black shadow suddenly flew out from the fire and attacked Lo Ya’s body.

“Little Earth Wall.”


A solid wall rose from the ground.

After a loud sound, half of the wall collapsed.

Lo Ya snorted lightly.

She pointed her hands on the ground and another 20 dragons attacked the Space Level warrior.

He had finally escaped the range of the explosion with his life saving technique.

He saw even more terrifying big attacks flying towards him.

His facial muscles were twitching.

Fire Magic was good at attacking but not defending.

Even if it was used, it would consume a lot of time.

As a result, the girl in front of him had released so many powerful fire dragon attacks in the blink of an eye.

It really frightened him.

“You’re also a Space Level”

He asked hastily, but his voice was completely drowned out by the explosion.

“We can’t give him a chance to catch his breath.”

Lo Ya immediately released the chain fire dragon again and again, continuously bombarding him.

This terrifying explosion scene even stunned the soldiers on the distant city wall.

When the magic power was emptied, Lo Ya quickly drank a bottle of elementary Spiritual Power Recovery Potion and quietly waited for the explosion to disperse.

After everything was revealed, there was only a large pile of things left on the ground.

The corpse was broken into pieces, completely charred black, and even the shape could not be seen.

“It died just like that Looks like this fellow isn’t good at defensive Magic.” Lo Ya let out a sigh of relief.

She was glad that she had made the first move.

She went forward and picked up the prop.

Medicinal potion, Leaf Ball, and…

[Congratulations, you have obtained children’s puzzle toy: Building Set (exclusively used by Lo Ya)]

[Opening silver treasure chest, you have obtained a super powerful searchlight.]

[Opening diamond treasure chest, you have obtained Phantom Ship.] ]

“Eh, Phantom Ship”

There was indeed a huge ship in the Item Space.

It was surrounded by black fog, and it was more than 80 meters long.

There were many death spirits (crew members) standing on top of it.

All of them were Gold Level warriors.

“This feels great.”

It was the navy of Insect Girl Clan.

There were many primitive cannons on the side of the ship, but they were powered by the energy of the Magic.

Through activating a special crystal, it could shoot out explosive power cannonballs with a range of up to a hundred meters.

Lo Ya knew that this place was not suitable for summoning the Phantom Ship, so she sat on the back of the Sickle Insect again and hurriedly returned to the territory.

Along the way, she relied on the other bugs to scout and did not encounter any danger.

Two days later.

“Wow, Lo Ya.”

A group of Small cried as they surrounded her.

Alright, they had only left for a short period of time, but Little Insect Girl and the others were already crying.

They were like babies who had not seen their mother for a long time, and each and every one of them cried out pitifully.

But in the blink of an eye, these little things forgot about their sadness and started to live their silly lives as usual.

Grilled meat, digging holes to find food.

Occasionally, they would find little animals to play with.

“Not bad.

I thought everyone would still foolishly sit next to the grilling rack and eat until the night.” Lying in the middle of Little Insect Girl and Little Insect Girl, Lo Ya yawned and was very satisfied in her heart.

Now, the rebel army was almost unable to hold on anymore.

The number of insects in the battle had decreased a lot.

If they failed, it might bring trouble to Lo Ya’s plan.

“Forget it.

Send troops tomorrow.

Prepare to fight against the nobles.” Lo Ya roughly outlined the plan after that.

“Wow, wow, wow, wow.

Ah!” A few little Little Insect Girl were happily pulling Lo Yu along as they ran and attacked Lo Ya from the side.

“Pull the car”

Yes, the spider silk wrapped around the little Little Insect Girl’s neck and Lo Yu who was holding the reins happily sat on a toy car that she got from somewhere and shouted excitedly.

“You really know how to play.”

The little Little Insect Girl were very happy and compared who had the strength to run around in the territory.

“Phew, why don’t we just make everyone’s clothes first.” She suddenly remembered that she had bought a large pile of clothes, so she put a part of it on a clean patch of grass.

Adult human clothing was too big, so it was not suitable to be used.

In addition, there were a lot of cloth and needles, which could be used to make some simple clothes.

The weather was getting colder and colder.

Although the cold air retreated after the rain, who knew when it would cool down again

Lo Ya began to try sewing.

“Hey, Lo Ya, what are you doing” Lo Xin, who was lying not far away, asked.

“Sewing clothes.

Lo Xin, don’t disturb me.”

This kind of difficult matter must absolutely not be participated by idiots, otherwise, they would definitely regret it.

After struggling for more than half an hour, Lo Ya finally managed to make a relatively simple outfit.

It was suitable for an adult Little Insect Girl.

“Let’s sew a few more cotton blankets.”

Lo Ya considered paving a clean wooden floor for the bug’s nest.

She would use bamboo to build a wall and create a comfortable and clean home.

Little Insect Girl did not have the concept of cleanliness and dirt, otherwise she would not be rolling around on the mud all day long.

Sometimes, when she saw Lo Yin half of her body digging a hole in the ground and only revealing half of her white tail, she always wanted to go up and pinch it.

At the same time, the bug swarm also began to move before the battle under her command.

In these few days, the number of normal main battle bug swarm had already reached 28,000.

Most of them came from the corpses used in the Jackal Man war (not including the ones sold to humans).

During the time Lo Ya went to the Blood Orchid territory, the forces between the main territory and the Wild Boar – Gnoll territory were divided.

In the end, 18,000 insects were left in the main territory, while 10,000 were left in the Wild Boar – Gnoll territory.

Lo Ya gave a simple name to a few territories.

The territories were divided into birth, werewolf, wild boar, gnoll and hound territories.

These territories had at least ensured the smooth passage of two underground tunnels to make it easier to come and go.

Lo Ya considered using the Shooting Reproductive Insect in this battle against the Noble Army.

The current small beetle army had a total of 250 thousand, and the total number of breeding bugs had increased to 5.

In the war, they would definitely attack the city.

It would be very difficult to rely solely on ordinary insects to cross the city wall.

Especially during this trip, Lo Ya knew of a Magic barrier that prevented the enemy from attacking from underground.

This increased the difficulty of digging a hole in the Sickle Insect.

“When can the Winged Dragon give the insects a pair of wings” Lo Ya felt that this might work.

However, considering the influence of the air force, she felt that it was better to rely on the ground troops for a short period of time.

“In that case, prepare 8,000 main insects to fight.”


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