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C163 – Rest

“Dou Technique”

Previously, he was afraid of causing problems in the Dou Technique Grounds and did not continue fighting.

Now that he thought about it, perhaps he could find a book related to Dou Techniques to try it out.

If he could learn it, wouldn’t he become much stronger

Lo Ya felt that it was very reasonable and decided to chase after him and get the book.

Following a few people from afar, she quickly realized that her rate of turning back was a little too high.

Although most of the people around were students of her school, there were also quite a number of beautiful girls.

But there really seemed to be no one who could compare to Lo Ya, this Little Insect Girl.

This kind of pure and cute face between a girl and a loli was not only pure and cute, but also had a kind of natural silly feeling.

Lo Ya’s ahoge was raised and she realized that there were a lot of people around, so she could only give up the idea of robbing.

Arriving under a tree, Lo Ya heard the conversation of two young men, “There are a lot of beauties in this academy, don’t you want to consider registering”

“The tuition fee is too expensive, and you still need to have the strength of a Mid Black Iron Level.

You will definitely be eliminated.”

“How would we know if we don’t give it a try”

They walked towards a building with more people in the distance.

“Registration Office”

Lo Ya followed them and found that it was indeed the registration place.

Furthermore, the entrance examination method was very simple.

If it was a Combat Department… She would directly punch a device.

If it was a Magic department… They would recite the incantation they provided on the spot to try out the effect.

Lo Ya curiously lined up behind these people.

Because of the strict orders from the mentor, everyone was quiet, so no one dared to approach her.

Not long later, it was Lo Ya’s turn.

“Registration 10 gold coins ready.” The female teacher sitting at the table supported her chin with her hands and casually asked.

Lo Ya waved her hand and threw out 10 gold coins in the space.

“Eh, magic” He paused for a moment and smiled.

“Tell me your current level and the registration details”

Lo Ya thought for a few seconds and replied, “Magic Master, Gold Level.”

It was not good to sign up too high.

It was better to keep a low profile for a long time, so she decided to sign up for Gold Level.

“Pffft.” A drinking instructor in the distance spat out the liquid in his mouth.

“Gold Level”

The people in the queue were in an uproar.

The teacher was stunned.

He handed the incantation to Lo Ya in disbelief.

“This is the liquid condensing incantation.

Read it from above.”

[Liquid condensing spell: A spell used to test the rank of the Magic.

It can condense water elements in one’s hand.] Learning to consume 1 Evolution points.]


Then Lo Ya casually gave it a thought and a water ball the size of a human fist appeared in her hand.


The upper limit of the incantation was the size of a fist.

Even a Diamond Level warrior could only maintain such a size.

A plaque was thrown to Lo Ya.

“The accommodation number, class information, and classes are all on it.

Class starts tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you.” Lo Ya nodded and immediately looked for the dormitory according to the map on it.

Alright, when she arrived at the destination, she found that the conditions were not bad.

Thinking about the price of 10 gold coins, it was understandable.

After entering, she accidentally found out that it was a double room.

A girl inside was washing her hair.

“Eh, is there a newcomer” The other party used a cloth to wipe his hair as he walked out of the bathroom in surprise.

“Hello, I’m here to live.” Lo Ya said to her.

“Hello.” The other party smiled.

Lo Ya’s gaze landed on the set of clothes that the other party had thrown on the bed and discovered that there was a pattern of blood orchids on it.

“Are you a member of the blood orchid family”

“Yes.” The girl nodded.

Oh, future enemies

Lo Ya roughly understood that this school was not something an ordinary person was qualified to attend.

Among the people who studied here, a large portion of them were privileged class.

The Blood Orchid Institute was actually the private property of the Blood Orchid High Duke.

This was more like a place for the exchange of noble students, giving some rich civilians the opportunity to build relationships.

In terms of environment, this place was really good.

The academy’s area was shockingly large, and the buildings inside were all very imposing.

The interior was beautifully decorated, and it was comparable to a palace.

Even if he couldn’t learn anything in this place… And enough to brag outside.

Taking advantage of the time when the girl went to put on her clothes, Lo Ya jumped onto the pool and washed her tail.

Then, she took a piece of cloth from the side and wrapped it up.

This way, when she wiggled outside, she was not afraid of getting dirty.

Of course, in the eyes of the girl, Lo Ya, who used the illusion technique, only washed her hands.

“My name is Linse.

What about you” After the girl changed into a long dress, she went in front of Lo Ya and introduced herself.

“My name is Lo Ya.”

Lo Ya did not understand etiquette at all.

Seeing the elegant bending of her waist, Lo Ya did not take it seriously.

She went directly to the bookshelf by the side and looked at the book inside.

A few of them seemed to be very valuable.

[Aura Condensation: First Grade.

The foundation of a Dou Technique.

It can increase damage through luck.

Learn and consume 1 Evolution points.]

[Magic Elemental Balance: Maintain the Magic Elemental Balance in the body and mobilize the elements faster.] Learning consumed 1 Evolution points.]

[Meditation: The foundation of Magic cultivation.

When it’s quiet, it can absorb the wandering Magic elements in the air, restore the spiritual power, and increase the upper limit of the spiritual power.] Learning consumed 1 Evolution points.]

[Protective Membrane: First Grade.

It has extremely high talent requirements.

It covers the surface of the body with a thin film formed from a Dou Technique.

Although this skill was widely spread throughout the world, the ones who could truly learn it were all Space Level grandmasters.

Learning consumes 100 Evolution points.]

“I’ve learned all of them.”

What Lo Ya cared more about was the ability of the protective film.

After condensing Dou Qi in her body, the protective film was equivalent to strengthening her defensive power.

It formed a protective barrier that was not inferior to a small earth wall and was effective for a long time.

The girl from the Blood Orchid family kept looking at her with a strange gaze.

This girl from the aristocratic family was very beautiful.

In addition, she had taken good care of her skin, so she had always been very confident in her appearance.

But at this moment, facing Lo Ya, this confidence had already been swept away.

The two of them might not have much interaction because of their first meeting and the difference in personality and experience.

At night, after Lo Ya took a shower, her small body directly jumped onto the bed and burrowed under the blanket, revealing her head at the same time.

“Wow, the soft bed is so comfortable.”

She felt relaxed all over.

His aura had been condensed for a day.

Because his attributes were higher, he could actually form more battle energy on the surface of his body.

The protective film automatically opened.

Lo Ya opened her hands without any preparation.

Her stomach was facing upwards and she slept soundly.

The girl beside her looked at Lo Ya who had fallen asleep in an instant and her expression was very puzzled.

“Can you fall asleep so quickly”


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