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C162 – Conflict

Although she hid it from everyone, Lo Ya realized that such a high-intensity illusion would consume a lot of Spirit.

What made her even more helpless was that she could only compress the manufacturing area of the illusion within a 20 meter radius.

Only then could she ensure that the Gold Level experts present would not see through her.

“It is indeed not as strong as I thought.”

Arriving at the award exchange office, Luo Tian exchanged the emblem that the staff member handed over for a skill book that enhanced the effects of the Magic.

[Enhanced Magic Effect: Consumes even more spiritual power to strengthen the skill that it releases.

It was a common type of Magic that could increase the strength of a skill by consuming a large amount of energy.

It was extremely difficult for a normal person to learn it.

However, Lo Ya only used 100 Evolution points to make it her own skill.

She quickly created an illusion and left the scene.

At a certain moment, the old man came back to his senses and found that the connection between him and the puppet had been restored.

Not only was the giant not dead, but he was still standing there.

Everyone around him had also returned to their original state.

However, the illusion that everyone present saw was only the scene of the giant’s abdomen being injured, so they did not notice some details of the recovery.

When the old man controlled the giant to come to the hall of the arena, he saw Lo Ya who was slowly walking out.

He did not chase after her, or rather, he was afraid and did not dare to chase after her.

“She is not an ordinary expert.” After silently putting down this label in his heart, the old man chose another exit at the side and left the venue.

Lo Ya came to the outside of the arena and changed her facial features and clothes back to her appearance.

Previously, with Lo Xin’s appearance to cause trouble, she really felt a little uneasy.

Fortunately, the difference in appearance between the two of them was not small, so once they changed, no one would recognize her.

“The academy, right, there is a Magic in the academy, right”

Lo Ya began to search for signs everywhere, and very quickly found the location of the academy.

The full name was: Blood Orchid Academy.

Alright, it was the same as the title of archduke.

Lo Ya followed the instructions and wiggled (walking).

Finally, she saw the grand school that was surrounded by a huge river.

It was said that this was the duke’s treasure vault that earned money from the outside.

However, after the battle at the White Rain River, a large number of student slots were opened to the neighboring country for free.

Compared to the surrounding areas, the archduke’s rule was quite lax.

When many lords persecuted civilians, his mind was thinking about how to make the civilians rich and then collect more taxes.

Hence, the encouraging policy of business was naturally announced.

However, because the taxes were too heavy, many locals did not live a good life.

In order to survive, they had to think of earning more money and planting more land.

Otherwise, they would not be able to support themselves.

Lo Ya came to the front of the academy and discovered that the gate could be entered and exited at will.

On the big notice board hanging by the door, it wrote: Exhibition Day.

“There are a lot of visitors.”

After Lo Ya walked in, she indeed saw a lot of young men and women.

The youngest might not even be ten years old, and the oldest was close to twenty.

The exhibition day was probably to show the school’s situation to the people outside the school.

Lo Ya came to a building and found that it was actually a classroom.

When she came to the door, a lecturer inside was testing the Magic on the people below.

“Did you see that Fire and water can’t fuse together.

This is the iron rule of the Magic, unless you have reached the Diamond Level.

Talent! It barely managed to maintain a stable balance between the two energies, existing in the Tai Chi diagram.

Otherwise… Eh, what are you doing”

The lecturer’s expression froze.

He followed the students’ gazes and looked out.

Only then did he discover Lo Ya outside.

“She’s so cute.”

“Who is that girl Doesn’t look like she’s from the school.

Is she here to visit”

“God, I really want such a girlfriend.”

All sorts of whispers.

“Is it my fault for being cute” Lo Ya muttered.

“Little friend, don’t disturb the class.” The female lecturer waved her hand as if she was chasing a rat.

“Hmph, trash teacher, misleading the students.” Lo Ya curled her lips in disdain and turned around to leave.

“What You said I mislead” The lecturer immediately became furious and wanted to chase after her.


Whoosh ~

An ice fireball formed by the control of water and fire elements flew in and hit her face with a bang.

“Water and Fire Fusion Magic, here you go!”

The entire classroom was in an uproar.

“This is impossible!” The voice of the lecturer came from behind the door, “How can water and fire fuse together”

Lo Ya came to the building next door and found that many people were gathered there.

The whispers of the onlookers reached Lo Ya’s ears.

“This is an exhibition held for the All-Nation College Tournament.

The Duke probably wants to show the academy to the public.

Who would have thought that he would make a fool of himself”

“Those are the students from other academies, right Sigh, half of the Blood Orchid has become people from the White Kingdom.

Not only has their average strength decreased, but they have also become the laughing stock of others.

Lo Ya came to the gap between the crowd and saw two groups of people confronting each other.

They were wearing different uniforms.

One side seemed to be a local student of the Blood Orchid Institute because there was a flower pattern on their red clothes.

On the other side were four people in black clothes, and on their clothes was a cheetah.

When Lo Ya saw them, the leader of the black clothes sneered.

“You hit our people.

Aren’t you going to give us an explanation Or do you think that the people from other academies are easy to bully”

The students from the Blood Orchid all frowned and gritted their teeth, “You are simply…”

” Bully them too much Or what” The other side suddenly took a step forward.


Almost no one saw the fist move clearly.

The leading student in red held his waist and squatted down, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“So fast.” Lo Ya heard the female’s exclamation from the side.

It was indeed very fast.

They were both Silver Level warriors, but the black-clothed student had used a very special Dou Technique at that moment.

The Qi in his hand was shot out and the blood in his opponent’s body was shaken out.

“You…” The other few Blood Orchids students angrily walked forward.

But at this moment, a teacher’s voice came from afar, “What are you doing”

In a blur, a man appeared at the scene and blocked the students who were about to attack.

“Diamond Level.” Lo Ya muttered to herself.

She was the strongest person she had ever seen in this school.

Most of the students she had seen before were from Black Iron to Bronze Level.

There were barely any silver-level students.

Most of the instructors were from Gold Level, so the person who appeared now was most likely an important person.

“What kind of conflict do you have to settle in the arena If I see it again, all of you will be disqualified from the competition.” The person who had arrived did not give any face to the two academies.

His tone was extremely cold.

A few black-clothed men snorted coldly, turned around and left.

Lo Ya’s gaze landed on the bag on their waists and vaguely saw a book.

On the page that was opened, there were two words Dou Technique.


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