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C160 – The Girl in the Arena

Lo Ya ran all the way to the southeast.

After two days, she finally arrived at a place that looked rather prosperous.

In the southeast of Hojo Kingdom, the territory of the Blood Orchid Grand Duke.

The soldiers here wore red armor that was commonly seen in the kingdom.

There was a bright red Blood Orchid printed on it.

In addition, there were many black armored soldiers from other countries patrolling the streets leisurely.

Ever since the Battle of the White Rain River ended, a large number of troops from neighboring countries could be seen in this territory.

Many civilians could feel the changes in the powers of both sides, so they did not understand the deeper meaning behind it.

“Yo, little sister.”

Walking into the huge city of the duke by himself, the soldiers standing guard at the side whistled at Lo Ya.

Lo Ya did not pay attention to her.

Instead, with a curious gaze, she observed the surrounding European style high walls and houses as she walked towards the interior.

There was no scent of war.

On the contrary, the territory of the Archduke of Blood Orchid was quite well managed.

The majestic city had the style of a fantasy world.

A fountain, a suspension bridge, a palace… It was not inferior to the capital of the kingdom that she had imagined.

Lo Ya could hear the conversations of many passers-by along the way.

“Your child also wants to learn Magic This might be a little difficult.

Recently, many students from the neighboring White Country have appeared in the academy.

I heard that many refugees want to send their children to study, but in the end, tsk tsk…”

“Are there no quotas”

… “Yeah, one-third of the students are foreigners.

If you don’t have any connections, don’t even think about entering the school.”

Two women were discussing on the side of the road, and beside one of them stood a 15-16 year old youth.

After that youth saw Lo Ya, his eyes clearly lit up, and then he kept looking at her back until she disappeared.

“Magic Academy, is it the most common place in the other world”

Even though she had seen it countless times in novels, Lo Ya still looked forward to that kind of life.

Of course, the main purpose was to learn the Magic and increase her own strength.

At the same time, she also had a better understanding of the local customs and customs of this world.

Lo Ya heard from the rebel army that the total number of troops gathered by both sides in the Battle of White Rain River was as many as 200,000.

It was practically the largest war in the kingdom in a hundred years.

Not only did it end the solid alliance of many lords in Hojo Kingdom, but it also allowed the neighboring Kingdom of White to obtain great benefits.

“This broken country is really strong.

No wonder the surrounding countries didn’t dare to attack it when it was in pieces.”

With an army of 200 thousand, excluding the 50 thousand reinforcements from the leading countries, it meant that the total number of troops sent by the nobles of the country was 150 thousand.

Therefore, on the surface, the rebel army that defeated a count was really weak.

If the other lords did not join forces, it would be fine.

But once they joined forces, just 20 to 30 thousand troops would be enough to make them despair.

Lo Ya walked to a building surrounded by a huge artificial river.

In the arena, the words were majestic.

Lo Ya heard the conversations of many passers-by.

Many of them were addicted to betting in the arena.

Some made a fortune from this, while others lost a lot of money.

“I really can’t make money from the tuition fees of the academy.

Can I really make money from there” A young man stood in the corner, looking at the building in the distance.

The man next to him patted his shoulder, seemingly encouraging him: “I heard that the medal obtained from the competition can be exchanged for a Dou Technique book.

If you can learn it, you can also be specially recruited.

Lo Ya saw this scene and directly stepped onto the bridge.

She went to the opposite side and entered the towering hall.

The tall and artistic building gave her the illusion that she had returned to her previous life.

The competition in the arena was also divided into magic beasts and individual battles.

Magic beasts usually fought to the death, while humans fought to the death.

And toss one side to admit defeat or fall to the ground.

If their lives were in danger, the killing side would have to pay a high price.

“Beautiful lady, do you want to place a bet”

Entering the hall, a young girl standing in front of the table smiled at Lo Ya.

“Is there a Magic skill book here to exchange”

“Of course there is.

You can choose to buy it with a large sum of money or win a medal to exchange for it, but…”

“I want to compete.” Lo Ya interrupted.

The girl was slightly stunned and nodded in disbelief.

“Okay, please follow me.”

Actually, the process was similar to the arena in the Count’s territory.

However, the money flow here was indeed terrifying.

There was no need to spend money to sign up for the competition.

If they won, they would get bonuses.

Thus, many warriors with some ability would choose to try.

But in reality, when they were competing, they would strictly distinguish between the locals and outsiders.

The former would obtain more privileges, while the latter would often receive unfair treatment in various aspects.

Lo Ya used an illusion to change her appearance (to imitate Lo Xin’s pigtail braids), took a 230 card number, and entered the waiting room.

A group of burly men sat inside.

The moment she stepped in, a pair of cold eyes looked over.

“It’s a girl.” A brawny man said to his companion beside him.

“Be careful, the more difficult it is to provoke someone like her, she’s most likely a mage” His companion patted his shoulder, indicating for him to be more alert.

However, in reality, because she was a girl, everyone was indeed not vigilant against her.

Most people liked to be beautiful, not to mention that there was a group of female with strong muscles at the scene.

The sudden appearance of a delicate young girl like Lo Ya was absolutely pleasing to the eye.

“Little girl, are you short of money Why did you come to participate in such a dangerous battle” Just as she sat in an empty seat, the man opposite her grinned at Lo Ya.

“I want the Magic book.” Lo Ya told the truth.

“Magic book… That thing is not ordinary expensive.

I have won three matches.

I am not willing to exchange three black emblems for that thing.” He pointed at the wound on his arm, “I think it would be better to exchange the emblems for weapons, or get a few bottles of healing medicine.”

“Little girl, you’re not a mage, are you ” A woman who might be in her thirties with a scar on her face, ” I was just like you when I was young, I wanted to fight in the arena.

And now you’re looking at me” She pointed at her own face.

Lo Ya, who was shaking her tail, suddenly realized that these ferocious people were not as bad as they looked.

Perhaps they came here to fight because they were forced to make a living.

“If the opponent is too strong, I will immediately admit defeat.”

“Haha, that should be the case.”

As he spoke, several people had already entered the arena.

It was soon Lo Ya’s turn.

When she was led to the preparation area, a young man not far away pointed to a pile of weapons on the ground and said, “Don’t you want to choose one”

“No need, I will use the Magic.” Lo Ya was very confident.

“Do your best.”


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