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C158 – Roasted Tail

At this moment, on the boundless wilderness of this huge planet, the cute Little Insect Girl was lying in front of the huge metal instrument and fiddling with it non-stop.

There was still a melancholy look on her face.

“You f * * k!” Lo Ya knocked on her own head.

Of course, she did not realize how cute she looked right now.

Alright, the alien civilization’s signal seemed to have been received, but the translation results were a mess.

It could be imagined that the translation of human space signals was full of “subjective” deductions, guessing if the other party was a creature similar to herself.

Would it be coded using a binary system, and would it be possible to convert language into a universal communication method in the universe

When any civilization communicated with the outside world, they had to consider the “barrier” between the two parties.

But how could this process be easy

Perhaps she thought that her translation was correct, but the alien civilization had another meaning.

Sometimes, even if she sent out the “codebook,” how could she guarantee that the other party would understand what she meant Even if it was the basic explanation of the atom, there might be a certain difference between different civilizations.

“Looks like I can’t hold onto hope anymore.” Just as Lo Ya was thinking this, a message suddenly appeared in her mind.

[Consume 100 Evolution points to analyze the current deciphering information.]

“Eh, can it be like this”

The Evolution points was omnipotent.

Lo Ya did not think too much and directly spent it.

After all, this bit of Evolution points could be replenished with a meal.

[Beginning translation…]

[Translator completed.

It has been converted into a language that you can understand.] 】

[This section’s monitoring content: Unknown civilization.

Hello, on behalf of my civilization, I express my most sincere greetings to you (with a general image of a gene chain attached)] (The above information has been repeated 25 times in total.)

What appeared in front of Lo Ya were 19 images of the genome.

After zooming in, it became very blurry.

This might be the gene of the target creature itself.

“Oh, it seems that this civilization had the ability to transmit electricity to outer space at least 35 years ago.

It’s just that this method of launching is too primitive.

It doesn’t seem to be issued by a high-level space civilization.”

It felt that it was not easy for them to discover the planet Little Insect Girl was on.

After all, the information here was completely blocked.

However, Lo Ya inexplicably felt uneasy.

Was there an intelligent civilization at such a close distance Did this prove that there were many high-level life forms in the universe

She was not sure!

[You can send a reply to the target planet.]

[You can disguise yourself by paying 100 Evolution points, this will prevent the signal from being intercepted by the ‘low level space civilizations’.]

[If you pay another 50 Evolution points, it can cause the signal to weaken and disappear after reaching the target planet.

It also has a special effect: Continuous strong electromagnetic interference.


Lo Ya shook her tail twice and suddenly had the idea of playing a prank.

“Go ahead and reply.

Consume 150 Evolution points.

As for the content…”

Lo Ya thought for a while and entered the following words on the instrument: Unknown civilization, please stop sending the signal immediately! Please stop sending the signal immediately! You are surrounded by high level civilizations, and it is very likely that you have already been exposed to other civilizations.

Please stop the signal immediately! If you don’t send it, there might still be a slim chance of survival.

This is the last piece of advice from a kind civilization – I hope you can survive the next blow.

“Very good.”

Lo Ya nodded in satisfaction and chose to send it.

Hum –

With a wave of the metal needle, a shocking high-energy electric current instantly broke through the atmosphere and rushed into the deep space of the target.

“It will take me 35 years to reach the target’s position.”

This kind of signal should spread in space, so even if the target planet deviated from a certain position, it should still be able to receive it.

Lo Ya very calmly put away the instrument and sat on the Sickle Insect back to her nest.

It was already noon, but the sky was still dark and heavy.

It was rare for the rain to stop.

A few Little Insect Girl began to take out the dry grass and wood that were stored underground, ignited the Magic flames, and prepared a new barbecue.

“As expected, I want to eat when I have free time.”

Lo Ya discovered that they had specially built the grill near the rat’s nest.

This way, after eating one, they could immediately catch the other and completely did not need to worry about the food being cut off.

In a burst of fragrant smell, the bag of spices and salt was opened.

Little Insect Girl and the others sprinkled the powder on the bag and then started to eat the first big rat.

“Lo Lo, do you think it will taste good if you use your tail to roast” Lo Yu suddenly had an idea and asked the little follower beside her.

“Ah!” Lo Lo had a flash of inspiration and her eyes lit up, “Why don’t we roast our tails and eat them”

After saying that, she raised her tail and looked at the flame in front of her and nodded fiercely.

Lo Ya, who was more than a few meters away, suddenly saw this scene and blinked her eyes.

“What is this about”

Then she saw Lo Lo grab a handful of salt and sprinkle it on her tail.

She then wiped the spices and waited for it to “taste” before putting her tail on the flame.

A few seconds later…

“Wow ~ ~ ~”

A burst of intense pain came and Lo Lo opened her mouth and started to cry.

Drops of tears rolled down her face.

She quickly retracted her red tail, as if she did not expect to encounter such a thing.

Lo Ya was so scared that she quickly ran up and lifted her little tail to blow on it, “What are you doing Why did you put your tail on the fire to roast”

“I want to eat my tail.” The little cutie wrinkled her nose and looked pitiful.

Lo Ya,… “”

She did not know what to say.

“It is indeed stupid.

Don’t you know how dangerous the flame is Think about the serial fire dragon.

That thing can kill people.” Lo Ya was so angry that she wanted to laugh.

Lo Lo looked aggrieved, “I will not roast my tail anymore in the future.”

… “”

Lo Yu, who was watching from the side, was puzzled.

She raised her tail.

Then, she compared it with Lo Lo’s and seemed to have understood something.

She nodded fiercely.

“Fire will cause the tail to be swollen.

It is very dangerous, so it only grills other people’s tails.

It will not roast itself.

“Roast your balls, don’t think about eating them all day.” Lo Ya gave her a hard knock.

Little Insect Girl’s level of knowledge was definitely bad.

She could not take out the kind that could not be used at all.

But after experiencing this kind of inconceivable strange thing, they would probably remember to teach her a lesson.

Only by being afraid of fire could one use fire reasonably.

This was the progress of civilization.

Lo Ya also began to set up the grill herself, preparing to make a delicious barbeque meal.

Spicy salt, some spiciness, and some special seasonings from other worlds.

The taste was different from the others.

When a piece of fragrant rat meat was stuffed into their mouths, the rats that were reared a few meters away were all tempted to cry.

“Don’t worry, it will be your turn soon.” Lo Ya shouted to a group of rats not far away.


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