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C157 – Receiving the Signal

The five Silver Level and 30 iron-level and bronze-level undead raised their heads in confusion.

They opened their mouths wide and stared at the fire dragon flying towards them.

What’s going on

Due to their speed being too fast, these poor fellows didn’t even have time to react before they were annihilated.


The explosion began and Lo Ya’s experience points rapidly increased.

Correspondingly, A cold soul flame drifted out from the broken bones.

Perhaps due to the influence of the fire elements, these flames were somewhat unstable.

There was a risk of dissipating at any time.

Hence, Lo Ya immediately ordered the skeletons under her command to charge forward.

The strongest skeleton swallowed a blue flame from its target and broke through to the Silver Level.

As for the ordinary Black Iron Level skeletons, they all jumped to the peak of the Bronze Level.

A single Silver Level soul flame was enough to allow a low level skeleton to level up.

“Sickle Insect, quickly!”

Lo Ya ordered the little bugs beside her to rush up and eat the bones.

A few minutes later, there was indeed the sound of evolution that had not been heard for a long time.

[Received high-level death creature gene.

All Undead Insect received a small enhancement.


[Silver Level Undead Insect can comprehend dark Magic: Darkness Condensation.

This skill would be permanently used on all Silver Level Undead Insect.


[Darkness Consolidation: First Grade Dark Magic.

Consolidates the solid black dark matter that is floating around the body of the First Grade Dark Magic on the weapon.


Time It could cause a huge amount of dark damage.

If energy was gathered on the surface of the body, it could form a solid defense.

And then… It could erode the enemy.

The strength of this skill depended on the density of the dark energy.



She tried to use the two Silver Level skeletons in front of her with a skill that didn’t have a level.

As a result, they gathered the thick mist on their hands, making their arms look like they were covered in a thick layer of black gas that was almost liquefied.

With a swing of her arm, a buzzing sound that seemed to tear apart the space was heard, bringing with it a deep sense of oppression.

Lo Ya ordered one of the Silver Level skeletons that was sixty meters away to test its combat strength.


The moment it raised its arm, the soul fire in the skeleton’s eyes suddenly turned red.

Then, it spat out a faint red flame from its mouth and quickly attacked.


The Undead Insect immediately raised its arm to block.

The dark fog dispersed, forming a thick barrier in front of them.


It retreated half a step, and the black fog shield was smashed into pieces, scattering in all directions like liquid.

However, in an instant, the thick fog was attracted by a mysterious Strength once again.

In a very short period of time, it returned to the surface of the body and once again condensed on the hand bone.

It rushed to the front of the target and waved its large black claw.


It was the sound of bones cracking.

The Silver Level skeleton, whose bones were obviously sturdier, actually had dozens of fine cracks appear on its skull.

Its skull was smashed into pieces.

The Strength was astonishing.

The opponent’s counterattack was very fast, but the Undead Insect’s reaction was even faster.

Before the opponent’s claw arrived, a fog shield had already been condensed on its chest, and it had entered a defensive state.

With a bang, the weak Undead Insect staggered a few steps back and barely managed to stand firm.

Looking again, he discovered that the target’s hand bone had been corroded quite a bit.

“They are both dark creatures, but the dark fog on the Undead Insect far surpasses that of wild monsters.

Looks like their genes are very good to use this part of the Strength to form such a skill.”

Lo Ya knew that the Wolf Cavalry would become stronger in the future.

She could imagine the scene of the human army facing them.

They were more terrifying than ordinary death spirits.

Not only did they look intimidating, but they also had amazing fighting skills.

Perhaps the soul fire had inherited the memories of the deceased, and some of the more advanced skeletons had even more astonishing battle consciousness.

This was probably the reason why they were able to slowly surpass their companions.

Lo Ya counted the remaining Undead Insect.

There were still 180 left, but it did not matter.

The 600 that came from the territory also quickly crossed the gate and joined the queue.

Out of the total 780 Undead Insect, there were 500 that had not been upgraded, so Lo Ya needed to provide more than one soul flame for them to ignite the flame in their heads.

Because of this, Lo Ya continued to order them to carry out a highly efficient slaughter.

It was like a snowball.

After a night, apart from 28 deaths of the first 200 Undead Insect, the rest had all become experts that surpassed the Black Iron Level.

Among them, there were 6 Silver Level skeletons and 166 Bronze Level skeletons.

In another half a day’s time, 500 ordinary Undead Insect had ignited their soul fires and started their journey of advancement.

When the six specially nurtured skeletons all broke through to the Gold Level, Lo Ya was relieved and gave them the authority to fight freely.

The current highest order was still to be careful, as long as the Golden Overlord did not attack.

The Undead Insect would devour the souls of the weak and slowly expand their power.

Lo Ya hoped that the next time she came, there would be a large number of Silver Level and Gold Level warriors among these insects.

After withdrawing from the battle, Lo Ya yawned and lazily returned to the front of the Universal Signal.

Just as she was about to turn off the device in front of her, she saw a special message recorded on it: Detected special pattern signal, possibility of intelligent civilization 98%.


Reaching out her hand to tap on it, the content made Lo Ya swallow her saliva.

“There really are aliens”

A high-regularity signal that had been captured 25 times in a row had been captured.

The confirmed area was… 35 light-years away.

98% possibility came from intelligent life, and 2% possibility came from cosmic celestial waves.

Lo Ya took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down.

Was it almost certain that this unknown message was sent by the space civilization

Lo Ya saw the “decoding” button and hesitated for a moment before clicking the “confirm” button.

Then, the machine stopped listening and started to analyze the message at an extremely high speed.

Due to the huge difference in the communication methods between civilizations, the translation process was very difficult.

After a series of “ding” sounds, thousands of sets of answers appeared very quickly.

This situation made Lo Ya confused.

“How can I be sure of which one with so many questions”

Yes, it was the signals that were received in these few seconds that were translated into thousands of different answers.

The key was that many of the words had different meanings, making Lo Ya unable to distinguish which one was which.

She knocked on the machine and her small body circled around the machine.

A puzzled look appeared on her face.

“After all, it is something that came out of a high-grade treasure chest.

It should not be so useless.”


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