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C156 – The Invading Undead


Ka –

The hard bones violently collided with each other, and the attack was caused by the green color of the bones.

This was the Undead Insect, its strength had already reached the peak of Black Iron Level.

The natural advantage of the Strength and its hardness had formed an absolute suppressive force, causing the target skeleton to take a few steps back.

The Undead Insect opened its mouth, as if it was mocking its opponent.

It chased after it with a few steps, and pressed down with the finger bone in its hand.

With a ‘kacha’ sound, the finger bone landed on its opponent’s head.


All of the Strength in its body pressed down.

The Undead Skeleton opposite it fell to its knees with a ‘kacha’ sound.

The bones in its neck made a ‘kacha’ sound, as if it was going to break at any moment.

It tried to resist, but the Undead Insect agilely tilted its body, causing the struggling claw to hit empty air.

The few Undead Insect on the side immediately rushed up and separately bound the limbs of the wild skeleton.

Then, they gave a heavy kick, breaking all of its ribs.

A palm broke through the skull, and the target fell to the ground, revealing the fire seed within the skull.

The green skeleton immediately opened its mouth and swallowed the fire seed into its abdomen.

Crack… Crack… Crack…

The cracking sound was mixed with the sound of an explosion.

The bones all over the skeleton’s body made a shocking vibration sound.

It was as though something had been repeatedly corrected.

Then, under Lo Ya’s shocked gaze, the bronze color on its body became even more eye-catching.

The soul fire in its eyes changed from a dull blue color that could be extinguished at any time to an ordinary light blue color, as if it had received a new life.

The Undead Insect was raised to Bronze Level.

It was too fast.

Next, it only needed to continuously devour the fire seed to quickly break through to the Silver Level.

“However… my current combat strength doesn’t seem to be very strong.

I’ll just devour another batch of ordinary Black Iron Level soul flames.”

Lo Ya discovered that the Undead Insect not far away had also cooperated with each other and killed many enemies.

They sent the soul fires over to the bronze Undead Insect and continued to devour it.

Crack, crack, crack ~

Amidst the sounds of bones changing, the combat strength of the Undead Insect continued to increase.

Although it did not react to the attributes, the Strength within was actually even more powerful than humans of the same level.

After it swallowed another 10 flames, Lo Ya let it approach a peak Black Iron Level wandering skeleton by itself.

“Go, kill it.”

The Undead Insect obediently took a step forward and quickly approached its target.

The opponent seemed to have sensed the hostility as well, and immediately stretched out his hand to counter attack.

The difference in combat strength was obvious.

The Undead Insect dodged the opponent’s attack at an even faster speed.

Then, it struck out with its palm, and instantly broke two of the opponent’s ribs.

The second strike hit the opponent’s arm, causing a few fine cracks to appear on the surface of the arm.

The bronze colored limbs were filled with Strength, causing the wandering skeleton to feel at a loss.

After several consecutive attacks, the Undead Insect smashed apart the opponent’s skull, picked up the flame, and threw it into its mouth.

After a burst of strengthening, as if showing off, it happily turned around and opened its mouth towards Lo Ya.

“Not bad, not bad.

Continue to work hard.” Lo Ya praised.

Next, the insects began to look for similar opponents to fight.

Once they encountered some stronger skeletons, they would work together to gang up on them.

After killing a few in a row, Lo Ya began to let more Undead Insect close to breaking through to devour these slightly higher level soul fires.

Soon, three Bronze Level skeletons appeared.

She felt that it was about time, so she ordered them to attack a Bronze Level Undead not far away.

Bang! Bang!

The level of this battle was much higher than before.

After fighting for a while, Lo Ya saw that both sides were still unable to determine the victor, so she simply spat out a Wind Blade and cut the opponent in half.

The battle was completed and the soul fire obtained was swallowed by the injured one.

In the end, not only did its injuries recover, the color of its body also became similar to the first one.

“It looks like it only needs 5-6 undead of the same level to have a chance of breaking through to the Silver Level.”

Lo Ya was very satisfied with this kind of strengthening speed.

The stronger the death spirits became, the slower they became.

To increase their speed, they had to kill enemies of the same level or stronger than themselves, but this was almost impossible for wild death spirits.

Those who could reach the level of a Lord and command large armies were obviously at least Gold Level.

And they must be the best of the Gold Level.

After all, Lo Ya had also noticed that there was actually a skeleton at the same level as it under the command of a Lord in the distance.

However, the color of the skeleton was very light, as if it had just broken through not long ago.

At the beginning, it was still somewhat difficult for the three Undead Insect to face opponents at the same level, but with Lo Ya’s help, After they swallowed a few soul fires, the color of their bodies gradually became brighter.

In the end, they were able to defeat an opponent who was also at the Bronze Level without any injuries.

After struggling for more than half an hour, the strongest Undead Insect had a faint silver glow on its body.

This meant that it was very close to Silver Level.

“Looks like I only need to kill five or six opponents at the same level as me to complete my advancement, but…”

After the Undead Insect expert appeared, it would be very difficult to defeat a few high level skeletons that had mastered the Undead Magic with just the dark thread skill.

Similarly, they were both Bronze Level warriors.

When a Magic was sent over, Lo Ya would need to release an earth wall to help block it.

Otherwise, the skeletons on the other side would be instantly killed.

“Is there any way to let everyone learn a powerful skill”

One should know that the Undead Insect and the Black Wolf Beast were the most powerful combination.

If they could master the stronger Dark Magic, they would be able to display the destructive power of the Strength during a large-scale battle.

Lo Ya carefully thought about it and realized that the undead clearly did not have genes.

Hence, what affected the Strength was probably the various elements contained in the bones.

Perhaps letting the Sickle Insect eat the bones of high level skeletons could speed up the evolution of the Magic.

Thinking of this, she shifted her gaze to a group of Silver Level undead in the distance that seemed to be relatively free, and prepared to personally use the powerful Chain Fire Dragon to deal with a few opponents.

“I don’t care anymore, let’s go!”

Bang, bang, bang!

She clenched her teeth and beckoned with her finger.

One seventh of the Spirit value was used up.

Twenty fire dragons flew out and landed on the skeletons.

The fire Magic’s Strength had a suppressive effect on the undead.

Under the immense strength, even if it was spread out, a few of the fire dragons could be killed by a single fire.

– – Cutting Line.

Of course, if he discovered that the number of readers did not decrease by too much in the next two days, he would slowly speed up the updates.

On the contrary, if he dropped too much, he would save the chapter.

When the seal was unsealed, there would be a new one.

In short, there would definitely be at least two every day.


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