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C155 – The Skeleton Army

“Phew, such a heavy rain.”

Lo Ya felt a little regretful as soon as she arrived outside, but she really could not stay idle and wanted to run out to do something.

The dark night sky was completely covered by the hazy rain.

The sound of the rain was no longer pattering, but rather a roar that sounded like pouring water.

But Lo Ya felt that it was very pleasant to hear.

She liked rainy days and had always liked it.

“Sure enough, the drainage facilities in the territory are really good.”

The stones on top successfully gathered the water in one place by tilting and flowed into a ravine that was two to three meters deep and half a meter wide.

There were bridges made of stone between these gullies, and there was only a three centimeter gap between each bridge.

To prevent Little Insect Girl, who was passing by, from falling down.

Within a 20 kilometer radius, there were thousands of such ditches.

Layers of stone passageways formed a network and slowly gathered in the north, forming a few large rivers that rushed towards the sea in the distance.

“It would be great if there was an umbrella.”

Lo Ya found a one-meter wide leaf from the nest and covered it above her head.

Then she sat on the back of a certain Sickle Insect.


The temperature was very low and the wind was howling.

Even though the leaves were very big, there were still air currents that passed through the gaps and hung onto Lo Ya’s body.

“Phew, it’s a little cold.

Let me think about what Little Insect Girl still needs.”

Fever and cold seemed to have never happened before, so they were not sure if the cuties would get sick.

The perfect drainage system allowed everyone to hide underground in the winter.

When that time came, even if the temperature dropped, it wouldn’t be too cold if they squeezed together.

“Will it really not be cold”

Lo Ya felt that if the temperature really dropped to less than ten degrees below zero at that time, the overly exaggerated low temperature would still make everyone feel very uncomfortable.

The Sickle Insect unknowingly ran to the side of the circle area.

One could see that a large number of leaves, with the help of the spider web, had already blocked the top of the circle area.

However, the little rabbits were still tightly squeezed together, shivering in the cold wind.

It was unclear how the rabbits had endured the windy winter in the past.

Looking at the fur on their bodies, their adaptability should be pretty good.

Lo Ya had previously asked the insects to build a very high and thick stone wall in the surrounding area to block the fierce wind.

Now it seemed to have a very good effect.

When she jumped in, she could clearly feel that the wind was getting weaker.

After observing the rabbits for a while, she found that they would occasionally run back to the ground.

Lo Ya found a bigger rabbit hole and burrowed into her head.

She saw a large pile of rabbits crowded together.

They were furry and emitted warm temperatures.

“Oh, it seems that the current temperature is still adaptable.

These little things live more comfortably than Insect Girl.

This is the best part about having more fur.”

Lo Ya felt that it was not a big problem even if it was a few degrees lower.

After leaving this place, she went to look at the rat’s nest.

Sure enough, there was no trace of the ground.

The rats underground were very free and did not squeeze together.

Instead, they squeaked as they crawled around.

They did not seem to be afraid of the cold at all.

Lo Ya crawled a distance in the narrow rat’s cave and found that they had given birth to a lot of cubs inside.

“Concentrating on feeding can indeed increase the number of animals.”

There was no need to worry about the safety of the breeding area, but taking advantage of the current environment, it was still alright.

Lo Ya felt that it was necessary to strengthen the shelter in the sky.

She did not know how long Lo Yu’s spider silk could last, but the leaves would definitely not be able to block too much wind.

It would be great if they could build that kind of indoor breeding ground like humans.

After climbing out of the cave, a mouse suddenly took the opportunity to bite Lo Ya’s tail.

She immediately turned around and chased after the mouse.

She grabbed it and dragged it out.

“Big mouse.”

Lo Ya was currently 20 centimeters long.

This mouse was even longer than her.

“The food is ready.”

Grabbing the mouse and washing it in the cold rain, Lo Ya sat on the back of the Sickle Insect and ate.

After eating, she laid down and slept.

After half the night, Lo Ya, When she woke up, she found that she had arrived at her destination.

So she threw the remaining half of the dead rat to the Sickle Insect and stepped over the black door.

Under the starry sky, the temperature was very comfortable.

Logically speaking, the temperature difference between this kind of barren planet should be very large, but this was not the case here.

Not only was there an atmosphere, but it could also bask in the light of the stars.

Lo Ya glanced at the swarm of insects resting not far away.

She found an open space and took out the starry sky signal device on her body.


Doo doo doo…

Familiar and chaotic sounds, all sorts of messy ripples displayed irregular signals in space.

Lo Ya placed it aside and ordered the surrounding insects to gather.

Not long after, the 200 Undead Insect with blue flames more or less in their eyes stood in front of them.

These skeletons were different from the wild skeletons.

The black fog on their bodies was thicker.

They were like warriors from the underworld, full of killing intent.

“Looks like you’ve killed a lot of weak Undead Bone Beasts during this period of time.”

Lo Ya was very satisfied with these insects.

Not only did they diligently eliminate the surrounding Black Iron Level wandering skeletons, they also minimized their losses.

Standing on top of the mountain, looking at another mountain far away, one could see a Gold Level skeleton commanding its army to attack another group of enemies.

The collision between the two skeleton armies was cruel and direct.

Lo Ya found that there was a huge gap between the different levels of the skeletons in the Strength.

Silver Level basically crushed Bronze Level and Black Iron Level, and Bronze Level had a big advantage over Black Iron.

She turned around and looked at the 200 Black Iron Level skeletons behind her, and compared them to the soul fire of a Silver Level and a Gold Level skeleton, she couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

As expected, she needed to strengthen herself by devouring the fire seed.

Currently, the army was basically fighting the lowest grade of wandering bone beasts.

If they wanted to break through to the Bronze Level, they would need to kill at least 10 of them.

This was obviously too slow, so she considered going down the path of elitarization.

First, she would focus on training a few of them and let them devour more fire seeds.

After becoming stronger, she would then use these powerful ones to attack higher level skeletons.

Speed up.

The fire seeds provided by the high level skeletons could obviously provide more combat strength, thus increasing the strength of the Undead Insect.

Their bones could be used to feed the Sickle Insect, and they could also obtain the relevant bone genes.

It could increase the basic attributes of the newborn Undead Insect.

Perhaps not long after, even the newly born Undead Insect would have a Strength at least at the Black Iron Level.

At that time, he would be able to easily devour two fire seeds and reach the Bronze Level.

“Great army, get ready.

Follow me.”

Lo Ya shouted loudly and 200 skeletons stepped forward together.

Their target was the dozens of human skeletons on the left side of the gate.

The combat strength of those skeletons was at the lowest level of Black Iron Level.

Lo Ya was ready to use a group attack to completely defeat them.

In order to quickly increase their strength, the 600 Undead Insect in the territory were also rushing over while sitting on Black Wolf Beast.

When that time came, the 800 soldiers would all become stronger, and they would be able to attack the skeleton lords in the distance.

No matter what, Lo Ya’s Chain Fire Dragon was enough for them to eat.


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