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C154 – In the Heavy Rain

Lo Ya learned how to create illusions and immediately tried out her skills.

Her body began to grow at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After 5 seconds, she became as big as a normal human girl.

Of course, all of this was just an illusion.

Lo Ya knew that she was still the Small.

She tried waving her tail.


A gust of wind blew on the ground.

A certain bug jumped in fright and quickly ran away.

Lo Yu immediately laid down and stuck out her tongue, licking it into her stomach.

“Wow, Lo Ya, you have become so big.”

After eating the bug, Lo Yu ran over and hugged Lo Ya’s tail and jumped up.

Actually, when she was on the ground, she thought it was on Lo Ya’s tail.

“Not bad, not bad.

This illusion ability is so powerful.

Even I have been deceived.” Lo Ya tried to use the ability obtained from the Illusion Demon to turn her tail into a leg.

Thus, a cute “human girl” appeared.

She was pure and beautiful, with snow-white skin and long black hair.

She looked exactly the same as the girl in Origin Space.

“It’s just that the clothes on her body are a little dirty.”

Lo Ya went to the stream to wash up and then hung it on the branch.

The ability to construct illusions had indeed been strengthened.

She could even make things within 20 meters become illusions.

Wait a minute.

When her clothes were dry and she put them on, Lo Ya no longer paid attention to the battle between the insects.

In any case, the Jackal Man was completely finished this time.

The corpses on the ground would be digested in a very short period of time.

Then, in two to three days, they would become a large group of new insects.

Now, he only needed to return to the territory to enjoy himself.

Half a day later, when they returned to the vicinity of the birthplace, Lo Ya and Lo Yu excitedly rushed towards Little Insect Girl and the others who were eating rabbits in the distance.

“Wow, you guys aren’t always eating barbecued meat after I left, right” Lo Ya looked at the floor full of wooden sticks and was stunned.

One cute little eye after another all turned their heads around in a daze and then happily surrounded them.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya, eat meat.”

A stupid voice and tone.

“It seems like it’s true.

We eat from morning to night, from late to early.”

Lo Ya really suspected that Little Insect Girl and the rest would stay by the barbeque rack for the rest of their lives, eating all the way until the day they die.

“They are all a bunch of people who have no pursuits.”

She helplessly sighed and wriggled over.

She grabbed a piece of roasted meat and stuffed it into her mouth.

” Awoo, awoo, awoo, the barbeque meeting, continue! “

Lo Ya was happily eating meat with everyone again.

Later on, a certain Little Insect Girl discovered that the meat wrapped in grass was especially delicious, so she asked everyone to do the same.

Until a certain Little Insect Girl suddenly had an idea and wrapped the big leaves in mud.

Then, there was a piece of meat to be roasted inside.

In the end, the taste actually became even more fragrant.

In particular, some of the spicy seasoning was burned into the meat, causing the entire piece of meat to look golden and shiny.

The fragrance overflowed in all directions.

Everyone quickly learned how to match it, such as matching it with fruits and so on.

Because of the poison resistance, a lot of highly toxic food was a great supplement for Little Insect Girl.

Not only did it taste good, but it could also strengthen the Vitality.

That night, another heavy rain pulled the temperature to close to 0 degrees.

To the little ones, a true disaster had arrived.

Lo Ya let everyone hide in the underground nest where the drainage system had long been set up and then crowded together.

She originally wanted to take out the pure energy crystal that she had obtained back then to light up, but she was worried that the little ones would eat that dangerous thing, so Lo Ya endured it and did not do that.

Everyone squeezed their meat and leaned against a pile of meat.

There were constantly little fools whose faces were covered by their tails.

“Oh, it’s warm.”

A breath of air sprayed onto his face, and the Eye of Truth saw that it was Little Lo Yin’s face.

Ever since he ate the green hat, this little thing had some regrets.

After all, it was a treasure that Lo Ya gave her.

“Idiot, don’t exhale at me.” Lo Ya reached out and rubbed her head.

“Wuuuu.” She struggled a few times and continued to exhale.

“If you continue to vomit, I will… Emm… What is 3 2”

“Ahhhhh, poof!” Lo Yin immediately covered her chest and fell to the ground.

A crazy “twitching” occurred.

“Wakakaka.” Lo Ya suddenly had an evil idea and shouted at all of Little Insect Girl.

” Okay, let’s start with 1 1.

Learn 9 x 9, add and subtract, multiplication, one by one.

“Ahh, I’m dead too.”

“Help, I’m dead.”

Little Insect Girl felt like she had fallen into hell.

Lo Ya simply created an illusion, filling the entire space with mathematics questions.

“From now on, you must quickly memorize all the methods within 3 seconds.

You must finish it within 5 seconds.

Whoever can’t memorize it must eat meat.” Lo Ya wriggled to the side of everyone and knocked on the mud wall beside her.

Half of Insect Girl felt extremely painful.

A few little Little Insect Girl who did not know how to feel pain looked at their elders curiously.

“Lo Yin, Lo Yin, what does 3 2 mean by what does it mean”

A little Little Insect Girl poked the senior’s tail.

“It means death.

Ah, I’m dead.

” Lo Yin stuck out her tongue and fell to the ground with her tail wagging.

” Wah, so that’s how it is.

I’m dead.

One by one, the little cuties started to learn.

“It’s over…” Lo Ya was dumbfounded.

The 3 2 answer was dead.

How should she correct the wrong thoughts in these cute little heads in the future

Lo Ya looked at all this in confusion.

She shook her head and decided to let nature take its course.

In fact, Little Insect Girl’s ability to grasp mathematics had already increased a lot.

Her intelligence upper limit was indeed slowly increasing.

Most of the cuties could easily solve math problems like 2 3 or 3 2.

The better ones could already calculate the numbers within 10, even though the process was very slow.

However, she still hoped that everyone could solve this problem without bending their fingers.

The whistling sound of wind came from outside the vent of the Crypt.

The water flowed along the drainage path laid out on the stone slab and flowed towards the sea.

The water not far away was like a waterfall, continuously gathering from the outlet at the cave’s side.


An hour of rain did not let the nest into the water.

It could be seen that the quality of the Sickle Insect’s buildings was still very high.

The ground above was completely covered with many layers of stone.

It was not easy for water to seep down.

Lo Ya checked the various facilities and found that the current drainage facilities were completely built with an excessive amount of water.

It could even withstand several times the current heavy rain, so she nodded her head in satisfaction.

“It’s about time.

We don’t have to worry about everyone’s safety at all.”

The Sickle Insect had long dug 10 ditches around the territory.

One circle was exactly 20 kilometers, and it could lead the flood from other places to the ocean.

Although it was comfortable to stay with Little Insect Girl at this time, they felt that there was something else they needed to do.

“Sure enough, I have to work hard.

I can’t be idle.”

Lo Ya sighed and prepared to risk the heavy rain to go to the moon on the other side of the gate to hunt the undead.

She also wanted to receive information from outer space.

Although she did not have much hope, what if she really received the signal of an intelligent civilization

This matter was uncertain.


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