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C152 – Insects’ Harassment War

“It’s not that fast, is it”

The chief was truly frightened.

The entire tribe only had ten thousand jackals, but now, a hundred of them were gone in a flash.

“Forget it, let’s not worry about that for now.

Follow me back to the territory.”

When the dozens of defeated soldiers returned to the gnoll tribe, the Sickle Insect that had escaped earlier had already started eating meat a few kilometers away.

Behind them, there were several hundred insects that had arrived nearby.

They were waiting for the meat to finish eating.

After a pile of tails grew out, they ran back to the wild boar territory with the descendants in their mouths.

On this side, about 250 of them were left behind.

They began to slowly approach the Jackal Man territory in a small team of 10.

A few minutes later, a jackal standing at a high spot and observing the movement in the distance quickly discovered the situation a kilometer away.

It immediately knocked on the bronze bell hanging beside it.

Clank, clank, clank ~

A clear and crisp sound reached the observation area dozens of meters away, and a jackal lying on the ground and resting immediately woke up.

Then, it raised its head and saw a dozen black creatures approaching from afar.

Then, it quickly rushed to the high ground not far away and shouted in panic.

They held a few young children in their mouths as they fled into the distance.

“Damn it, we were ambushed.

Inform the combat team to go and kill the enemy.”

This Jackal Man suddenly felt regret.

If it wasn’t for him being negligent, perhaps he could have avoided this matter.

The Jackal Man patriarch probably didn’t expect that just as he returned to his territory, those black insects would come again before he could even sit up.

A few large groups immediately went out to chase after them, but those bugs in the distance turned around and fled.

Whether it was explosive power or endurance, these Jackal Man could not compare.

Hence, after chasing for a distance, they had no choice but to give up.

However, just as they returned home, they did not even drink water.

The other side of the territory was also attacked by the bugs.

This time, 30 bugs rushed into the inner parts of the Jackal Tribe at an exaggerated speed.

They attacked more than a dozen old Jackal and left the camp with their corpses in their mouths.

A few adult gnolls wanted to attack, but they were cut to death by the bugs.

When the combat troops arrived, only blood was left on the ground.

“F * ck you.” The Jackal Man were so angry that they cursed.

However, just as they finished cursing, another two children were ambushed in another sector one kilometer away.

They were killed on the spot by the Sickle Insect and were brought into the forest to eat.

Panic and anger began to spread within the territory.

A jackal general could not bear it any longer and angrily rushed in front of the chief.

“Chief, those bugs are too disgusting.

I think we should just send out an army to destroy them.”

The chief frowned and followed the jackal out.

After walking around the territory, he realized the seriousness of the matter.

“Gather all the combat troops nearby.

This time, we must get rid of those bugs.”

The elders behind the patriarch looked at each other and saw worry in each of their eyes.

“I’m afraid those Wild Boar Man were ambushed in the beginning as well.”

Now, they had no choice but to guess whether the Wild Boar Tribe had really been annihilated.

Although they felt that it was unlikely, it would not be difficult to eliminate the Wild Boar Man if the creature was really so strong.

20 minutes later, the 2000 plus Jackal Man were split into dozens of parts, lying in ambush behind some of the houses in the territory.

At a certain moment, when Team 2’s Sickle Insect rushed over, hundreds of Jackal Man immediately attacked, surrounding this group of bugs from all directions.

The bugs seemed to know the danger as well.

They killed their targets at the first possible moment, and then charged in a certain direction.

The Jackal Man that had been blocking the way earlier raised their crude wooden shields, roared loudly, and charged back.

After a series of banging sounds, the crude weapons in their hands stabbed into the Sickle Insect’s body.

At the same time, more bugs jumped up and over their heads, turning around to attack their backs.

Because everything happened too quickly, these Jackal Man did not have time to react and were killed on the spot.

More than ten of them were killed.

After this wave of attacks, the Sickle Insect discovered that their escape route was blocked, so they changed directions and launched an attack towards the deeper parts of the Jackal Man territory.

These two teams ran through the gaps along the way, jumping onto the roof from time to time, searching for weak enemies along the way.

Hundreds of Jackal Man chased and blocked everywhere.

It took them more than ten minutes to trap these bugs once again.

Then, a large number of soldiers attacked.

Relying on their superior weapons and numbers, they slowly killed these bugs.

After they finished fighting, they did not even breathe a sigh of relief.

Only then did they know that the other combat troops had also fallen into a similar battle.

On the surface, it seemed that the insects had been destroyed one by one, but in reality, their losses were far greater than the other side’s.

“Chief, just defending isn’t enough.

I think it’s better to take out the bows and arrows you’ve hidden in the human world.”

“Take them out.” Patriarch felt a headache coming on.

These bugs were really too troublesome, attacking the weak spots one after another, almost never stopping.

The patriarch of Werewolf Clan began to prepare 300 bows for the tribe, as well as a large number of arrows.

The effect was much better.

With their Strength, these bows could already cause serious damage to the insects.

The Sickle Insect group began to restrain themselves.

Although they would occasionally launch sneak attacks, they would always lose a few arrows each time.

Just as the Jackal Man were considering whether they should make more bows and arrows, the swarm of insects suddenly changed their tactics and began to attack from underground.

The secret tunnel underneath the ground was suddenly dug through.

Over a thousand Sickle Insect robbed the complex underground houses and rushed out of the ground, starting a crazy massacre.

This could be said to be the most tragic battle so far.

The insects and these evenly matched enemies began guerilla warfare within a five kilometer radius.

They fought day and night.

The Jackal Man began to send out its entire army, but it was still facing its collapse under the repeated sneak attacks.

The Jackal Man patriarch himself had also killed a few Sickle Insect.

Only when he personally fought them did he realize that these opponents were not simple.

“Elder, I’m afraid that the Wild Boar Man has already been destroyed.

What they said is correct.

The opponents this time are very troublesome.

” The Jackal Man who hadn’t slept well for a few days heaved a long sigh and sat down on its seat.

” This reminds me of the war between humans and elves that happened a long time ago.”

“Yeah, but we have nowhere to hide.” The elders were very discouraged.

The battle had to be carried out.

At this time, the patriarch had been thinking of a way to gather all of them together.

Then, they surrounded a few groups of warriors outside and set up shields and spears.

This way, it would be much more effective against the Sickle Insect.

The battle between the two sides was actually not fair.

The swarm of insects were all commanded by Lo Ya.

Her brain communicated with most of the insects and could know the situation in any area of the battlefield at any time.

From there, she could make adjustments.

As for the Jackal Man, they were all blind and could only defend themselves.

And… They couldn’t know about the overall situation in a short period of time.


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