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C150 – Luoyu, How Many

Lo Ya wrinkled her little nose.

She felt that the segregation belt only stopped the development of the environment of the dinosaur world, causing it to stay at the level of tens of millions of years ago.

The specific reason was very hard to know.

Facing this seemingly harmless girl, Lo Ya had to admit the miracle of fate.

“Then why is there a big waterfall at the end of the world Shouldn’t it be a ball”

Lo Ya’s second question clearly made Crystal Dragon God reveal a trace of surprise.

“Why do you think the world should be a ball”

“Isn’t the moon in the sky round”

The girl thought for a while and hugged Lo Ya’s body, letting her face the outside.

Then her body suddenly rushed to the sky at an extremely fast speed.

The gravity acceleration was very exaggerated.

Although there was a barrier blocking the airflow rushing towards her face, it was still very difficult to breathe.

Lo Ya discovered that the earth quickly moved away at an exaggerated speed.

Yes, Crystal Dragon God was flying.

Her flying speed was many times faster than Little Insect Girl’s.

She did not need to flap her wings.

She also did not need to use any Magic.

As the land got further and further away, and even as the fog gradually became hazy in the distance… Crystal Dragon God’s soft voice sounded by his ear.

“Look up at the sky.”

Lo Ya looked up.

It was late at night, so she should be able to see more than one moon.

But at this moment, there was nothing.

“The truth is, it was all fake.” The God’s tone was helpless, “The world we live in is the only paradise, crossing over a thin film above, perhaps outside of a world with nothing”

The speed began to slow down, Lo Ya felt that it was already dozens or hundreds of kilometers away from the ground.

Looking down, the earth was completely covered in dim moonlight, but there was no moon in the sky.


At a certain moment, the flight had already stopped.

The girl’s hand knocked a few times on the top of her head, and there was a dull sound similar to hitting an iron box.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

“Do you see that This is the boundary of the world.” The young girl touched Lo Ya’s head and knocked three more times.

Then, on the other side of the invisible black cover, there was also a dull sound.

Dong, dong, dong, dong… It was lighter than here, as if someone was lying there.

“That is…”

“I don’t know, I keep feeling like there’s someone on the other side, but we can’t go up, so we naturally don’t know about the situation on the other side.” After Crystal Dragon God said this, she did not stay for long and directly landed on the ground.

Lo Ya did not know how high this place was because she could already see the entire outline of the ground below.

At the edge of the irregularly shaped continent, a white waterfall flowed towards the endless land.

A black line passed through the continent, and that was the anti-gravity fracture belt.

“The truth of this world is actually very desperate, you little thing… As long as you live your own life obediently.

Curiosity is useless, no matter how big the danger is, I’ll be there to support it ” The young girl rubbed Lo Ya’s face with a face full of infatuation.

“Wow, why is elder sister so good to me”

“Because she’s cute.

Rub, rub, rub.” She reached out two fingers and rubbed Lo Ya’s tail.

“Hey, why is it swollen”

After a ray of light, the tail returned to normal.

“Not bad, very cute.

The Goddess of Nature snatched the elves.

Magic Goddess snatched the humans.

I want you all.” After she said that, she kissed Lo Ya again.

Finished, Luo became a cute pet.

This guy obviously treated Little Insect Girl as a pet that could be played.

Furthermore, he especially liked the feeling of rubbing balls.

When they returned to the ground, Lo Ya endured and did not ask any more questions.

The other party was clearly hiding a lot of things and did not want to tell her.

If he wanted to know the truth, he would have to spend his energy to find out.

Crystal Dragon God walked around Little Insect Girl’s territory and thought for a while.

Finally, before she left, she suddenly asked seriously, “Are you prepared to provoke humans”

Lo Ya,… “”

” I will not interfere in your dispute.

Rather, it would be better to say that I hope that you can use your Strength to fight to the capital of the empire.

However, on that day, do not say that I have said such words.”

Lo Ya widened her eyes.

“So do your best.”

Crystal Dragon God smiled and disappeared but Lo Ya felt a trace of heaviness.

“There is indeed a problem with this planet.

These Gods obviously know about it but it is a pity that they did not say it.” Lo Ya felt that she had to grasp something, but there was nothing at all.

Returning to the place where Little Insect Girl and the rest slept, Lo Ya looked at the pile of Small lying on the grass and snoring.

Lo Ya also yawned and found two adult Little Insect Girl and squeezed in.


A warm feeling.

Actually, the Sickle Insect did not need a long period of rest.

However, for the sake of efficiency, these bugs still strictly followed the routine.

Only the reproductive small beetle with a high casualty rate would fight day and night.

Currently, there were two main battlefronts of the Insect Girl Clan.

One was the west side of the territory, towards the end of the mountain range, and the other was the entire beach towards the north.

For the sake of a safe and reliable rear, the 100,000 surviving Beetle Army troops attacked the wild beasts in two directions day and night.

Their death rate was very high, and the result was that a large group of exotic beasts became nourishment for the increase in numbers and evolution of the swarm.

After losing dozens of beetles along the way, the 500 beetles that headed to the Jackal Man tribe had arrived at the scouting area, and began to observe the future hostile species.

Most of the opponents were between Black Iron Level and Bronze Level.

They weren’t very strong, and the average strength of the Sickle Insect was almost beyond that.

Lo Ya found that these wolves had a sense of crisis.

They sent two wolf scouts to the Wild Boar tribe’s territory to find out the specific situation in the north.

Unfortunately, the two gnolls were deceived.

They saw the Wild Boar Man slaves working on the ground and thought that the wild pigs lived a good life.

So, after returning to report, the Jackal Man tribe leader threw the matter of the wild pigs to the side.

No one expected that the crisis would approach.

“That’s about it.

After defeating the Jackal Man this time, we can begin to target the kingdom.”

In the end, it was just a small feudal country.

There were so many suzerains, and only a few of them had tens of thousands of troops.

At that time, with war as support, it wouldn’t take long for the Insect Girl Clan to destroy this country.

As for the Empire, it was really too far away.

It could be said that it was too far away.

Lo Ya brought Lo Yu to the wild boar territory this time.

Lo Xin also began to perform pupa transformation, so she could not send anything to her in the short term.

Lo Ya decided to let Lo Yu accept some commanding knowledge.

“Calculating, there are 15,000 Sickle Insect, 800 from Wolf Cavalry, 30 Chong Insects, and 2 Shooting Reproductive Insect.

The number of small beetle has been increasing.

Currently, there are 120,000 of them.

” Yes, yes.” Lo Yu nodded her head heavily.

She actually did not know anything.

“How many Sickle Insect are there now”

Blinking her eyes, Lo Yu started to bend her fingers.

“Stupid, 15,000.

Didn’t I tell you”

“Oh, oh.” Lo Yu came to a realization.

“How many Sickle Insect are there” Lo Ya asked again.

Lo Yu was stunned and lowered her head to continue bending her fingers.

Lo Ya,… “”

Alright, there were a lot of insects, but there were about 10,000 of them gathered here.

Among them, there were 800 from the Wolf Cavalry, 9500 Sickle Insect, 20 Charge Insects, and about 50,000 small beetle on the way here.

Perhaps to the Jackal Man, this was a genocide war.

“Phew, I feel like the number of insects will increase again after this war.”

Sure enough, it was the Insect Clan.

Sometimes, Lo Ya would also feel emotional about her tribe.

They were too strong.


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