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C148 – The Universal Signal Device

[Congratulations, you have leveled up to 28, all attributes have risen by a small margin.


[Your Magic’s attributes have reached 100 points.

You have encountered a bottleneck in the Transcendent domain.

You can choose to break through now or continue raising it to the upper limit of your level.

At a certain moment, when Lo Ya came back to her senses, she realized that her level had already reached 28.

All attributes were as follows: Strength: 84, Spirit: 74, Magic: 100, Agility: 70, Vitality: 73

The Strength had already reached the lower Space Level level.

The Magic had touched the lower limit of the Extraordinary realm, while the other attributes were at the middle Diamond Level.

All the adult Little Insect Girl had also been trained by Lo Ya to be above level 15.

Their average attributes were at least at the Gold Level, and those who had successfully transformed into chrysalis had even reached the Diamond Level level.

The growth of one’s level was the rapid increase in one’s combat strength.

The same First Grade Magic was unleashed.

Its power was seven to eight times stronger than when it was at the Black Iron Level.

The complete use of the Third Grade Magic made Lo Ya no longer afraid of enemies that were harder to deal with.

However, she also realized that Little Insect Girl’s damage was very high now.

However, her defensive abilities were still lacking.

The small earth wall had grown in height and thickness, but it could not stop some powerful Second Grade Magic.

Not to mention Third Grade.

“I can go deal with the triangular dragon now.”

Just think about it.

In just a few days, the combat power of the entire race had risen by leaps and bounds.

Insect Girl and the others were indeed heaven chosen children.

They were destined to stand at the peak of the world.

“Wakaka, don’t think so much first.

Prepare to hunt dragons.”

Lo Ya decided to let herself sneak attack the dinosaurs.

An upper limit Third Grade Space Level Magic should have no problem dealing with an ordinary Diamond Level, right

Lo Ya arrived at the edge of the anti-gravity rupture zone this time and saw a brown-winged dragon flying in the sky.

“A Gold Level monster, within… three hundred meters.”

She estimated and felt that it was about time, so she gathered the Spirit.

Bang ~

She pointed her finger at the sky, and numerous fire dragons broke out of the ground one after another, bombarding the target in the sky.

The winged dragon’s body turned cold, and it immediately tried to dodge sideways.

But the scary part was that Lo Ya could control the fire dragons to turn.

“This is a high-grade Third Grade skill! Prepare to die, foolish evil dragon!”

Just like a chuunibyou, Lo Ya hugged her chest with both hands and shouted loudly.

The fire dragon in the sky turned and approached the target at an even faster speed.

Then, there was an explosion.

There were a total of 20 sounds.

Before it ended, she heard the news of her gaining experience.

The target’s life points had returned to zero.

He was dead.


A Gold Level monster was killed in an instant.

Thinking about how many Sickle Insect and humans had died in the battle, he only needed to think about it now.

The items dropped onto the ground.

Lo Ya ran over and picked them up.

She found a bottle of Intermediate Health Potion and a bottle of Basic Spiritual Power Recovery Potion.

The other thing was something like Leaf Ball.

After putting them away, bringing along 400 Sickle Insect, the army officially set off towards the opposite bank.

Flying in the hundred-kilometer-wide rift was indeed very satisfying, but it was still the same problem.

The wind was too strong.

Lo Ya hugged her face and flew to the other side.

Her tail fell to the ground (swollen again) and then she climbed onto the dinosaur’s territory.

The swarm of insects rushed out immediately.

Their target was, of course, the medium-sized herbivorous dinosaurs.

There were also some who would try to eat the primitive plants on the ground.

A few batches of bugs had previously captured a lot of genes here, allowing the Sickle Insect to evolve to a higher level.

However, after encountering the T-rex (T-rex) once, Lo Ya only knew the difference between the two of them.

“If I meet the T-rex, if I can’t kill it in a short period of time, then the one who dies will be me.”

The Sickle Insect could not even break the surface of the Tyrannical Dragon, but the Tyrannical Dragon’s body stepped randomly on the swarm of bugs, and dozens of bugs were crushed alive.

The triangular dragon could be considered to be easy to find.

Its position had a certain pattern, and it basically liked to gather near a yellow and green plant.

This time, Lo Ya deliberately hid behind a rock, and then activated the Chain Fire Dragon skill.

Whiz, whiz, whiz ~

When these flames seemed to have life, they flew into the sky and fell from all directions.

The triangular dragon immediately turned around vigilantly and looked in this direction.

Unfortunately, before it could understand what was going on, the explosion had already begun.

Boom, boom, boom!

The first three sounds rang out almost at the same time.

The explosion caused the colossal dragon to stagger a few steps backwards to the left.

It also let out a miserable roar.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

One sound after another rang out.

The light and heat caused the cry to become even more miserable and hoarse.

Lo Ya had to admit that this monster was very powerful.

After 20 sounds, the triangular dragon slowly fell to the ground.

However, there was still a trace of health left on its body.

The temperature of 1200 degrees and the terrifying shock wave could not kill the target immediately, but after that, its life points was still rapidly decreasing.

It could be seen that its physiological functions had been severely damaged and could no longer sustain its life.

Not long after, the ground was filled with items.

He went up to pick up the items.

There was a pile of Intermediate Potions, a long spear weapon, and a diamond treasure chest.

“Eh, it’s a diamond chest.”

Alright, Lo Ya remembered the poison oath generator that she had opened last time.

She felt that she could get something amazing this time too.

[Opening Diamond Treasure Chest.

Congratulations, you have obtained the starry sky signal device.


After 100 light years, the signal automatically disappeared under the effect of the Magic.


Lo Ya,… “”

Sure enough, it was not ordinary.

She remembered that humans in her previous life had also tried to receive signals from outer space, and had even tried to launch more than once.

It was just that Lo Ya did not know how strong an external signal was to be noticed by aliens, and also did not know how high the probability of an advanced civilization was in the direction of the target.

Without a doubt, a civilization that could reach the level of exploration into the deep space must have experienced several large-scale filtering of civilizations.

The filtering process from the ocean to land, the filtering of the stable environment in the universe, the reasonable filtering of the evolution process, the filtering of the civilization itself, and the filtering of resources made the conditions for the birth of high level life become extremely harsh.

Perhaps there were many places in the universe that could give birth to bacteria and even cells, but to let the cells evolve into high-level life, It was probably an extremely harsh and long stable environment.

From a certain point of view, the planet Lo Ya was on was the same as Earth, they were both lucky.

If nothing unexpected happened, the space environment they were in should be extremely similar.

“Emm… No matter what, I will not stupidly send a signal to outer space.”

Lo Ya was not sure if the signal would expose her position.

As long as there was a one in ten thousand chance, she would not do that.


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