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C145 – Series of Fire Dragons

Two days later…

[Received 32 EXP, level increased to 25, all attributes increased by a small margin.


Lo Ya excitedly ran up to pick up the potions and stomach filling pills that dropped and threw them into the item space.

The flourishing ball, which was located at the boundary of the insect swarm’s control range, was still reproducing at a rate of more than 80 of them in 5 minutes.

Basically, once these insects came out, they would be split into teams of 10 and spread out around the territory.

Looking for any creature that could be dealt with.

As a throwing insect could only ensure the survival of one sphere, Lo Ya had no choice but to breed a new throwing insect.

Placing it near the north side of the territory, she went to clean up the long coastline.

This also meant that 48,000 small beetle would be bred every day, attacking the surrounding creatures in groups.

Although the number was very exaggerated, Lo Ya also knew that this type of bug could not be used to deal with some too strong enemies.

Many powerful individuals could rush into a pile of bugs and kill them in groups.

They wanted to rely purely on this thing to defeat the dangerous Magical Creature group.

It was really impossible.

“Wu, if there are too many of them, a few million of them, it would truly be terrifying.

These aren’t locusts, but rather monsters with destructive power.”

After Lo Ya settled the matter of the territory, she sent about a thousand Sickle Insect to the east to hunt dinosaurs.

She also sent Undead Insect and some bug swarms to the Silver Moon world filled with undead, preparing to train the skeleton soldiers there.

Perhaps because there were too many Sickle Insect on the human side, Lo Ya received a considerable number of reports from the rebel army.

After some sorting, she finally understood the corresponding attributes of the level.


Level 1-5: Apprentice, the corresponding attributes are below 10 points on average.

Level 6 – 10: Steel, corresponds to 10 – 20 points of attributes (excluding 20).

Level 11-15: Bronze.

Corresponds to 20-30 points of attributes (not including 30).

Level 15-20: Silver, corresponds to 30-40 attributes (not including 40).

Level 21-30: Gold, corresponds to 40-60 attribute points (not including 60).

Level 31-40: Diamond.

Corresponds to 60-80 attributes (not including 80).

Level 41-50 Galaxy, corresponding to 80 -100 Attributes (Not including 100)

When an extraordinary lifeform’s Attributes reach 100, they will encounter an unknown bottleneck.

After breaking through, their strength will increase greatly, and they will gain at least a hundred years of lifespan.

Theoretically speaking, any level below the Space Level has the possibility of challenging someone above their level.

Even the weak acolytes have the possibility of defeating a Space Level.

However, that was only a possibility (the kind that was infinitely close to 0).

In Lo Ya’s eyes, it was only a possibility.

After reaching the Gold Level and above, the huge gap between the Magic and the combat skill would cause the difficulty of one’s level to increase infinitely.

It might not be too difficult for Silver Level warriors to kill Gold Level warriors.

However, to let a diamond kill a starry sky was no different from letting an ordinary person challenge a martial arts grandmaster.

However, no matter what, those below the Extraordinary realm were all at the “Extraordinary” level.

And reaching transcendence was a qualitative change.

Of course, levels did not mean everything.

Crossing realms to kill enemies and relying on Magic (Dou Technique) was a widely circulated saying in the human world.

Most Magic had to reach a certain level before they could be used.

Moreover, the higher the attributes of an individual Magic, the more powerful it was.

The stronger it was.

The Magic was divided into five levels:

First Grade Magic could be used at any level.

It consumed little energy, but its power was weaker.

Second Grade Magic could be used at the Bronze Level.

The consumption was average, but it could at least pose a slight threat to Diamond Level warriors.

Third Grade Magic could be used when one reached the Gold Level.

The energy consumption was higher, and it could at least cause a slight threat to Space Level warriors.

Fourth Grade Magic could be used when one reached the Space Level.

The consumption was extremely high.

Lo Ya did not know how strong it was because she had not collected any information.

Fifth Grade Magic, also known as the highest grade Magic, consumed the most energy.

It was said to be able to kill extraordinary lifeforms.

Who knew how effective it would be

The corresponding Magic for combat skills was also divided into First to Fifth Grade.

When one reached Third Grade, they could cover the surface of the body with a continuous glow.

Those below Third Grade could only use a short burst of energy to achieve greater power.

Little Insect Girl and the others might not have the ability to use battle skills, but the mastery of the Magic was actually an exception.

They could allow the Magic with multiple attributes to exist within the body.

It was said that humans could only accommodate three attributes that did not conflict with each other.

When Lo Ya understood this information, she discovered that she did not obtain any information about the Epic life form and the God.

However, it was understandable when she thought about it.

Space Level was already out of reach for ordinary people, not to mention extraordinary experts.

Those were all high and mighty existences.

“I feel that it is not that difficult to reach Space Level.” Lo Ya looked at the extra 100 experience points required for each level.

If she worked very hard, she would be able to reach the peak of Space Level in a month and reach the bottleneck of extraordinary.

Moreover, she had not stopped leveling these days.

The corpses sent by the insects kept replenishing her experience and even gave her three lucky draws.

The rewards for these three times were:

[2 Star (N) Trap Card: Blade Pit.


[Knife Pit (Trap Card)] [Create a 4 meter deep and 3 meter wide pit on the ground.

There are 50 sharp iron knives pointing upward in the pit.

Each knife is 80 centimeters long.] ]

[3 stars (R)] [Trap Card: Spitting Hammer]

[Spit Hammer: When it is 6 meters away from the trap, it will automatically release a 50cm solid iron ball on the ground to hit the target (30 centimeters long).]

[4 stars (SR) Race Skill Card: Chain Fire Dragon Level 1]

[Chain Fire Dragon Level 1: Advanced Third Grade Fire element skill.

Summons 20 iron balls from the ground that are 10 meters long.] [Chain Fire Dragon Level 1: Advanced Third Grade Fire element skill.

Summons 20 iron balls that are 10 meters long from the ground.] Fire dragons with a diameter of 0.5 meters attack the opponent.

The explosion created by the fireballs can create powerful shockwaves.

It also comes with a temperature of at least 1,200 degrees.

Skill Range: 300 meters.

Highest: Level 3.

Using a Spirit that consumes 10 points of attributes at a time.]

Lo Ya did not say anything and directly learned it.

Third Grade Magic was not just a little bit stronger than a Second Grade Magic.

Lo Ya had experienced the might of the Fire Serpent Technique back then.

However, the skill she had obtained now was clearly even stronger.

Not only was it larger, she could summon as many as twenty of them at once.

“This should be considered an area-of-effect Magic, right”

That was also not right.

If all 20 dragons attacked the same target, then it would be an extremely powerful single target Magic.

Lo Ya also knew that Gold Level Diamond Level experts also had the ability to master Third Grade Magic.

As for whether or not they had mastered it, that was another matter altogether.

“However, why does Silver Level Little Insect Girl also know it”

Lo Ya was very puzzled.

She ran in front of Lo Wen and asked her to use her skill once.

Then the little guy blinked his eyes and with a bang, 20 small dragons rose from the surrounding land – or rather, fire snakes.

Rumble ~ ~ ~

One after another, exaggerated explosions occurred in the open space in the distance.

It was as if a large pile of explosive medicine had exploded at the same time.

When everything was over, many potholes appeared on the ground.


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