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C136 – Maybe I Should Teach You How to be a Worm

At the border of Hojo Kingdom, near a forest, in a civilian’s house.

The man shook the test tube in his hand and dripped a drop of liquid into the translucent glass cup.

Immediately, a burst of star-like color appeared.

Suddenly, he stretched out his hand and patted the creature beside him.

Pa ~

“Ah, what are you doing” The Queen Mother of the Fat Tower, who was in a deep sleep, suddenly trembled and woke up.

She said nervously, “Let me tell you, don’t always think about me.

I’m just a bug now.

Have you ever seen a human being with a worm “

“Oh, although I haven’t seen one before, we can create a pioneer, right” The man chuckled and suddenly asked in a serious tone, “Are you a female”

“Why are you asking this Damn it… You pervert, what does it have to do with you whether I’m a female or not “

“No, no, why does it have nothing to do with me As long as you’re a mother, that’s fine, nothing else matters.

Don’t worry… no matter what, I won’t abandon you.

After saying that, the man took the medicine from the cup and poured it into Buggy’s mouth.

“Ahhhhh, what did you give me to drink Cough cough, cough cough, spit, it’s so hot.

My whole body is hot… I’m going to burn to death.” The big worm desperately tried to shrink its body, wanting to escape from this terrifying man.

“Calm down, calm down.

This kind of heat won’t hurt you.

But it can sterilize you.

Heavens, look at how many you’ve given birth to in this period of time.

Every day, there are thousands of them.

I can’t even fill the holes I dug underground.”

“None of your business.

These are not your sons.”

The man:… “”

After a minute of silence, the man suddenly said in all seriousness, “I have a very puzzled question.

Why did the Magic Goddess allow such a thing to happen within the empire Immortality.

If this method was used to obtain it, any god would be furious, right”

“Why would a god care about such trivial matters If she were to care about it, I wouldn’t have ended up like this.

“You’re right, that’s why I hate Gods, I…”

“Shut up, don’t talk bad about Gods, do you want to be struck by lightning” The big worm angrily turned its body, its eyes bloodshot, “Don’t think that existence can’t hear you.”

“Hu, I know I know.

Come, drink!”

“God, what is this”

“Cross-species birth medicine.

This way, it can guarantee the offspring between us…”

“Go to hell, I am already an insect, don’t do such a crazy thing.”

“So what if it is an insect Even if it is an insect, you are still you.

This has nothing to do with your appearance.

Drink it quickly! This is for your own good! “

“Get lost!!”

Two hours later, at the border of the forest.

The big bug and the man stood in the dense forest.

“Sigh, you still didn’t drink that medicine in the end.

It really disappointed me.” The man pretended to be sad, but apparently, the female bug beside him didn’t want to discuss this matter at all.

After all, it really hurt.

After walking a few steps forward, the big worm suddenly shook its fat grayish-black body.

The tiny limbs on its lower body also started to move.

“Damn it, there are so many disgusting worms here.”

“Calm down, calm down.

Just think of your current appearance, and you will think that they are very cute.” The man muttered.

“What are you saying”

“Nothing.” The man coughed twice and calmly looked into the distance.

“As expected, I think you should learn the life of insects.

In my opinion, those little things that defeated you back then were very valuable.

I don’t know how the two of us can fight against such a huge force with our Strength.

Now, we can only take things one step at a time.”

” I think it’s better if you don’t have that kind of idea.

We can clearly live happily, but why do you still want to do that kind of impossible thing “

“Are you willing I know that it is impossible to succeed, but as long as we cause trouble for the Empire, we will win.

Listen, we need to find those bugs now.

Trust me, they are not a species that cannot be communicated with.”

In the territory of Insect Girl Clan, at this moment…

“Hi, long time no see, little brothers.”

The group of little Insect Girl who were playing suddenly paused and turned to look at the beautiful big sister who appeared beside them.

That girl’s appearance was somewhat familiar.

Her originally loose long hair had already been tied into a long whip and she was 1.5m tall.

Compared to most of the girls, she was obviously shorter and more petite.

Her fair skin, overly delicate and pure facial features, and pure voice… The little ones quickly surrounded her and started playing with her big sister.

“Sure enough, after not seeing you for a while, you have become more energetic.”

The girl discovered that there were quite a few more little girls, and there were even a few that looked like tigers.

The Small she had encountered back then was now close to 8 cm.

As for the smaller ones, they seemed to be in a daze, as if they were slow to react.

“Phew, they’re all very weak.

It’s really strange.

How did you little things survive”

The young girl stood up, and in the end, she saw the surrounding animals being reared.

An interested look appeared in the area where the rabbits and rats were kept.

She flashed into the area barefooted and picked up a white and fat rabbit.

She poked the rabbit’s body and nodded in satisfaction.

“There’s still a difference.

At most, these are magic beasts, and the little ones are already Magical Creature.”

A head suddenly stretched out from the rabbit hole beside her.

It was a certain little Little Insect Girl.

There was a trace of blood at the corner of her mouth.

She raised her head to look and found that the girl was looking down at her.

“Wow, were you hunting just now”

Her hand reached over and lifted Insect Girl into the air.

The young girl kissed her on the face.

“Wow, meat.” The little thing suddenly noticed the girl’s chest and stretched out its head to bite her.

Pah ~

“Didn’t your master teach you You can’t eat anything.” The girl didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

These little things might only have food in their heads, but the scene of a bunch of little bug girls surrounding her was quite blissful.

“Oh right, what about the other adult cuties”

He suddenly had some doubts as to why Lo Ya was not here.

She looked around and found that there were only the Sickle Insect and Black Wolf Beast lying lazily on the ground resting, as well as the Undead Insect that wandered around aimlessly.

At this moment, she suddenly sensed something.

She took a step forward to a few hundred meters away and hid behind a small tree.

One! A magical diagram suddenly appeared, and then a man appeared with a large black insect.

“Ah, this is the territory of that race, not bad.

Eh, these bugs seem a bit different.

The man looked around in surprise.

Comparatively, the group of sickle bugs also stood up and roared at the man and the big bug.

The Queen Mother was the enemy of the past, and the man also had a bad aura, so these bugs would naturally become hostile.

The girl who stood behind the trees and watched nodded slightly.

“Not bad, not bad.

Although the little East and West are weak, they have a very loyal guardian.

Only then can they become white and fat.”

– – -the dividing line.

Some people said that the results of this book were very bad, indeed.

The worst book in the same batch as the last one, After that, the data kept dropping, and the number of fans was seriously low.

However, thanks to everyone’s support, the book update had always been stable.

There was no need to worry about abandoning it.


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