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C134 – The Edge of Conflict

One day later, in the jackal territory.

“What Weren’t they always crazy Why were there things they were scared of Hmph… Just tell them, hand over 200 pieces of pork and we’ll take them in.

Otherwise, obediently return to your territory.”

The Jackal Man Patriarch sat on a stone chair with his legs crossed.

He looked relaxed and carefree.

Everyone knew that although the Wild Boar tribe had evolved from a powerful predator – Wild Boar, It was far from being as powerful as the evolved jackals and wolves.

There were even many sacrifices with amazing Magic talents in the Jackal Tribe, which had led to conflicts in recent years.

The Jackal Tribe had always had an absolute advantage.

Now that the wild boar came to beg for mercy, it was the same as a sheep begging for a tiger to help catch a wolf.

“I’ll chase them away right now.

I guess these pigs are too weak.

Any random wild beast would scare them like this.

Allying with this kind of trash is really a disgrace to our Jackal Man.”

The jackal silently cursed a few words before leaving the tribe leader and arriving at the border of the tribe.

Seeing a few dispirited Wild Boar Man in the distance, it waved its hand in disdain.

Its actions were like chasing away flies.

“You can leave now, the boss doesn’t agree.”

The Wild Boar representative opened his mouth, but in the end, he only sighed deeply and shook his head.

“A bunch of short-sighted fellows.

If our pig-headed people are killed, it will be your turn next.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.

A few Wild Boar Man Tribes can’t even defeat a branch of our Jackal Man.

I really don’t know where your confidence comes from.” This Jackal Man did not take them seriously at all.

“Ai.” The Wild Boar Ambassador had no choice but to leave with his companions in disappointment.

After taking a few steps, a jackal suddenly rushed up and ruthlessly kicked a sow’s butt.

“What are you doing”

After rolling a few times on the ground, the Wild Boar Ambassador angrily turned around and helped his companion up.

“What am I doing, kicking you guys Are you not convinced Come and hit me, hahahaha!”

Laughter rang out in the surroundings.

The Wild Boar Ambassador suppressed the anger in his heart, but he didn’t flare up.

Because he knew that if he showed his anger now, then the Wild Boar Tribe would really be finished.

“As expected of a bunch of cowards”

Looking at the dejected Wild Boar, the Jackal Man Patriarch narrowed his eyes, his tone somewhat mocking.

The werewolves did not encounter such a dangerous enemy, so it was impossible for them to understand the danger in these pigs’ mouths.

However, so what if the opponent was strong What kind of Magical Creature in the forest did not climb up by stepping on other lives They were not afraid of facing any enemies.

The Wild Boar Ambassador who returned to the territory reported the situation, and all the elders in the tribe were trembling in anger.

“Patriarch, it seems like we can only rely on ourselves now, or forcefully move south.

At most, we can fight with the Jackal Man.

Let them know that we have no choice but to.

Maybe we can even get the opportunity to form an alliance.

“That won’t do.” The patriarch was shocked, “The risk is too high.

Besides, those bugs might not be as strong as the Jackal Man.

There’s no need for us to do such a thing.”

“I have a good idea.” Gulp Pig suddenly raised his hand in surprise.

” Oh Say it.” The patriarch turned around and asked.

“We can escape to the east of the gnolls, which is near the abyss.

Those bugs might think we retreated to the south and ran all the way to the south, colliding with the gnolls.

The elders were all stunned, and hope quickly appeared in their eyes.

“We can give it a try, but we can’t let the Jackal Man discover us.

Let’s explore the road for the next few days.

We have to take advantage of the time when the Jackal Man isn’t paying attention and move over.”

Six kilometers away, the two Little Insect Girl had just finished eating the grass.

They crawled to the back of the Sickle Insect army and burped together.

“Don’t eat now.

We need to prepare for a large-scale war.” Lo Ya touched her full belly and crawled over from afar.

She also patted the shoulders of the two little idiots.

“But didn’t you say five days later Only one day has passed.” Lo Xin was puzzled.


Of course it is to make them relax their vigilance.

Those pig heads must have thought that they had four days to prepare.

They would never have thought that they would suddenly launch an attack at this time.”

“Wow, Lo Ya is so smart.” Lo Yu was shocked.

Although she was always admired by Lo Lo, when compared to Lo Ya, she realized that her IQ was still too far away.

“Of course.” Lo Ya puffed out her chest, “You guys should know that sometimes insects can’t tell the truth.

On the contrary, lying can have a very good effect.

That is called a white lie.”

“Wow, so it is a white lie” Lo Yu’s expression was full of longing, “Then Lo Xin, let’s also say some white lie, right”


“I’ll go first.

I don’t eat meat now… Awoo ~ “

As soon as the words left his mouth, the little fellow jumped onto a piece of pork at the side and started to take big bites.

“I… I also hate eating meat.”

Aowuu ~

The two Little Insect Girl laid in front of the meat and began to eat fiercely.

Lo Ya lifted the two guys and slapped their tails a few times, “Eat, eat, eat.

Is there only food in your heads Be obedient and get down to business first.”

“Wow, we are not eating meat.

“Humph, humph, I hate Lo Ya the most.”

“Wuwu, I also hate Lo Ya.”

The opposite words were all the opposite words.

“I also hate Lo Xin and Lo Yu.

You two idiots, get up quickly and prepare to fight the Wild Boar Man.”

A few minutes later, the two little fellows arrived in front of the prepared army.

The one at the front of the army was, of course, the ramming bug that had obtained the tensile dragon gene.

This kind of giant reptile that was similar to a lizard had evolved once again not too long ago.

It had obtained quite a number of attributes.

Currently, there were already 20 of them, and Lo Ya had mobilized half of them to come here.

They would work together with 3000 Sickle Insect to deal with the core of the enemy.

Not far from these 3000 insects, 100 Black Wolf Beast were lying lazily on the ground.

They were waiting with the Undead Insect beside them for an order.

In order to work together, Lo Ya had hunted a large number of Undead Bone Beasts in the mountain range at the end of the mountain.

She had obtained a lot of summoning skills and dark transformation skills, and had also allowed the Undead Insect to devour fire seeds to reach the Black Iron Level level.

After devouring more than ten of them, two of them had even broken through to the Bronze Level.

All the bones in their bodies were emitting a faint bronze green color.

Of course, the Sickle Insect’s devouring of the undead bone beasts and the bones of all kinds of strange beasts had also brought about the biggest evolution of the Undead Insect, raising their basic attributes to 10 points.

This meant that even without devouring the fire seed, the skeletons could still fight Black Iron Level human soldiers.

The Wolf Cavalry army that was formed like this was actually very heaven-defying, but they currently lacked weapons that were used by humans.

Lo Ya felt that she could use gold coins to buy some from the anti-resistance army.

After all, to them, The value of Sickle Insect was much higher than these equipment.

At least a few people could die.


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