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C133 – Advise from the Insects(last Part)

When the Boar elder returned to the territory, there were only a few dozen of them left, and the massive casualties caused the entire Boar territory to fall into panic.

However, for a young pig, that was a very distant matter.

“Gulp, I’m full, let’s go have some fun.”

No one paid attention to them.

Right now, the adult wild pigs were all discussing their next strategy, so this gave the pigs room to choose.

One of the wild boar cubs climbed to the north of the territory.

It was clearly the most dangerous time.

However, there were no adult wild boars to take care of them.

The entire tribe was packing up their items, moving the valuable things that could be taken away.

They were ready to escape in time.

The wild pigs could clearly feel that something was wrong with the atmosphere.

“What do you think happened to the adults Why are they so afraid” The male pigman turned around and looked at the piglets that were following him.

He asked curiously.

“They’re probably preparing to move.”

“I know they’re moving, but the problem is why they’re moving.

Isn’t it safer here”

The two pigs unknowingly climbed up a hill and saw a strange looking little animal.

It was not right to call it an animal, because the upper half of the animal was human-like, and the lower half was a white worm.

However, for the Wild Boar Man that had never seen a human before, the upper half of its body actually resembled itself.

The little thing wriggled its way up in a daze.

Its eyes stared straight at them, and saliva flowed out of its mouth.

“She looks like she’s hungry.

Why don’t we give her some food” The female boar turned around and asked its companion.

“Then I’ll bring some dried meat for her”

The male wild boar put the bag of meat it dragged in front of Little Insect Girl and used the half-transformed pig trotters to take out three pieces of dried meat the size of Little Insect Girl’s head.

“Don’t take so much.

Look at her, she is so small.

How can she eat it”

After all, it was only 30 centimeters.

This was considered small for the young boar’s size.

The female boar was really afraid that it would break the small Magical Creature.

However, the following scene still gave them a fright.

Little Insect Girl came up and hugged the dried meat.

She opened her mouth wide and stuffed it inside.

Immediately, her mouth bulged.

The meat started to slide down her throat.

Then, under their amazed gazes, it was slowly squeezed until it became smaller and finally disappeared.

Then, it was the second piece.

This time Little Insect Girl began to choose the slow Gnawing.

Of course, she swallowed it after chewing a few times, and the hard meat kept stuffing into her stomach, as if she had not eaten for a few years.

“Look at how fast she eats.

How long has she been hungry”

“The dried meat is not easy to digest.

Why don’t we eat slower”

“Won’t we have a bad stomach if we eat like this”

Although she said so, the food that the male wild pig took out was still destroyed by Little Insect Girl in a few minutes.

Then she stared at the wild pigs with saliva dripping down her face.

“She seems to want to eat more.”

“Will she be able to hold on Wait, didn’t you notice that her tail has become a little fat”

“Why didn’t I see it Alright, give her a little more.

I’m already full anyway.”

Thus, the male wild boar cub took out a few pieces of meat.

After another round of wolfing down food, Little Insect Girl touched her belly and nodded happily.

“Ahaha, she looks really cute.

Why don’t we bring her home” Although there was a lot less dried meat, for wild pigs, it should be relatively easy to feed this pet.

When the female pig heard this, its eyes immediately lit up: “Good idea.”

At this moment, the girl from the distance hurriedly ran over.

“What are you doing Quickly go back.

Do you know how dangerous this place is”

Although it was only a female boar, it was already much bigger than a pig.

Even an adult male human would be shorter than her.

Its strong muscles were not very suitable for human aesthetics, but its facial features were very beautiful.

The prerequisite was to remove the demonic pig’s nostrils.

“Ah, Elder Sister is here.

Isn’t it very safe here I didn’t see any wild beasts either.”

“Yeah, and we also found a cute pet.”

The female pig reached out to pick Little Insect Girl up, but Little Insect Girl nimbly rolled twice and avoided its hand.

“What pet Hey, are you talking about this”

The gurgling pig came in front of Little Insect Girl and bent down strangely.

It widened its eyes and looked surprisingly cute.

“It really is a creature I have never seen before.

It doesn’t seem to have high intelligence.

It might be a magic beast.”

“Nonsense, I think it’s a Magical Creature.” The male pig said affirmatively, “Such a bright expression, can it be made by a magic beast”

Just as she said this, Little Insect Girl in front of her licked her fingers and said, “Are you the pig in charge of the boar tribe”


There was a strange silence and the Glug opened its eyes wide.

“Wait, what’s going on”

“I came to find you.” Little Insect Girl raised her chin, “On behalf of Insect Girl Clan, we will give you an ultimatum to the Wild Boar tribe.”

“Wait, wait, why No, you…”

For a moment, they did not understand what was going on.

Even the two piglets were dumbfounded.

“Didn’t you hear me clearly I am here to give you an ultimatum.

Submit or destroy.

Make your choice.

Five days.”

After saying this, a Black Wolf Beast emerged from the ground beside them.

Then, it picked Little Insect Girl up and returned to the ground.

After that, a strange low and deep sound was heard from the ground around them.

The eyes of the pig suddenly shrank.

Its face also turned pale with a swoosh.

Yes, she found the problem.

The tail of this cute little thing was a worm, and the one that had been in conflict with the wild pigs recently was also a worm.

“Sister, what happened to you What happened just now”

The young wild pig was also shocked when such a huge wolf beast suddenly appeared.

“Something happened.

That thing just now wasn’t something harmless.”

He openly came to the wild boar territory and ate a few pieces of young pig meat.

He also gave an ultimatum in an imposing manner.

Although the pig didn’t know how serious the matter was, it understood the urgency of the matter.

Ten minutes later, the Wild Boar Man surrounding the Patriarch’s body all frowned.

“We have encountered an unprecedented enemy this time.

In order to avoid a huge loss, I suggest we retreat and head south.” An elder’s pig trotters were trembling with anxiety.

However, its words were not immediately acknowledged.

“The gnolls in the south are very large, and they haven’t been on good terms with us.

I’m worried that the migrating tribe will be treated as an enemy by them.

” The patriarch sounded hesitant.

“There are powerful humans in the west, and it’s even more dangerous to go east.”

“But the insects on the north are too aggressive.

Now that everyone has packed their things, we can retreat to the south with just a word from you, chief.”

“Why don’t we ask the gnoll tribe for help If we can make them realize the danger of the enemy… Maybe they will join forces with us.

” Patriarch Bai Te might be the only one who was afraid of the Sickle Insect at the scene.

When he personally joined the battle, The fearless state of those monsters on the opposite side truly terrified him.

If the clan wanted to defeat such an enemy, they would probably have to pay the price of blood.


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