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C130 – The Birth of a New Bug Girl

A day later, Lo Ya, who had killed a bunch of small and medium-sized dinosaurs, returned to the anti-gravity sea with the remaining insects and counted the number of Sickle Insect.

In total, 600 of them had died, 200 of them had been seriously injured, and 30 of them had been lightly injured.

Most of them were killed in one blow.

The main reason was that Lo Ya was a little floaty in the end.

In order to evolve faster, she started to spread out to attack more dinosaurs.

Then, she encountered a huge setback.

During the process, there were six or seven minor evolutions.

Among them, three of them were used on all individuals, including Insect Girl.

Even some dinosaurs that had captured genes also occasionally brought Strength to the insects.

Calculating, from the time they left the territory until now, a total of three days had passed.

Losing 600 bugs, a total of 3500 Sickle Insect tails were born.

500 Black Wolf Beast tails, 100 Undead Insect, and 5 bug tails.

After two to three days, these bugs would grow up, and the Insect Girl Clan would have over 6,000 adult bugs.

And during the process of obtaining the attribute book, Little Insect Girl’s base value when she was level 1 had increased to more than 10 points.

This meant that as long as Little Insect Girl grew up, she would have the strength of a Black Iron Level.

Lo Ya’s Strength and Magic’s attributes had already reached the Gold Level level, while the other attributes were above 45 points.

In terms of basic combat strength, she was already about the same as many lower Gold Level.

After all… not everyone knew so many Magic.

The result of the increase in the swarm was a crazy expansion.

In the next two weeks, Insect Girl started a happy life, especially the young Little Insect Girl.

They played all day without any worries and did not feel any pressure at all.

Lo Ya had already created a very good living conditions for them and they did not need to be as anxious as before.

They were afraid that their lives would be taken away by fierce beasts.

In order to improve Little Insect Girl’s character, she specially took turns to teach them.

To put it simply, she taught Little Insect Girl all kinds of abilities and also taught these little things the ancient Mandarin that she had mastered.


“Damn, did you see that This is called one, and this is called two.

Heavens, it has already been five days, have you still not remembered it You can’t even understand the three simplest characters, how did your brain grow “

Pointing at the number drawn on the ground, she turned her head to look at Lo Xin who had just cried and her eyes were red.

Lo Ya was in despair.

So just because they knew how to count did not mean that they could read.

It was the simplest one, two, three.

These idiots could not remember.

Lo Ya felt that she might have been a little too hasty.

Advancing to level three brain was not something that could be done overnight.

Instead, it was a gradual process, which was the continuous development of intelligence.

Little Insect Girl became smarter and smarter.

Hence, in the beginning, he could teach them some more practical life skills and not rush to instill the crystallization of human civilization.

Thinking of this, Lo Ya sighed, “Alright, you go play.”

“Waaah! Ahhhh! Ah ~ ~ ~ “

Lo Xin revived on the spot and happily rushed towards Little Insect Girl and the others in the distance.

” Thank you.

Lo Ya angrily turned around and decided to sleep on the lawn to relieve her gloomy mood.

But just as she was about to pass by the shade of the tree, she cried out.

A sticky spider web trapped her on top and she struggled for a while but was unable to break free.

After waiting for a few minutes, Lo Yu slowly crawled over along the spider web.

“Eh, it’s Lo Ya.

Lo Ya, why did you give yourself to me to eat”

“What do you mean I gave myself to you to eat Quickly get me down.”

After shaking her tail and half floating in the air, Lo Ya felt even more depressed.

Lo Yu ran over and untied the thread.

She suddenly discovered something and licked Lo Ya’s mouth.

“Hey, what are you doing” Lo Ya covered her mouth with a red face.

“Mosquito, delicious.” Lo Yu wiped away her saliva, indicating that she had already gotten rid of the little bug that had stopped the Lifesteal on Lo Ya’s mouth.

“Just… just to eat mosquitoes Alright, I thought you purposely kissed me.”


Lo Ya pouted and continued to look for Little Insect Girl.

Actually, one did not need to think to know that at any time, any cutie was either eating or sleeping.

No matter how bad it was, it was still on the way to find food.

Lo Ya suddenly thought of the little green hat Lo Yin and decided to go and see what she was doing.

A few minutes later…

A head dug into the soil and the little thing that was looking for insects came into view.

“F * ck, why are you digging mud every time I see you”

As if it heard Lo Ya’s voice, the little thing raised its head and bit a black worm in its mouth, blinking its eyes.

“Where’s your green hat”

“Oh” The little guy thought for a while and said, “Ah, I ate it.”

… “”

… “”

“F * ck you, continue to catch your bugs and eat them.”

Lo Ya patted her forehead and felt that she had somewhat underestimated Little Insect Girl’s adaptability.

She slowly wriggled to the front of Insect Girl’s unhatched tail.

“After such a long time, these new tails should be born, right” Lo Ya stretched out her hand and pointed.

Suddenly, she heard a poof and a small head suddenly popped out from inside.

Both parties stared at each other and were stunned for a while.


Awoo ~ ~

The little guy yawned and shook his ears.

He then blinked his eyes and intimately rubbed against Lo Ya’s body.

It was the cute tiger Little Insect Girl.

Not only was it cute, but it was also beautiful.

It stretched out its tiger claws and did not listen to Lo Ya.

It wanted to crawl out.

She picked her up and the sound of her tail cracking could be heard.

Then, three cute tiger Little Insect Girl and three Insect Girl popped their heads out.

When they saw Lo Ya, they started to squeal happily and intimately.

Lo Ya carried the cute tiger Little Insect Girl into the air and found that this little thing still had the tiger’s ears open.

Only its tail was a standard insect tail.

Its two short tiger legs were behind it and it kept jumping into the air.

It was furry and very cute.

“Awooo ~ ~ ~”

A childish roar, but it didn’t sound fierce at all.

“Oh, so awesome.” Lo Ya kissed her and then carefully put it on the ground.

All of a sudden, there were seven new members.

These little Little Insect Girl played together very quickly.

It could be seen that the Strength of the cute tigers was slightly bigger and their claws were also quite thick.

However, the cute sissy appearance made them look a little silly.

In order to let these little babies grow strong and healthy, the Sickle Insect sent over fresh meat that was easier to digest.

The seven little fellows immediately surrounded them and shared the delicious food together.

One by one, they were not even five centimeters tall.

If it was a human, he would probably be able to pick them up with two fingers.

Lo Ya realized that her species were actually very fragile, especially when they were just born.

A slightly bigger animal could stomp them to death with one foot.

She had a pitiful feeling.

After observing the young Little Insect Girl, Lo Ya felt that they would not be in any danger, so Lo Ya specially found a place to sleep.

Then she had a beautiful dream.


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