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C129 – Hunting and Evolution

Lo Ya did not have much information about dinosaurs in her memory, and the dragons in this world were clearly different from those on Earth.

Many of the suspected late-stage dinosaurs actually lived together with the early primitive dragons.

Even a triangular-shaped dragon that weighed more than ten tons could only be considered to be of medium size.

It could be seen how crazy the competition in this place was.

“It’s really hard to imagine how strong the magical beasts living nearby are.”

Lo Ya very quickly found a suitable competitor.

Red-eyed Dreadclaw Dragon, LV18, Silver Level, Dinosaur.

The length of the claws was close to 10 centimeters, and the total length was 3 meters.

It was half a person’s height, and its two legs moved at an extremely fast speed.

Observing from afar, they were hunting a 6 meter long lizard-like dragon in groups.

Tendon Dragon, LV17, Silver Level, Dinosaur.

Interestingly, as a medium-sized plant-eating dinosaur, this giant monster had a few of its kind that were about the same size.

However, facing the attack of the Dreadclaw Dragon, the other Tendon Dragons did not counterattack.

Instead, they quickly faced these small predators in a defensive stance.

There was a huge difference in speed between the two of them.

The small Dreadclaw Dragon could jump a few meters high.

It landed on the back of the Tendons and grabbed with force.

A scarlet wound appeared on the back of the Tendons.

The Tendons’ counterattack was also very fierce.

It swung its huge tail fiercely and instantly killed a Dreadclaw Dragon.

The huge difference in size made this hunting operation extremely difficult, but the Dreadclaw Dragon was not afraid at all.

On one side, it attracted the attention of the target, and on the other side, it would launch sneak attacks from time to time.

It jumped down and attacked the target’s body, trying to rip it open.

The battle continued for a few minutes.

Suddenly, a few larger muscular dragons rushed over from afar.

When the Dreadclaw Dragons that were hunting saw that something was wrong, they escaped.

“Are those adult dragons”

Lo Ya felt that these little dinosaurs were really crazy.

But thinking about it carefully, since they could break through the defense of those large plant-eating dinosaurs, did it mean that they could provide powerful muscles and Components

As long as they stole the genes of the other party, she believed that Insect Girl, or the Sickle Insect, could also obtain the ability to fight against those large creatures.

Thinking about this, Lo Ya did as she said and prepared to attack.

At the same time, the Dreadclaw Dragons discovered that there was something wrong with their surroundings.

They began to roar at the Sickle Insect dozens of meters away.

The insects were not willing to be outdone.

They showed the ferocious Insect Fang and responded with a sharp squeak.

At the same time, Lo Ya ordered the five teams to circle behind the Dreadclaw Dragons and started to charge.

In all directions, there were a total of 120 insects, and the opponents were the six Dreadclaw Dragons with even more Agility movements.

Both sides collided without showing any signs of weakness, but in that instant, the supposedly powerful Sickle Insect seemed to have collided with their natural enemy, and the battle was unusually difficult.

Although the sickle could break through the opponent’s body, the Dreadclaw Dragon could also use its sharp claws to counterattack effectively.

Three of the dragons actually broke through two of the Sickle Insect and escaped the encirclement.

Lo Ya immediately fired dozens of ice needle at the target, piercing many wounds on their bodies.

Due to the pain, these Dreadclaw Dragons slowed down and were once again entangled by the insects.

Lo Ya took advantage of the battle and quickly wriggled to the side of the corpse that was slapped to death by the Tendon Dragon, and opened her mouth to bite the flesh.

Awoo ~

[Evolution points 24]

[Evolution points 20]

[Obtained Components: Sharp Sharp Claws (Red-Eyed Dreadclaw Dragon)]

Lo Ya did not even take two bites before the furious Dreadclaw Dragon suddenly rushed towards her.

It scared her so much that she quickly released an ice needle skill.

20 long and thin light blue needles that were 10 cm long were like hair.

The power of the bullets was shocking.

The Earth Spike easily entered the target’s head.

The Dreadclaw Dragon stopped in pain and started to wail in pain.

The deterrent force of the long-range Magic was indeed terrifying.

These dinosaurs simply did not understand this kind of super natural Strength.

They no longer dared to provoke it.

Finally, in the fifth minute of the battle, the Sickle Insect cut into one of the Dreadclaw Dragon’s eyes.

Because it lost one side of its vision, the situation of the battle instantly fell.

This Dreadclaw Dragon was quickly killed by the insects on the ground.

In the next ten minutes, after losing more than 30 Sickle Insect, all the targets were killed.

In order to avoid unnecessary complications, Lo Ya immediately let the insects eat the flesh.

After eating for less than a few minutes, the Sickle Insect evolved.

The long legs grew again, reaching a shocking 12 cm.

On the weapons, there were also some patterns unique to the claw of the Dreadclaw Dragon, which increased the hardness by a large margin.

Its sharp blades waved twice, creating two intense sonic booms, as if it was showing off its strength.

“Very good, let’s kill the Tendon Dragon next.”

Before Lo Ya chased after the tendon dragon, she first used the editor to install a few Components.

[Mouth Muscle (White Horned Dragon): Immense chewing of Strength.

20 Tooth Attack]

[Strong Teeth (White Horned Dragon): A very overbearing type of tooth.

It is not difficult to crush hard bones.

Attack: 30

[Sharp Sharp Claws (Red-Eyed Dreadclaw Dragon): It can break through the skin of some medium-sized dinosaurs.

It is a very powerful offensive weapon.

Attack: 80

Of course, the sharp claws were changed to Little Insect Girl’s nails.

Although it was very powerful, because Little Insect Girl’s nails were not long, the damage it dealt to large animals was touching.

Muscles and teeth were not bad.

After all, Insect Girl’s babies were eating this stuff all day long.

After putting it in their mouths, they would bite the bones like tofu.

It was crisp and did not consume any energy at all.

After withdrawing from the editor, Lo Ya sat on a Sickle Insect back and quickly chased after the group of muscular dragons in the distance.

If she could kill this monster and obtain the opponent’s Components, she might be able to defeat Gold Level enemies with ease.

The swarm of insects spread out in a general direction and soon found their target.

Those tendons were divided into three groups, and the last part looked very large.

However, it didn’t seem to be as strong as the one in front, as if it was an old tendon dragon.

The appearance of the Sickle Insect group aroused the vigilance of those dinosaurs.

Perhaps they were afraid of the Red-Eyed Dreadclaw Dragon.

These unlucky fellows would occasionally turn around to look at them, looking very alert.

Lo Ya noticed that the injured one that was attacked by the Dreadclaw Dragon earlier was clearly not going to make it.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, she ordered the insects to attack the other party.

When countless black figures rushed out from all directions, those Tendon Dragons all made a proactive response.

However, the attackers this time were completely different from before.

The black figures, their steel-like wings, and their strong muscles.

The inhumane gaze, the monster that looked like a mad tank, jumped onto the injured tendon dragon’s body without any fear.

He raised the 60-70cm long sickle and threw the Pierce down.

Blood splashed out like heatwaves.

In fact, the dozens of kilograms of Sickle Insect weighed no less than the dragon’s claw.

After obtaining the gene strengthening, they erupted with blood that they had never experienced before.

They surrounded him densely.

The tensile dragon roared in pain.

Seeing that the number of Sickle Insect that had rushed out had exceeded their expectations, the other dinosaurs did not come back to help.

Instead, they ran away with all their might.

However, this did not mean that the battle situation was very good.

Lo Ya saw with her own eyes that the monster raised its leg and stomped a bug to death.

Then, its body fell to the ground in pain.

It clearly looked like it did not resist the Strength, but from time to time, it swung its tail and sent the Sickle Insect beside it flying.

In order to minimize the loss, Lo Ya ordered the bugs to specially attack the other party’s head.

After struggling for half an hour, the life points of the Tendon Dragon finally reached the bottom line.

Lo Ya used the ice needle to begin the supplementary cut.

Realizing that the effect was not ideal, she changed it to the Dark Melting.

Finally, after more than ten seconds of corrosion, the tendon dragon lost its vitality.

[Received 400 experience points.

Congratulations, you have leveled up to level 18.

All attributes have increased.

He had finally leveled up.

Next, he would eat with everyone.

Of course, Lo Ya also picked up the items that dropped.

She was pleasantly surprised to receive a Strength 1.0 Enhancement coupon.

After using it, Lo Ya’s Strength value rose to 39.


Only 0.2 more to reach Gold Level level.

It was hard to imagine that a ten centimeter tall Gold Level monster with such a small body had a Strength that was 40 times that of an ordinary adult male.

A single punch would cause most people to doubt their lives.

Her improvement also meant that Insect Girl’s improvement was actually below the same level.

Little Insect Girl’s attributes were only a few points lower than Lo Ya’s.

The real difference was not too big.

And Little Insect Girl, who had turned into a pupae like Lo Lee, was even stronger than her.

“Hu, that’s not right.

Those Gods are so powerful.

It feels like no matter how I advance, I will not be able to reach that level.”

Lo Ya suddenly realized the difference between her and Crystal Dragon God.

Should she also think of ways to eat some God’s flesh in the future

“Hu, it is too far away.

Let’s not think about it for now.”

After half an hour of hard work, the body of the tendon dragon had already shrunk by more than half.

At this time, the Sickle Insect began to evolve again.

The strength of the muscles had increased greatly, and all of its attributes had increased.

In addition, it had also given birth to a branch species.

Although it did not have an exaggerated body like the muscular dragon, it was still a huge monster.

Moreover, it had inherited part of the Sickle Insect’s flexibility.

[Chong Bug: 3 meters long, 2 meters tall, 2 tons heavy.

A huge bug that looked like a lizard, with sharp horns and thick carapace on its head.

It can attack targets at an extremely high speed.

The bug’s speed was similar to the Black Wolf Beast.

It had tenacious vitality and had a certain degree of flexibility.

To produce one, it required 40 Sickle Insect to grow energy.


Catching Insects Attribute:

[Magical Creature: Charge Bug (Insect Girl Clan Branch)]

[Level: 1 / 5]

[HP: 100 / 100]

[Strength: 35.0, Spirit: 18, Magic: 0, Agility: 20, Vitality: 35.0]

The Vitality and Strength were in the Silver Level category, but considering their weight, it would be difficult for a Gold Level to withstand a single hit.

Lo Ya felt that when they were charging on a large scale, it would be very interesting to let these insects charge in front of them.

However, thinking about it carefully, a Silver Level was still too weak.

After all, there were Gold Level and above experts on the humans’ side.

It was better to strive to become stronger.

“Then, let’s continue hunting for the next target.”


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