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C125 – Velvet Short Legs

The Insect Girl Clan’s territory was huge, but there were only two areas where they lived.

The first was Lo Ya’s birthplace, which was also Insect Girl’s original territory.

Although the area was small, it had just recovered from the Cattail Worm disaster.

There were fewer ferocious beasts and it was also far away from human territory.

It was suitable for Little Insect Girl and the others to live.

The second place was the original territory of Werewolf Clan.

The simple wooden houses seemed to be very difficult to shelter them from the wind and rain.

However, there were some high yield crops and fruits planted here, which could provide a lot of delicious food.

The two areas looked very close, but in fact, they were dozens of kilometers apart.

The Sickle Insect spent a few days to open up a tunnel underground.

They were planning to expand the range of the tunnel and slowly connect the hives in all directions.

Due to the excessive rainfall during the rainy season, Lo Ya was forced to carry out ambitious renovations underground.

She was determined to set it unprecedented (for Insect Girl).

The drainage facilities were like a line connecting to the sea in the north.

All the drainage pipelines were paved with stones and reduced the gaps.

There was an entrance to the drainage canal that Lo Ya called a drainage canal every 50 meters.

It was used for seepage and circulation.

In order to prevent the water from seeping into the soil and affecting the living conditions, There were many huge rocks laid on top of the cave.

Interestingly, this behavior was determined by the system in Lo Ya’s brain as pushing the progress of civilization and obtaining some hidden achievement points.

“Lo Lee, Lo Jing, Lo Bing, prepare to set off.

I will bring you guys to level.”

Lo Bing, who was biting on the rabbit leg, raised her head with a whoosh and looked vigilantly at Lo Ya.

“What do you want to do Don’t you want to become stronger”

Lo Bing bitterly pouted her mouth, “I want to sleep.”

“Sleep your head.

If you don’t become stronger, you are not qualified to sleep.”

Lo Ya rushed forward and grabbed the rabbit meat and stuffed it into her mouth.

“Wu Wu Wu, delicious.

Did you see that Only someone as strong as me can eat it.”

“Wow!” Lo Bing cried out loudly.

[Obtained 16 Evolution points]

[Obtained Components: Velvet Short Legs]

“What is this”

Knowing that the Components’s demand for Evolution points was low, Lo Ya took the opportunity to take a look at the editor.

[Velvet short legs: The hind legs of a young rabbit.

Although it does not have much strength, it can help run.] The fur on its legs might be white, or gray.

Its legs automatically fall off when it reaches adulthood (edible).

Editor Consumption: 50 Evolution points ]

Lo Ya originally did not want to pretend, but when she thought of Little Insect Girl’s wriggling speed, she decided to put on a pair.

The option to automatically disappear after adulthood opened.

This meant that only young Little Insect Girl had fluffy short legs.

And their defensive power was actually not lower than a bug’s tail, especially after Lo Ya put on a layer of Colourless Skin.

After leaving the editor, Little Insect Girl, who was crawling around, looked at their tails in puzzlement.

Then, she discovered that a super short rabbit leg had grown on both sides of their waists.

After shaking them, they still had some strength.

“Wow, calves.”

Whiz, whiz, whiz…

Borrowing the help of her hands and legs, Little Insect Girl happily got up one by one.

Lo Ya went up to pick one up and touched the fur on her legs.

In the end, the little guy kept swinging because of the itch.

It was super fun.

“Not bad, not bad.

His speed became much faster.”

Lo Ya was very satisfied with this cheap Components.

The young Little Insect Girl was not good at fighting and crawled very slowly.

Now that she had both hands and legs, plus the help of her tail, even if she encountered danger in the future, she would be able to escape even faster.

But for some reason, the originally standing and wriggling little Little Insect Girl became obsessed with crawling after obtaining the legs.

She would lie on her head all day long and circle around.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh ~ ~

A little Little Insect Girl walked past with her legs crossed in front of her eyes.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh ~ ~

Another young Little Insect Girl passed by with her legs crossed.

It was almost the same feeling.

These little fellows were indeed more suitable to be released.

They would find their own food when they were thrown out into the wild.

There was no need to worry about them.

All they needed to do was to let the Sickle Insect guard the vicinity.

As time passed, the little cuties would gradually get used to the abilities they had.

Grow up! Mature.


Lo Ya did not have much energy to put into the territory.

The rhinoceros she killed previously gave everyone a few Strength attribute points to strengthen themselves.

The most direct change appeared on the bug swarm.

Many of the beasts that were originally considered tired from fighting were now able to be solo by the Sickle Insect.

She slowly wriggled on the ground (she did not have long legs), and Lo Lee, Lo Jing and Lo Bing followed beside her.

Everyone’s height was below 35 centimeters, so it was very difficult to be discovered by other creatures in the dense grass.

There were Sickle Insect squads fighting in many places around the area.

When the battle was coming to an end, Little Insect Girl hurriedly rushed over to take out her equipment.

Lo Ya had a portion of the shapeshifting stones that could instantly increase her combat strength.

For example, the 100 or so wolfman stones stored in the Item Dimension could allow her to become a wolfman for 3 seconds and quickly shoot out an air cannon to attack the target.

In fact, she discovered that as long as she defeated a creature above the Bronze Level, they had a certain probability of producing such stones.

In order to test the specific effects of the wolfman stones, Lo Ya took out a translucent small stone and held it in her hand.

Then, she slowly approached a few Black Iron Level grey wolf.

That’s right, it was another grey wolf.

The number of these creatures was terrifying.

They could encounter a few from time to time.

Not far away, three wolves were eating around an invisible corpse.

When Lo Ya was a few dozen meters away, one of them noticed her presence.

Then the three wolves all turned around vigilantly and roared at Lo Ya.

Lo Ya ignored them and directly charged.

The three wolves felt a strange aura and started to retreat.

Lo Ya’s body began to expand and in an instant, she became a three meter tall terrifying werewolf.

She spat out an air cannon from her mouth.


The grey wolf on the left side was blasted a few meters away.

Its head was crushed and it spat out a large amount of blood.

In the next second, Lo Ya, who suddenly accelerated, waved her wolf claws and attacked the second unlucky guy.

She directly cut open his stomach.

The last one saw that something was wrong and turned around to escape.

A series of wolf howls sounded in the distance.

A large group of grey wolf appeared in their field of vision, but they did not rush over.

Instead, they saw Lo Ya transform back into the Small with their own eyes.

There was a distance of over a hundred meters between the two of them, and they were roaring at each other.

The few Little Insect Girl beside Lo Ya all revealed bug teeth, which were especially fierce.

“Wow, why are you being fierce with these stupid wolves”

Lo Ya was drunk.

Sure enough, the Insect Girl Clan was not out of the category of wild beasts.

Did they really think that they could intimidate the other side just like that

This group of wolves seemed to have felt the majesty of the divine attribute on Lo Ya’s body.

Each and every one of them did not seem to dare to come forward.

This feeling of meeting a creature that was more terrifying than its natural enemy came from the bottom of their hearts.

In fact, it was not just them.

Some people who were not confident would also appear.

Lo Ya also opened her mouth at these wolves, revealing bloody teeth.

“Roar! Roar!”

“Awoo! Awoo!” The grey wolf immediately ran away with their tails between their legs.


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