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C123 – Path of Civilization Development

Lo Ya signed a very simple non-aggression pact with the representatives of the anti-resistance army.

She then rubbed their food and prepared to return to the forest with her remaining 700 insects.

Although this war lost close to 300 Sickle Insect, it also gave birth to an additional 800 small tails.

Comparatively, it actually increased the number of insects by 500.

This was the result of a small battle.

When the scale of the insect swarm increased in the future, they would be able to start a larger battle.

At that time, they would probably be able to breed even more insects.

It could be said that the Insect Girl Clan had gradually entered the right path of development.

Sitting on the back of the insect, he followed the rebel general out of the city.

Along the way, many civilians in ragged clothes looked numbly at the scene on the streets.

Some of them were injured, as if they had been affected by the battle.

A woman was lying in front of a child, bandaging the non-fatal wound.

Some powerful soldiers even heard some commoners whispering.

“What kind of rotten things are these rebel soldiers Once they enter the city, they burn, kill, and plunder.

Our days in the future will probably not be any better.”

“Yeah, I think they’re about the same as the count.

They’re all damn things.

I really wish I could kill all of these trash.”

Hearing this, the general cut him off and ignored him.

After leaving the town and bidding farewell to the rebel army, Lo Ya brought the swarm back to the forest.

Just like every time they returned home, when Lo Ya appeared in the eyes of the insects, Little Insect Girl would surround them and continuously call Lo Ya’s name, as if she was a baby seeing her mother return home.

At that time, it was a circle of a few Small, but now it had unknowingly increased to a dozen or so.

“Lo Ya, look, we have locked up the little rabbit.” Lo Yu proudly pointed at a few mud walls in the distance and flaunted to Lo Ya, “In the future, if you want to eat rabbits, you don’t need to go around looking for them.

Lo Ya, quickly praise me!”

“So this is the reason why you all waste spiritual power”

Lo Ya felt a little depressed when she saw the small wall Magic being used like this.

But after she got closer, she found a small opening that was blocked by wood.

There were even little rabbits crawling inside.

A little Little Insect Girl was leaning on the top of the fence, her tail hanging in the air.

She stared at the rabbits inside with a mischievous smile, saliva continuously dripping from her mouth.

It was a pity that the big Insect Girl did not seem to want her to eat the rabbits.

She stood by the side and watched strictly.

So the little guy could only keep… watching like this.

“Does this count as… rearing a pet”

Lo Ya found that Little Insect Girl was actually still inside throwing a lot of leaves and fruits.

“Capturing Ah, this is called rearing” Lo Yu was very surprised.

“That’s right, Lo Yu.

I didn’t expect you to be so smart this time.” Lo Ya was very pleased.

“Ah, I asked her to do this.” Lo Xin wriggled over from afar, “And it was Chiang Ya who thought of it.”

“What, Chiang Ya”

She turned her head and saw Chiang Ya sleeping in the distance with her belly up.

“Alright, I’m really happy.” Lo Ya’s eyes were filled with tears.

“But don’t you know that these rabbits can dig holes They can easily dig outside.

Lo Ya circled around and then pointed at a piece of obviously soft land.

She poked it with her finger and a rabbit’s ear appeared.


The rabbit poked its head out.

When it saw Lo Ya, who looked like a demon king, it crawled back in with a swoosh.

“Wow, meat.” A Little Insect Girl jumped up and entered the cave.

Her tail was stuck outside and kept swinging.

“Eating and eating all day long.” Lo Ya patted her tail and said, “Don’t you know how to control yourself”

Lo Yu stretched out her hand and pulled the little thing out and lifted it into the air.

She then looked at the little Little Insect Girl whose head was facing downwards and her mouth was wide open.

She stretched out her head and rubbed it on her head.

“Let the Sickle Insect cut a few meters long piece of wood and insert it around the wall.

This way, even if the rabbit dug a hole, it would be very difficult to dig it out.”

Lo Ya was still preparing to put more than two meters of stone under the ground.

Of course, the specific work would naturally have to rely on the Sickle Insect to complete.

“If only this little amount of food doesn’t seem to be enough, it would be best to make a few kilometers wide feeding area so that the rabbit can survive in its own ecosystem.

If it has nothing to do, it would throw food inside, just like how humans rear chickens in a mountain.”

Lo Ya rubbed her chin, and the more she thought about it, the more she felt that it made sense.

Little Little Insect Girl’s appetite was actually not as big as before.

Because taking root in the Components could allow them to absorb nutrients from the soil, as long as they stuck their tails into the ground for no reason, they could maintain their life for a long time.

“Oh right everyone, I think we should learn to use fire and try to eat cooked food.”

“Rough food What is that” Lo Bing, who was lying on the ground, raised her head.

“It’s food that has been burned.

It’s cleaner and tastes better with seasoning.”

“Wow, then let’s quickly find a fire.” Lo Bing jumped up from the ground.

[Your race started to raise wild beasts and realized the use of fire.]

[Your species has already met the requirements for the Germinal Organization.


[Civilization development will increase the intelligence limit of adult individuals.

When one’s language ability, logical thinking ability, and the art field achieve a certain breakthrough, he or she will become a level 3 brain.


[The level of the brain will only affect the intelligence limit.]

[Now, you can choose a bonus for your race.



Research (It’s easier to master the law of matter) 2.

Evolution (The probability of evolution increases, digestive ability increases with individual ability) 3.

Mystery (Not only is it a Magic, but it can also be a phenomenon that cannot be expressed with theory.


Exploration (Desire to Know and Conquering Desire will significantly increase the competition of species, but it can also bring disaster)

“Ah, Little Insect Girl likes to eat it.”

There was no need to think, choose 2.

A faster rate of evolution, a stronger combat strength, these were the ways to make Insect Girl quickly stand out from the competition in the forest.

Lo Ya hoped that Little Insect Girl could surpass humans and become the overlord of this world.

[You have already chosen 2.]

[The evolution probability has changed from “tiny” to “relatively high.

The evolution genes of some sub-species can be used directly on Insect Girl.” ]

“That’s great.

This way, the probability of evolution by eating meat will be much higher, right”

Before this, it was only by eating super large amounts of food that one could occasionally obtain beneficial genes.

The wastage within was hard to imagine.

Of course, Lo Ya also knew that evolution was a matter of probability.

It was not something that could be controlled at will.

If one could plunder the genes of other creatures at will and immediately use them… In theory, Insect Girl could become the most advanced creature on this planet in a second, from the moment she ate Crystal Dragon God’s hair.


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