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C119 – Insect Mother Came to Help

Three days later, at the edge of the forest.

The ten rebel soldiers had just torn apart the communication paper in their hands when a few Sickle Insect jumped out from the forest.

“Aiyo, I’ll go.” The captain standing in front of them pulled out his short knife in a panic.

When he saw these insects, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief, “This is too fast.

It gave me a scare.”

“Strange, could it be that these bugs have been waiting nearby for a long time”

While you were talking, Lo Ya wriggled out of the grass pile.

“How is it Have you thought about it”

“The general agreed.” Luya walked up from behind.

“He has already given the order.

At the same time, he has given you enough space to live in.”

“Is there food supply” Lo Ya deliberately emphasized the word food.

“Of course there is.

There is a lot of rice, beast meat, and all kinds of bread and food donated by the civilians.”

” Oh” Lo Ya was quite satisfied.

To the worms, these things tasted pretty good.

Furthermore, nutrition could ultimately be converted into energy.

At this moment, all the soldiers present were filled with curiosity.

Lo Ya’s current height was only ten centimeters.

She looked cute and pretty, and it was really different from what they had expected.

Perhaps this kind of thing had happened in the history of trading with Magical Creature, but to be able to be so friendly… It was truly not an ordinary occurrence.

With a thought from Lo Ya, countless Sickle Insect ran over from afar.

The difference from what these rebel soldiers imagined was that not only were the insects commanded by Lo Ya much larger, there was also a sharp horn on her forehead.

One look and one could tell that they were full of combat strength.

What was even more terrifying was that at the same time the Sickle Insect appeared, 30 skeleton soldiers riding on the huge black wolf also slowly appeared.

“Undead creatures” The rebel captain raised his eyebrows.

“These are the undead we captured from the mountains, and we tamed them.”

Lo Ya did not say that these skeletons were bugs, but pointed at the mountain range at the end.

“So that’s how it is.

The necromancers among humans can also control skeletons, but I don’t like that kind of thing.”

“I also don’t like you to get to the bottom of our situation.” Lo Ya snorted.

“Alright.” Luya tried to smooth things over, “This cooperation is a good thing.

If you don’t mind, let’s go to the temporary station to talk.”

“No problem.”

Half an hour later, everyone arrived at the camp of the rebel army.

This place was also very close to the forest in the north, because the terrain was higher.

Therefore, he could observe the movement of the Noble Army at any time.

Once they encountered the enemy’s army, the soldiers would be able to escape to the dense forest in the north in a very short period of time.

They would rely on the terrain of the forest to avoid threats.

But at this time, what appeared in front of Lo Ya were muscular human soldiers.

Although the weapons were simpler and crude compared to the Noble Army, it also guaranteed that everyone would get one.

As for the defensive equipment, it seemed that only the more powerful warriors would have it.

1,000 bugs crawled over from afar.

The dignified Wolf Cavalry was like an army that had just escaped from hell, faintly watching these soldiers.

“Hey, buddy, I thought you were joking.

You actually hired an army of magic beasts.” A thin old man who was wiping his shoes got up from the ground and laughed hoarsely.

Not far away, a few big men who were training with bare hands were also attracted by the scene and looked at the dense swarm of insects.

Lo Ya, who was sitting on the insect’s back, found that the number of soldiers here was beyond imagination.

There were sixty to seventy people in front of her.

In the distance, there were even a few horses eating hay.

There were also many magic beasts that were reared by the soldiers, and they all seemed to have a certain level of combat strength.

“If Little Insect Girl were here, she would have already treated those magic beasts as food.”

A scene of a bunch of little fellows shouting meat and rushing over flashed through his mind.

Shaking her head, Lo Ya threw these things aside and saw a man with a sword at his waist walking over.

“Victor’s 1,500 soldiers have already begun to gather in the northeast.

The intel shows that the count’s 5 regiments and 2 knight regiments have already moved out.

Their target is not us.

I think the pressure of this war will be smaller than I imagined.

But no matter what, I still have to thank you for your help.

As the man spoke, he stretched his hand towards Lo Ya, as if he wanted to shake hands with her.

However, the difference in size between the two of them was too great, so Lo Ya could only reach out her hands to hug the other party’s index finger and wave it up and down.

The general’s face revealed a funny smile.

“It really is an incredible creature.

You made me think of a race called elves.

Unfortunately, those creatures have been hostile to humans for a long time.

I hope our relationship will never reach that stage.”

“I hope not.” Lo Ya said.

“Our first goal is very simple.

We will take over the village and then have a direct battle with the enemy after they launch a counterattack.”

Pah! Pah! Pah!

The soldiers clapped.

“Fight your sister face to face, do you know how to fight” Lo Ya could not say anything.

Was this guy so respectful towards etiquette Was he going to wait until both sides got into formation and fight fair and square

“General, what I am truly worried about is not whether we will win or not, but whether this battle will cause the anger of the king and the other nobles.

You know, some of the nobles have a good relationship with the Church.

They will most likely seek help from the Knights of Judgement and receive a response” The young general beside him had a gloomy expression, as if he wasn’t too optimistic about the aftermath of the war.

“There’s nothing to worry about.

If we don’t resist, we’ll never be able to win.

If we’re afraid of this, then what about the future ” The general glared at him.

“Understood” The general immediately shut his mouth.

Lo Ya frowned and noticed the words Judgement Knight in the other party’s mouth.

In this world, the information regarding the Church was definitely worth paying attention to.

Whether it was the empire far away or the Hojo Kingdom Count territory in front of them, everyone believed in a god named Magic Goddess.

Comparatively, the status of the capital of the empire in this world.

It was similar to the status of the medieval church.

In this world, the Empire’s city was also known as the Magic Church.

Under the influence of the unification system of the government, there was also a goddess personally overseeing it.

The influence of the empire covered a large circle of the surrounding countries.

Although there was a heretic known as the enemy of the Goddess somewhere in the distant continent, that was for Lo Ya, who lived in this remote forest.

It was not worth paying attention to at all.

“It seems like there is nothing to be afraid of.

After all, I also have Sister Crystal Dragon God.”

Although she was a little envious, when she thought of Crystal Dragon God’s words back then, “confess to me.

Perhaps I will agree to it.” She felt that the future was filled with hope.

Cute creatures even liked gods, didn’t they


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