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C116 – The Metal next to the Silver Moon

The rainy season came fast, and two days of gloomy weather not only brought heavy rain, but also a drop in temperature.

Little Insect Girl and the rest began to feel cold.

Lo Ya originally wanted everyone to hide underground but this time the rain was clearly different from the past.

It almost drowned the entire bug cave.

Hence she could only build a simple rain shed with the other adult Insect Girl and then pile up together to resist the cold.

Big Insect Girl tightly surrounded a circle and surrounded the young Little Insect Girl in the center.

Further out were the wolf beasts and Sickle Insect.

Some of the bugs picked up some sturdy branches to support the tree leaf tent that was about to collapse at any time.

“Lo Ya, it’s so cold.”

Little Insect Girl’s ability to resist the cold did not seem to be very good.

Relying on the thin tree leaf clothes, she could not block the wind and rain at all.

Although the tent on top of their heads was very large, the wind and rain coming in from the side would still make everyone wet.

“Lo Ya, hug.” Little Little Insect Girl, who was squeezed in front of Lo Ya, looked at her eagerly.

Everyone had their tails tucked behind their backs and tried their best to ensure that there were no gaps between their bodies.

Her jet-black long hair had already been dyed wet by the rain.

Lo Ya hugged the cute little head in front of her.

Then, she moved forward and pressed her chin on her head at the same time.

“How do you feel”


Lo Ya is comfortable here.”

He rubbed his chest crazily!

“Wow, don’t use so much strength.

It’s very sensitive.”

He really didn’t understand why the Insect Girl Clan wanted to grow these two lumps of meat.

It couldn’t secrete milk, and it didn’t have any other effects, so it might really only be inherited from humans.

Lo Ya could not help but wonder why the small white worm egg would give birth to such a strange life.

Could it be that humans could still fall in love with microscopic little insects, and also give birth to a strange creature that was half human and half insect Even if they did that, reproductive isolation was unavoidable.

The group of small heads all turned around and looked at Lo Ya with eager eyes.

Lo Xin who was by the side said with jealousy, “Everyone come to me.

I feel comfortable here too.”

“No, Lo Xin’s is not big enough.”

“Lo Xin is not soft enough and is also not fun.”

“Pfft.” Lo Ya knocked on the two guys’ heads.

“What are you guys talking about”

The super small Little Insect Girl who was surrounded by the smaller Insect Girl overlapped into a lump.

Only the small heads that popped out from the middle of the soft tail could be seen.

Because there was a big guy blocking them around, they almost did not get drenched in the rain.

“Lo Ya, I am going to give birth to a tail.” Lo Lee, who was not far away, suddenly shouted.

“Hey, hey, is the tail fully grown”

“I think I can give birth too.”

The adult Insect Girl expressed that they had the ability to breed offspring.

It was faster than they had imagined, but now that they had given birth, they would have to wait three months for the next time.

It would probably take even longer for the young Little Insect Girl to give birth.

A few minutes later, eight lively tails were sent to the center and squeezed together with the young Little Insect Girl.

Very soon, one of the young Little Insect Girl’s stomach was hungry, so she took root under the soil and tried to absorb nutrition.

In the end, for some reason, she suddenly cried out in pain.


“What is it” Everyone quickly made way for a gap.

Then, Little Insect Girl lifted her tail from the soil and found a large beetle on top of it.

“Wow, meat, awoo.”

After chewing for a while, the beetle fungus entered her stomach.

She seemed to have found a good way to get delicious food.

She opened her eyes wide and kept letting her tail probe the soil.

“She really is a foodie.” Lo Ya held her forehead.

The storm was getting bigger and bigger as everyone played around.

The sky was getting dark.

In the middle of the night, the Sickle Insect and Black Wolf Beast’s eyes looked like blood-red light bulbs.

They looked a little scary.

Because of the Eye of Truth, even at night, Insect Girl’s eyesight was still excellent.

Lo Ya’s pupils slightly adjusted, and the dark environment a few kilometers away slowly closed in.

Without a doubt, this pair of eyes was already the same as Crystal Dragon God’s.

It could be imagined that when the giant dragon flew in the sky, its eyes slightly adjusted.

It could clearly see the situation dozens or hundreds of kilometers away.

Lo Ya’s gaze swept across the darkness and saw a pair of dark green eyes.

Upon closer inspection, she discovered that it was a grey wolf.

Of course, this grey wolf was not a grey wolf from the Werewolf Clan.

It was a pure wild creature.

Lo Ya had exchanged blows with this little wolf more than once in the past few months.

However, her teeth were itching.

The wind whistled and Lo Ya made the three Sickle Insect nearby secretly approach their target.

In the end, the grey wolf seemed to have discovered the intruder.

It raised its head and roared, and then six or seven wolves jumped out from the forest.

They seemed to treat the Sickle Insect as prey.

Unfortunately, when they really fought, the situation instantly turned into a one-sided massacre.

The three Sickle Insect were so fast that the grey wolf had no time to react.

One of the wolves was forced to open its mouth and spit out a mouthful of Wind Blade.

“Eh, it’s actually a magic beast”

The Wind Blade cut off a certain unimportant part of the Sickle Insect.

Both sides continued fighting for two minutes before the wolf pack was completely wiped out.

The bugs brought the meat back to Insect Girl’s gathering area and gently placed it in front of them.

“Everyone, let’s eat.”

Although it was very cold, under the temptation of food, The Small still crawled onto the piece of meat.

Awooo! Awooo! They stuffed it into their mouths.

The one beside Lo Ya had a piece of meat bigger than her head in its mouth.

It blinked its eyes.

It waved its hands happily.

Whoosh ~ ~ ~

The wind gradually grew stronger, and the sound of the rain covered everything within a few short seconds.

The wolf beasts crouched around, trying to rely on their bodies to block the wind and rain.

The leaves above their heads were shaking, and Lo Yu quickly spat out silk threads to reinforce them.

“Sure enough, it is better to find a tree to dig and hide inside.”

The swarm of insects had almost gathered together.

Thousands of insects and hundreds of tails were in the wind and rain.

Although the Sickle Insect and the Black Wolf Beast were fine, they were actually afraid of the cold.

If it were a fake envoy, it would snow in the future, and the temperature would drop to a very low level.

Lo Ya could only prepare thick cotton clothes for Little Insect Girl and the rest.

While everyone was enduring the bad weather, a light suddenly shone through the clouds and Lo Lee immediately pointed to the sky in surprise.

“Wow, everyone look, the moon is out.”

Sure enough, Lo Ya looked up and saw a small piece of empty space between the thick clouds, which coincidentally revealed a faint silver moon.

Lo Ya knew that there were many satellites around this planet.

And as time passed, their size seemed to be changing too.

Red and blue alternated, and a silver moon occasionally appeared in the air.

Almost every few days, the situation would be different.

This time, when Lo Ya looked at the sky and tried to close the distance with her Eye of Truth, she unexpectedly saw a scene that surprised her.

A small dot beside the silver moon slowly closed in.

It seemed to be a huge piece of metal.



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