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C115 – Strength Leap

The fight went on for three or four minutes, and the tiger finally lost and left the world.

More than 20 Sickle Insect had been lost.

Most of them had been killed by a single palm strike, while the minority had been bitten to death with their mouths.

The reason why they were able to win was because of the bugs’ weapons that were dozens of centimeters long.

Actually, the other reason why large felines were more ferocious than primates was because they did not have an exaggerated sense of pain.

Thus, in battle, they were often more aggressive.

If Lo Ya did not personally see this tiger kill Sickle Insect after Sickle Insect in a crushing manner, Lo Ya would not even believe that fierce beasts could be this powerful.

Fortunately, this beast in the forest had encountered a group of insects that didn’t care about its life.

In order to obtain the powerful genes, Lo Ya attacked without caring about the cost, causing this pitiful king to feel despair.

After the battle ended, Lo Ya happily ate the meat on the ground.

She took a few bites into her stomach.

[Evolution points 22]

[Obtained Components: Muscle Proficiency (Tiger Version)] 】

[Obtained personal evolution set: Adorable Tiger Insect Girl (Tiger)]

“Oh, not bad.”

After that… After eating a few more mouthfuls, she did not get anything decent.

Hence, Lo Ya moved aside and let the Sickle Insect and Black Wolf Beast run over to eat.

The bugs quickly cut the tiger’s corpse into eight pieces.

Pieces of bloody flesh were divided in front of different bugs.

Some Sickle Insect were so happy that they looked like silly children.

Not knowing if it was because of the huge difference in genes, the bugs quickly obtained evolution information.

[The Sickle Insect has a beneficial evolution.

Obtained medium-sized tiger muscle tissue.

Flesh Strength has been strengthened greatly.] ]

[The evolution this time is a small mutation.

There will not be any new species.

The result can be automatically applied to all the different species (including the Undead Insect).

“That’s great.”

In front of Lo Ya, the insects let out low growls.

The Sickle Insect’s appearance did not change, but the Strength’s explosive growth.

The Black Wolf Beast’s size had also increased by a step, although it had not reached the level of a tiger.

But it’s not that far off.

Lo Ya looked at their basic attributes.

[Magical Creature: Sickle Insect (Insect Girl Clan Branch)]

[Level: 1 / 8]

[HP: 30 / 30]

Strength: 10 [Spirit: 0.

Spirit: 2.

Magic: 0.

Agility: 9.] [Vitality: 11] 0.

[Magical Creature: Black Wolf Beast (Insect Girl Clan Branch)]

Level: 1 / 5

[HP: 100 / 100]

[Strength: 25.0, Spirit: 10, Magic: 0, Agility: 25] [Vitality: 26.0]

What was worth noticing was that the basic attributes of the Sickle Insect were between 3 and 5 points.

And the Black Wolf Beast was 5 times the Sickle Insect’s attributes.

After the enhancement, the two attributes increased by the same amount.

This caused the Sickle Insect, which was originally far from being strong enough when it was at level 1, to directly break through to the Early Black Iron Level.

As for the Black Wolf Beast, it had become an Early Bronze Level.

“From the looks of it, after breaking through to the Fifth Grade, the Black Wolf Beast has basically broken through to the Middle Silver Level.”

Lo Ya couldn’t help but feel ashamed.

She suddenly felt that it was very wise to kill some creatures that she shouldn’t have been able to defeat.

According to the information she had obtained, the human Black Iron Level was generally at level 6-10 (Average attributes 11-20).

A Bronze Level was between level 11 and 15 (average attributes 21-30), and the silver grade above that was estimated to be between level 16 and 20 (average attributes 31-40).

Although the attributes of each level were the same, higher levels often meant higher level Dou Techniques and Magic.

Hence, the difference in combat strength would also increase.

At this moment, it was already raining in the sky.

The water splashed on his body, it was cold and cool.

To Little Insect Girl, the rain was especially unbearable.

Every time she got up, it would be accompanied by the wind and the rumbling of thunder.

And now, this rain seemed to represent the arrival of Leng Ji Feng.

“It’s fine as long as the temperature doesn’t drop.”

In fact, the temperature had already dropped.

When the water droplets landed on his body, he felt somewhat uncomfortable.

“Oh right, there are a lot of Evolution points now.

Just install the Components.” Lo Ya patted her forehead and entered the editor.

After looking at the Components that she and Little Insect Girl had obtained recently, she found that there were still quite a few good ones.

[Eye of Truth: A Components obtained after deciphering part of Crystal Dragon God’s laws and genes.

Rumor has it that the eye can see the truth.] Function 1: Close the distance of sight in front of your eyes.

The effect is similar to a telescope that can be adjusted.

2: Break the visual illusion and automatically display the real state.

3: Glimmer Night Vision.

Editor Consumption: 3000 Evolution points ]

[Strong Muscle Set (Tiger edition): The muscles of a medium-sized Silver Level Tiger can greatly increase Strength, Agility, and Vitality.

Editor Consumption: 500 Evolution points ]

[Insect Girl (Tiger)] Choose a tail of Insect Girl that is about to be born and hatch into a cute tiger, Insect Girl.

And It grew tiger ears, tiger palms, and a small amount of tiger skin.

Part of the protein was strengthened into muscles.

His combat strength increased by a small amount and his lifespan increased to 15 years.

As for the rest, he maintained his basic appearance.

Editor Consumption: 300 Evolution points per use.


[Root Cells: Half-plant Components.

It can absorb organic matter from the soil to maintain basic survival.

Editor Consumption: 500 Evolution points 】

There were still a lot of other Components, but they were not very suitable.

For example, cockroaches’ shells and the like.

Lo Ya did not want everyone to become weak.

She discovered that she had accumulated around 7,000 Evolution points, so she installed all three of them.

In addition, she also ordered four cute tigers that were about to be born.

She was not sure if they would grow into cat-like insects.

Anyway, she still had to listen to Lo Ya’s words in the future, or else she would be beaten by her tail.

“I hope I don’t look like Lo Lo, Lo Yu, and the others.” Lo Ya felt a headache when she thought of some difficult little things.

After withdrawing from the editor, her tail shrunk once more.

Then, it went into her invisible body.

Little Insect Girl grew strong muscles.

However, it was unknown if it was because the characteristics of insects had been preserved.

Without using any strength, Her body was still soft, and the only thing she could do was to use the Strength.

The tail was like a steel bar, possessing the strength of a Silver Level Tiger.

“Phew, the rain seems to have increased.”

The clouds in the sky were slowly moving towards the north, and the sound of raindrops could be heard.

Lo Ya’s favorite weather was actually rainy days.

In her previous life, she especially liked to watch the rain in a quiet place by herself, and it was very comfortable to sleep in the middle of the night.

But with Little Insect Girl’s current condition, she was still unable to feel comfortable.

When she brought the large group back to the territory, she could see that quite a number of Little Insect Girl was still stupidly crawling around.

Because they were basically recuperating, these little cuties were all playing by themselves.

When Lo Ya appeared, one by one, the little things surrounded her and cried out.

“Little guys, I brought you tiger meat.”

A pile of meat that was saved by the Sickle Insect was thrown in front of the little girls.

Soon, a circle of Small surrounded them and started to chew.

One by one… It reminded Lo Ya of her childhood self.

“It’s really a new generation of insects replacing old insects.

Old insects died on the beach.”

This lively scene that was full of hope made Lo Ya inexplicably sigh with emotion.


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