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C114 – The Legendary Big Tiger

“What, the count was the one who attacked you last time”

Although Luya had such thoughts before, she did not expect it to be true.

She knew the strength of Insect Girl Clan.

Although it was very powerful, it would be very difficult to deal with thousands of regular human soldiers at the same time.

“Luya, our Magical Creature is actually very powerful.

If you have a way to make the rebel army join forces with us, then the scale of victory in this war will definitely fall on you.

However, personally, I hope that you will have more say in this.

” What do you mean “

Lo Ya’s words made the human close combat mage girl unable to understand.

To be honest, Even if it was a transaction between humans, no one would give as much as Lo Ya did.

The cooperation between the two sides had always been a one-sided gain by the rebel army.

After all, they only provided a small amount of money.

What Lo Ya paid was the life of the real demonic beasts.

“My words are naturally very simple.

I hope that Luya can make a deal in her own name.

If the rebel army forbids you, or wants to take away the right to trade, Then I will represent the Insect Girl Clan to cancel the partnership with you.”

Little Insect Girl’s serious words made Luya feel flattered.

More and more Sickle Insect appeared in the surrounding forest.

Among them were a few Undead Insect riding on black grey beasts, which was the most eye-catching.

“To tell the truth, I am very moved.” Luya was silent for a long time before she finally gave an answer.

“Although humans do not reject magic beasts, they have taken out too many at once.

It will also cause unnecessary trouble.

If possible, I hope that when we are fighting against the outside world… We can let the insects publicize as raising magic beasts.”

“No problem.”

Lo Ya’s goal was actually the corpses and meat on the battlefield.

In every battle, there would be a large number of corpses rotting on the ground.

Because of the era, the corpses of many soldiers in this world could not be properly buried.

Sometimes, one could see piles of bones on the road.

But becoming food was different.

The 50% illogical conversion rate of the Sickle Insect was equivalent to giving these soldiers new life… Although they were born with the identity of the Sickle Insect in the end.

Lo Ya did not know what kind of feelings she had towards the humans of this world.

She hoped that both sides could coexist peacefully.

Hence, the cooperation with the rebel army was actually a very good experiment.

But unfortunately, the competition between species was really cruel and crazy.

In his previous life, the Earthlings had stepped over countless animal corpses before finally becoming the planet’s overlord.

Therefore, in Lo Ya’s heart, Insect Girl would one day go to war with humans.

In the end, both sides had to at least compete for a dominant race, or completely integrate the other party into their own group.

If they really did not fight to the death, then the ones who survived must be those beloved children of her family.

“However, at the moment, there is still a very important factor that needs to be considered, and that is… the degree of acceptance humans have towards eating meat.” Even though the rebel army had once let them devour the corpses of the Noble Army when they sent out the Sickle Insect to fight, But that’s just an individual phenomenon.

If tens of thousands of insects were to be eaten on the battlefield, it would probably cause the entire human world to rebound.

She felt that compared to this, perhaps she could use the method of eating and drinking to ask the humans for food.

As the saying goes: I will help you fight, you have to let me have my fill, right

Letting the humans feed the insects, it must be a very good idea.

“Then it’s decided.” Luya finally sighed.

When Lo Ya saw this, she said happily, “You are indeed bold.

I will provide you with 1000 Sickle Insect and 3 teams of Wolf Cavalry.

When she returns, Luya can directly report the results of the negotiations to your superiors.

As long as they agree, the swarm will immediately go over.”

“Thank you.” Luya felt very touched.

Although Little Insect Girl was just a Small in her eyes, she had already subconsciously regarded the other party as an existence equal to her.

With wisdom, the upper half of the body was similar to a human but it was actually no different from a human… If one did not consider the insect tail.

“Um, can Lo Ya massage my tail”

“Oh” Lo Ya was stunned.

In the next second, the girl in front of her turned into a bird.

The beast grabbed her tail and lifted it into the air, then rubbed it happily, “So soft, so cute, so cute.”

“Wow, wow, how can you be like this”

… Ten minutes later, Luya left.

Lo Ya rubbed her tail while yawning.

At the same time, she ordered the hundreds of insects behind her to hunt in the surroundings.

A portion of the insects headed towards the Devil Beast Lord’s territory.

Of course, she would not stupidly send the insects under Sutton’s watch.

At most, when they were about 15 kilometers away from the other side’s territory, she would order the insects to stop moving.

Everything went smoothly.

However, she soon discovered that the closer she got to the Devil Beast Lord’s territory, the higher the frequency of large-scale exotic beasts appearing.

Among them, there were even some large beasts that could defeat magic beasts with just their physical bodies.

Lo Ya, who was sitting on the Sickle Insect’s back, had no choice but to personally come to the ‘front line’ so that she could use her own Magic to reduce the loss of the insects.

In the beginning, it was still alright.

The large monsters that she encountered were not particularly strong.

It was only when a certain health Black Wolf Beast in the Spiritual Link suddenly lost its information that she realized the threat.

A tiger!

Yes, the swarm of insects had encountered a tiger.

Its forelimb was thicker than a human’s waist, and it had developed muscles.

When running, it could run over a hundred meters in a short four seconds.

Its sharp teeth regarded the bones as tofu.

The Black Wolf Beast’s head was smashed to pieces because it was close to the monster.

“My God, it’s a bit stronger than the tigers on Earth.”

In fact, even the tigers on Earth could crush the low level Sickle Insect in melee combat.

Although Insect Girl’s Magic had a way to exhaust the tiger to death, Lo Ya did not dare to get close to the opponent because the range of the skill was too close.

She was afraid that the opponent would be able to rush in front of her and kill her after releasing a wave of the skill.

However, the strong body of a tiger was a great supplement to a swarm of insects.

If they obtained its genes, then the insects would probably be strengthened in an unprecedented manner.

“Let the Sickle Insect attack.

The insect blade is sharper than a knife.

If we attack together, we should be able to quickly surround and kill it.”

The big tiger opened its big mouth and yawned lazily.

At the same time, it took a bite of the dead wolf’s meat.

In the end, it realized that it was not delicious, so it slowly turned around and prepared to leave.

The surrounding Sickle Insect carefully approached.

While the tiger was not paying attention, they attacked at the same time.

“Roar ~ ~ ~”

Facing the threat, the tiger immediately turned around and opened its mouth wide, trying to chase away these insects.

As a Silver Level, it thought that it could rely on its powerful aura to drive away any wild beasts that dared to approach it.

However, unexpectedly, these insects didn’t have the slightest fear.

They waved their sharp sickles and rushed forward.

The tiger violently slapped away the insects in front of it.

Before it could recover from its shock, it felt a sharp pain on its butt.

A sickle cut open its skin and embedded itself into its flesh.

The giant tiger roared furiously.

It ignored the Sickle Insect behind it and turned its head to bite another bug that was charging at it from the side.

Unfortunately, the Sickle Insect’s reaction speed was very fast.

It jumped to the side and not only did it dodge the attack, but the Sickle Insect on its arms also stabbed towards the tiger’s eye.

After that… After that, a large number of sharp blades hit the tiger’s body one after another.

The forest let out a painful roar that made countless beasts shiver in fear.

Under the rage, the Sickle Insect were smashed into pieces like tofu.

Blood and broken limbs dyed the ground red.


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