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C112 – Pick It Up

When Lo Ya poked her head out from the wall, she happened to see a few people walking towards her.

“So cute.”

She had long black hair, big round black eyes, and a round and fair shoulder that was revealed in her hanging clothes.

There was a snow-white absolute domain between her blue skirt and white knee socks.

She actually looked like a 15-16 year old girl.

The three of them didn’t expect such a pure little girl to suddenly appear here, so they were very surprised.

Lo Ya also knew that her appearance was very beautiful, but compared to that, she wanted to test the effects of the quest so that she could get some benefits from it.

She thought for a moment and chose the hidden quest option inside and entered it simply.

At the same time, the three players also approached.

Lo Ya recalled the mission triggering process of some games and eagerly shouted at them, “Big brother, big sister, can you help”

The three of them looked at each other and all of them shook their Spirit.

Young swordsman (private message) [This is an NPC, right Did we trigger some kind of setting]

Mage Girl (private message) [I’m not sure.

Let’s get in touch first.

Also, pay attention to your eyes.

It’s too vulgar.

Don’t scare the NPC away.]

Young Gunner (private message) [Hehe, the NPC I met this time is really beautiful.

I wonder if I can fall in love with him.]

Mage Girl (Private) [You f * cking beast, how old is he]

[Private messaging program cracked.]

“Sure enough, Origin Space is just a game I feel like the login on my side is random, while the login on the players’ side is a normal server account.”

However, he felt that it was a little strange.

These players gave off an unreal feeling.

If this was a game, then what was the connection on the other side A foreign planet… or a foreign world

But it wasn’t important, the three of them had already walked over.

“Little sister, have you encountered any difficulties” The swordsman said seriously.

“Can big brother provide some half-dead creatures You must be very strong and lose the threat, right” After Lo Ya said that, she clicked on the mission announcement.

[Hidden Mission.]

[Description: Why are there half-dead creatures Maybe there is some secret inside.

In short, if you do as she says, there are only benefits and no disadvantages.

If the number of monsters sent over was large and strong enough, There would be a special surprise.


[Reward: 1.2 silver coins.


90 experience points (Party Distribution).

The expressions of the three players changed, as if they were shocked by the content of the quest.

“It’s actually a hidden quest, we seem to have triggered an incredible event” The female mage exclaimed in private.

“This NPC’s identity isn’t simple.

After entering the game, I haven’t seen many beauties.

But this little girl is so beautiful, she probably has a special background.

Furthermore, the title of the quest is unknown.

It definitely isn’t ordinary.

I’ll take it first.

So the swordsman represented the team and said,” No problem.

This small request is on us adventurers.

“Thank you, big brother.” Lo Ya smiled.

After the few of them left, Lo Ya’s expression returned to a contemplative state.

A half-dead creature could obviously be used to level up, and it was not only to level up in the Origin Space.

Tasks could be used, but the free rewards that could be given out were limited, so it was impossible to get too much in return.

If he wanted to get enough rewards, he would have to use some tricks.

To put it bluntly, it was a white wolf without a pair of gloves.

How to get a white wolf Obviously, it was to set up a long-term quest that could make players work for her.

She waited nearby for a while, and then the Mage in the three-man team ran over with a strange beast.

“The monster is here, half-dead, what do you think” The swordsman’s smile was a little difficult.

It was obvious that the pig was very heavy.

“Thank you.

Please put it on the ground.” Yes, Lo Ya said.

“Okay… No, this monster is quite dangerous.

If we just throw it on the ground like this… “

“It’s fine.” Lo Ya said very decisively.

Seeing this, the swordsman carefully put down the boar in his hand.

As soon as it touched the ground, the boar started to struggle desperately.

The swordsman didn’t manage to catch it and was knocked down to the ground.

Then, under his shocked gaze, Lo Ya’s Boxing hit the pig’s head.

With a flash of lightning, the wild boar twitched and died from foaming at the mouth.

“Not bad, half-dead, two punches to death.” Lo Ya nodded in satisfaction, “This pig is not bad.”

The swordsman instantly blushed with shame.

Was this girl a pervert She had gone through so much trouble to get him to catch wild monsters, but it was only for this kind of thing

In a strange silence, another two minutes passed.

Seeing that Lo Ya did not have any reaction, the swordsman finally could not help but ask, “Well, did you not say anything”

“What reaction” Lo Ya raised her head in puzzlement.

F * ck, mission reward!!!

The swordsman’s facial muscles twitched, but he could not say it out loud because the system stipulated that some information could not be leaked to the natives.

“Oh, so you’re saying that, I suddenly thought of something… If only you could do me another small favor.” Lo Ya patted her head and sighed.

“What small favor” The moment the swordsman said it, the mission notification came.

[Hidden Mission changed.] ]

[Description: Reject the other party’s request and receive the mission reward.


Agree to the request and the reward disappears.

Promotion mission initiated.


[Reward: None]

“F * ck, I knew the hidden mission wasn’t that simple!”

Realizing the shocking change, he immediately sent a private message to his teammates who were still killing monsters.

Soon, the female mage replied, “Wait, we’re almost there!”

Sure enough, five seconds later, the other two teammates also came with wild boars.

“What else do you need us to do” The swordsman immediately asked.

Lo Ya lowered her voice.

“I need to do something important, but I can’t do it with my abilities alone…”

[Large Hidden Epic Chain Mission: An important thing.


[Mission Introduction (First Loop): 1.

Collect 10,000 half-dead medium-sized creatures.


Collect 1,000 magic crystals.


Collect 10,000 Balad silver coins worth of equivalent currency.

Note: This mission can be completed by absorbing other members.

Upon reaching the final round, you will receive a large amount of rewards.

Players who accepted the mission will receive an additional reward.


[Reward (First Circle)] : None

“Wh… F * ck!”

The moment the mission content came out, they were all dumbfounded.

What kind of f * cking level of mission is this

The three of them felt that they had been drawn into the incredible storyline of the game.

There were probably only a few NPCs who had the ability to issue Epic quests in the entire game.

“Calm down, calm down.

This mission definitely won’t have any problems.

It’s just that for us, the difficulty is too high.

” The female mage took a few deep breaths, forcing herself to calm down.

” This little girl is definitely an important figure in the background, the reason why we were able to see her… It’s very likely that she triggered something somewhere else”

“Yeah, but this first round would probably be enough to kill a person, let alone without a reward.” The male swordsman complained in his tone.

“This proves that the rewards are rich in the end.

Think about it… The main storyline mission was pushed forward by us, and even the high-level players didn’t get such an opportunity.”

“Yes, yes, that makes sense.

We’ll take it first.

In short, we can’t give it to others.

At worst, we’ll just spend money to hire someone to help us.”


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