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C110 – Little Worm Mother Observed the Diary

“You little thing, you still want to run”

Lo Ya looked down at the rabbit from above.

She knew that Little Insect Girl was prepared to eat after waking up, but she did not think that the rabbit would escape.

She thought that she would be fine after hugging it.

Lo Ya carried the rabbit leg to the front of the little guy and found that the little guy’s face was facing the sky.

He opened his hands and mouth and made sounds of snoring.

There was still saliva and blood at the mouth of his mouth.

Lo Ya thought for a while and let the rabbit go again.

She decided not to interfere with Little Insect Girl’s life but to observe from afar as a bystander.

She really wanted to know how these Little Insect Girl would survive without her, although from her current performance, it was not reliable at all.

Lo Ya informed the Sickle Insect to hide a little further away.

The evil black loli was hiding in a nearby pile of grass, monitoring the danger from the sky at all times.

And she herself was also not going to help this little Little Insect Girl when her life was not in danger.

After waiting for about two hours, the little fellow rubbed its eyes, got up, and then grabbed a stalk of grass by the side and began to eat.

After waking up, it was very normal for her to be hungry.

After eating about a few stalks of grass, little Little Insect Girl yawned again and got up in the grass with nothing to do.

He climbed up here and there.

He did not seem to know what he was doing.

He just climbed up and down with a cute face.

Until a moment, a mouse ran over in front of her.

Little Insect Girl cried out and started to chase after the mouse.

She realized that she could not catch up.

She suddenly had an idea.

She spat out a weakened small Wind Blade from afar and cut the mouse’s leg.

After catching up, Little Insect Girl did not care about the other party’s struggling appearance and started to eat this thing.

“Why is it so edible Although I don’t really understand, the food seems to be bigger than mine.”

Lo Ya glanced at the fleshy tail and felt that Insect Girl must have stored a small subspace (protein) inside.

After eating half of the food, the cute little belly flipped and continued to sleep.

Two hours later, she woke up and continued to eat.

After eating, she yawned and wiggled for a while before finding a comfortable place to sleep.

Two hours later, the little fellow woke up again.

He ate a bigger plant and started to play alone on the grass.

Although she had always been alone, she didn’t seem to be bored at all.

At a certain moment, when she felt hungry, she began to search for food on the ground.

Finally, her head found a termite nest and a level 3 Ant Eater by a hole in the ground.

Although the cute little Magic was very bad, Insect Girl’s basic attributes were not bad at all.

Plus, the acid was really terrifying, so the Ant Eater did not dare to stay by the termite nest after being attacked once.

He ran away and gave up the precious food spot.

Little Insect Girl happily climbed up and grabbed termites one after another, and kept stuffing them into her mouth.

The poor Ant Eater hid dozens of meters away and secretly looked at this place.

After eating for more than ten minutes, Little Insect Girl’s stomach flipped and she began to sleep.

“Wow, the Ant Eater is not far away.

Why didn’t you pay attention to it”

It was impossible for a young Insect Girl to defeat this terrifying monster.

Lo Ya vaguely remembered that back then when she had just turned into a Magical Creature, she had already killed one with great difficulty.

Just as she expected, when the cute little girl was snoring, the Ant Eater carefully and slowly began to approach.

“Damn, with the strength of the Ant Eater, I’m afraid that Little Insect Girl would die with one punch.”

Lo Ya had already prepared the Wind Blade and Magic.

As long as she noticed something wrong, she would prepare to shoot.

Coincidentally, Little Insect Girl yawned and turned her body.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and shouted, “Meat.”

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Two streams of acid and a Wind Blade flew over.

The Ant Eater let out a miserable cry as it fled in a sorry state.

Little Insect Girl was crazily chasing after it from behind.

Unfortunately, her speed could not catch up to it, so she failed.

After turning back, this little thing began to eat again.

“I finally understand.

Eating, looking for food, sleeping, eating and looking for food, sleeping… There is an endless cycle.”

“This stupid and cute thing, what use do I have for you” Lo Ya crossed her arms in front of her chest and showed an angry expression.

But just when Lo Ya was extremely disappointed, Little Little Insect Girl discovered two little rabbits sunbathing.

It seemed that the breed was a bit different, it was actually even smaller than the young Insect Girl.

This time she did not go out to hunt but did not know why.

She discovered the secret of the Spiritual Link.

Because both of their intelligence was very low, the exchange was inexplicably successful.

Then, the little rabbit brought Little Insect Girl into their tunnel.

The fat little Little Insect Girl was stuck outside due to her tail being too big.

She could only see half of the insect’s tail swaying outside the cave.

The little rabbit beside helped widen the entrance before she successfully entered.

Lo Ya was very curious about what they were going to do, so she released the miniature scouting doll below.

At the same time, she sneakily leaned to the side of the entrance to listen to the sound.

Little Little Insect Girl crawled along the narrow passage towards the inside.

Her hands kept on digging, and her tail kept shrinking and wriggling.

She finally made it to the 40-centimeter area and arrived at the nest of the little rabbits.

There were many cute little rabbits here.

“Wow, so much meat.” Wiping her saliva, Little Insect Girl did not eat because she unconsciously received messages from the rabbits.

Two adult rabbits with a lot of plant leaves and strange fruits in their mouths crawled in front of her.

Little Little Insect Girl’s eyes lit up.

She opened her mouth and took a bite, and very quickly ate them all.

“Ah, meat.” As if thinking of something, the little fellow suddenly spun around on the spot.

Then, under the puzzled gazes of the rabbits, he crawled out of the cave once again.

Lo Ya hurriedly ran far away and saw with her own eyes that Little Little Insect Girl went to catch a lot of termites near the termite cave.

She wrapped it in a leaf and brought it to the rabbit nest.

Under the frightened eyes of the rabbits, she made a “Mu Wu” sound.

She reached out her hand and pointed at the large amount of termites wrapped in the leaves, indicating that everyone should share the good stuff.

Pa ~

The leaves opened and dozens of termites ran out.

The rabbits immediately exploded.

“This…” Lo Ya felt that she could not continue watching.

Little Little Insect Girl was also curious about the rabbits being chased by termites.

But after thinking for a while, she still grabbed a termite and ate it.

A certain rabbit seemed to be curious and mimicked her actions.

It actually also took a bite of the termite meat.

Then, without knowing what was going on, the entire nest began to eat termites.

“It seems to be a spiritual exchange.

This idiot is teaching rabbits how to eat termites”

Lo Ya did not know what to say.

Looking at the sky, it was already night time.

She yawned and let Sickle Insect look at the cave entrance.

Then, she found a quiet place to sleep.

When she woke up the next day, the entire rabbit nest went into Little Insect Girl’s stomach.

Little cutie did not have the slightest guilt of committing a crime.

She rubbed her belly and occasionally felt full.

“Alright… I must have had a problem with my brain because I thought she was kind.”

As usual, he slept, ate, and slept.

He would occasionally release acid or Magic when he encountered dangerous creatures.

In general, he was a little guy who lived a very regular life.


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