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C108 – Divine Level Beautiful Big Sister

Insect Girl and the others returned to their carefree lives.

They were clearly crying because of their injuries during the battle, but they forgot about the pain after the treatment and started to pile up and play.

An unnamed Little Insect Girl was crawling in a bush.

She might have forgotten how long she had been crawling for.

In short, ever since she had set her eyes on a white rabbit, she had been walking around in this small forest.

She was hoping to find that cute food.

The sky went from morning to dusk.

Halfway through, she felt hungry.

Little Insect Girl took a few bites at the leaves beside her, barely filling her stomach.

At a certain moment, when she climbed out of the forest, a small white hand suddenly stretched out in front of her eyes and lightly shook a few times.

“Are you looking for this little thing”

“Wow.” Seeing the white rabbit in her hand, Little Insect Girl happily wagged her tail and did not pay attention to the owner of the voice.

Instead, she hugged the rabbit and stuck out her tongue to lick it.

The little rabbit’s ears twitched and there was a trace of fear in her red big eyes.

It wanted to escape, but Little Insect Girl’s Strength was too big.

It was clearly so small, but it had the strength that it could not resist.

“Is it delicious”

Seeing Little Insect Girl grab the fluffy rabbit meat without any image and start the bloody Gnawing, the owner of the voice asked again.

Of course, Little Insect Girl was too young to understand her words.

After eating for a while, the little guy seemed to suddenly understand and raised his head in confusion.

Then, she saw a very beautiful big sister.

Although it was called a big sister, it was actually a girl around 1.5 meters tall.

There was a small basket hanging from her waist, and she wore a white round hat.

She wore a head full of black hair and her appearance was quite exquisite… Compared to a human, her appearance was simply like a fairy, or perhaps an angel.

There were no flaws at all.

This person… The young girl, barefooted, quietly squatted in front of Little Insect Girl and looked at her with a smile.

“Humm.” Little Insect Girl bit the meat and thought that she also wanted to eat it, so she sent the half-dead little rabbit in front of the girl.

But the girl in front of her was obviously indifferent, so Little Insect Girl did not pay attention to her and instead laid on the ground and started to eat.

After eating the rabbit that was bigger than her, Insect Girl burped and then rolled up her belly and snored on the spot.

After sleeping for a few seconds, the girl reached out her hand to grab the little guy and lifted him in front of her eyes.

The little guy was woken up and waved his arm.

Half of the tail that was exposed from the girl’s hand swayed back and forth.

His small face also revealed a frightened expression.

A few hundred meters away, Lo Ya suddenly received a message from the little guy’s Spirit through mental communication and jumped.

The surroundings were clearly the territory of Insect Girl Clan, so why would she encounter danger

The surrounding teams of patrolling Sickle Insect could almost block out any dangerous beasts that broke into the territory.

Even if Insect Girl and the rest ran around, they should not face danger.

Lo Ya hurriedly sat on a Sickle Insect and came to the vicinity of this little Little Insect Girl.

Then she saw a young girl in pure white clothes, half squatting on the ground.

The little Little Insect Girl seemed to be no longer afraid as she licked the girl’s fingers.

Her cute big eyes curiously looked at this huge monster, as if she was curious why there was such a big sister.

Yes, she was too small, only four centimeters tall.

In fact, she only had a few fingers holding her.

“Mm, her thoughts are very naive, as if she didn’t realize how terrifying what she did was.

Rather, it would be better to say that this is instinct.” The young girl seemed to understand the cute little girl eating the meat with all her might.

This kind of seemingly cruel thing was very normal in the eyes of the ignorant Little Insect Girl.

Just like how she did not understand why there was a beautiful big sister in front of her and even carefully observed her.

“Oh, it seems that the more interesting little guy is here.” The young girl suddenly sensed something and placed Little Insect Girl back onto the ground.

She stood up and looked at Lo Ya who was approaching.

For some reason, a kind of strange feeling of desolation welled up in her heart.

This kind of girl had no reason to hide from the bug’s surveillance and suddenly appeared here.

This appearance of not caring about anyone was too strange.

“Let me see who you are.” Lo Ya directly used the Detection on the other party.

Crystal Dragon God, LV, God.

“Farewell.” Lo Ya turned around and fled.

The young girl narrowed her eyes and the expression on her face was also full of smiles.

“What are you running for Am I that scary” Her voice was far from the horizon, and it was also very close.

It was very pleasant to the ear, and it was extremely enticing.

No… Lo Ya wanted to cry but had no tears.

You might not be frightening, but the words that appeared above your head were frightening.

Crystal Dragon God Damn, this was really too scary! She didn’t even show her level.

With Lo Ya’s wriggling speed, there was no way she could escape.

In the next moment, her fair and slender hand suddenly grabbed her tail and lifted her up into the air.

Two Insect Girl hung upside down in front of the young girl’s eyes, staring at each other.

“Oh, it’s Lo Ya.” The little thing opposite seemed to have suddenly reacted and called out to Lo Ya cheerfully.

“You can still laugh so happily.” Lo Ya helplessly looked at the little baby who was waving his hands and his eyes were shining.

She did not seem to realize how dangerous her situation was.

This seemingly beautiful girl in front of her was actually a god.

Moreover, she was the god of an exaggerated creature like the Crystal Dragon.

Could it be that she was angry because she summoned her projection, and specifically came to take revenge


“From the looks of it, you seem to know who I am” Crystal Dragon God’s hands slanted and her two small heads faced her.

Looking at each other at close distance, Lo Ya’s Spirit felt an inexplicable impact.

It was probably the feeling of “why it was so beautiful.”

Indeed, this girl was a bit too beautiful.

Perhaps this was some kind of spiritual power quantity of a god.

When looking at each other, it would always emit an indescribable attraction.

Lo Ya also knew that she actually did not use that kind of Strength.

Because she was a god, she was so beautiful that there was no reason for her to be beautiful.

“Ah, you are a beautiful young lady.

Your radiance illuminated all living things, like a comet piercing through the night sky and illuminating the earth.

You are the first ray of dawn, illuminating the confusion in my heart.

Your smile is so warm, inspirational to the goodness in my heart.” Lo Ya spread her hands and praised without blushing.

“Are you confessing to me” The young girl could not help but laugh lightly and place Lo Ya and Little Little Insect Girl on the ground.

At the same time, she reached out and rubbed her little head, “If it was a little cutie like you, perhaps I would really agree.”

Lo Ya broke out in cold sweat, Why can you listen to me as a confession

“Speaking of which, among all the races I have seen, You should be the purest.” The girl poked Little Insect Girl’s head with a finger and she fell to the ground with a cry.

Her tail also rolled up into a lump.

“Just like her, she only has the simplest and most primitive instinct to eat.

She will not think about those things that we hate.

I like it very much.”


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