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C106 – Expel the Werewolf(part I)

Lo Ya didn’t know if the werewolf was preparing for an attack, but the message from the mini scout doll was silent.

She could only see some of the wolves start to move, leaving the territory to hunt nearby from time to time.

As for the other wolves, they seemed to consciously cultivate some plants to solve the food problem.

Lo Ya gathered the captured meat and supplied it to the mutated Black Wolf Beast, so that it could expand the scale of the wolf beast in the shortest time possible.

This war would only depend on the Sickle Insect to suffer heavy losses, so they urgently needed to build a heavy cavalry troop that was specifically targeted at Bronze Level werewolves.

In actual fact, after two days, when the number of Sickle Insect increased to 1900 in the hunt, the first batch of young Black Wolf Beast grew up.

There were a total of 20 of them.

They were like a chaotic army that came from the darkness, giving off an oppressive aura.

Lo Ya carried out a simple grouping of Black Wolf Beast and similarly followed the small team’s serial number to better carry out the mobilization.

During the rest of the time, she had been busy cultivating the Undead Skeleton Soldiers and gathering the 2nd set of Skeleton Summoning Skill Shard and 1 set of Darkness Skill Shard.

Lo Xin learned the summoning of the skeleton and Lo Ya gave the Darkness Transformation Skill to herself.

[Darkness Transformation: Continuous consumption of spiritual power.

Obtained Undead Specialty.

Under the effect of this skill, the Darkness Erosion will be weakened.


At the moment, it did not seem like a very useful skill.

However, when Lo Ya killed the Undead Bone Beast, she was able to get within 10 meters of the target many times.

She did not receive any attacks because she relied on this Darkness skill.

“I keep feeling that the current race has a tendency to go astray.” Lo Ya felt that the race’s darkness ability was a bit too much.

Fortunately, this world did not reject the dark attributes so much, so she dared to use skills without worry.

But even so, many people were still very wary of this.

Lo Ya waited for another day and found that the Werewolf Clan had already started to gather their forces on a large scale.

She did not wait any longer and started to gather the entire swarm.

Because of the expansion of the scale, the Insect Girl Clan had actually started to invade many small beast tribes.

The difference from when they were fighting for the beach was that the current population was not only huge.

Their overall strength had also increased by a large margin.

One could imagine the scene of over a thousand large black insects rushing towards the enemy like a tsunami.

Just the aura alone was enough to make any creature shiver in fear.

And now, when Lo Ya gave the order, these insects moved out in unison, and began to run towards the territory of the Werewolf Clan.

All the birds and beasts along the way were thrown into chaos.

They either turned into food or fled.

Half an hour later, at the Werewolf Clan’s camp.

The Werewolf Clan’s chief frowned and lowered his head to look at the weeds.

With the help of the terrain of the wooden corridor, it could almost see the entire tribe.

This was already more than half of the Strength in the tribe.

400 grey wolf and 40 werewolves.

If such a large scale was thrown into the territory of Hojo Kingdom, it would be enough to deter the private army of many nobles.

However, when it thought about how its opponent was a group of insects, its heart was lifted.

“Patriarch, is it really worth sacrificing so many lives for a bit of land and dignity” An adult werewolf beside him asked unwillingly.

“I don’t know if it’s worth it or not, but I can predict that… Those bugs don’t want to let us go.

The competition in this forest has always been very cruel.

Every day, new beasts evolve into magic beasts or Magical Creature.

But those who can survive are few and far between.

In the past, the werewolf was one of the overlords of this forest.

At that time, the entire beast race even joined forces to fight against humanity, but now…”

“Tribe leader.” The werewolf beside him suddenly called out.

“Cough.” The patriarch quivered and took a deep breath.

“I know.

There are some things that cannot be mentioned again.”

At this moment, a grey wolf in the distance let out an ancient howl.

A werewolf ran over anxiously.

“Patriarch, we have discovered the enemy.”

The Werewolf Clan patriarch’s pupils shrank when he heard the sound.

He quickly turned around and walked behind the fence.

Then, he saw a black tide.

The black shadow formed a long line in the distance and merged with the dark green trees.

When the black line gradually approached, everyone could see that it was a bug with scarlet eyes.

“Damn it, we haven’t found them yet, but those guys ran over first” The Werewolf Clan’s chief grabbed the railing with both hands, and the muscles on his forehead bulged.

The one at the forefront wasn’t the Sickle Insect, but a kind of skeleton soldier riding a huge black wolf.

They were holding weapons from the human Noble Army, and they were also wearing armor.

The dark army quickly charged over.

“Undead Insect, Dark Silk!”

Lo Ya, who was sitting on the back of a Sickle Insect, issued an order.

Invisible silk threads connected to some werewolves and began to affect the Spirit.

The grey wolf group quickly launched a counter-charge, and the scattered troops of both sides clashed against each other.

The howls of wolves and insects converged, and the army blended together.

Blood and broken limbs sprayed in the air.

“Assemble, everyone gather.”

The Werewolf Clan had actually made ample preparations, but the Sickle Insect had arrived too quickly.

It had arrived so quickly that they hadn’t even been given a few minutes.

“Patriarch, aren’t there too many enemies” Although both sides had clashed, looking at the endless swarm of insects behind them, a werewolf’s expression changed.

There really were too many.

Even if the formation was very scattered, there shouldn’t be so many.

“Damn it, we underestimated the number of these monsters.”

Under the Wolf King’s complaints, the swarm had already overshadowed a large number of werewolves.

They were approaching the area.

Then, it saw a Small sitting on the back of a Sickle Insect, shouting “Charge!” and then it spat towards the sky.

Rows of long spear like silk threads exploded in midair.

Like rain, they pierced through the bodies of a row of werewolves.

“Du Mu, get rid of that bug.” The patriarch pointed at Lo Yu and shouted.

The Bronze Level werewolf jumped out of the wooden house and landed steadily on the ground.

Then, like a huge chariot, he charged forward and chased after Lo Yu, who was “driving” the Sickle Insect.


An air cannon was shot out.

The Sickle Insect made a sharp turn and tried to dodge.

“Hey, small earth wall.”

Lo Yu reacted very quickly and instantly completed the casting.

She did not know whether to say it was the help of the crystal in her body or her talent.

The moment this wall was attacked, it exploded with a loud bang, blasting out large amounts of earth and stone.

The other party seemed to have expected her reaction.

He opened his arms and more than ten Wind Blade spread out in the surroundings.

Then, they attacked from all directions.

Lo Yu, who was covered by the sky full of dirt and dust, spat out a net.

However, it was pierced through by a large number of Wind Blade.

The Sickle Insect turned its body and helped her resist all the attacks.

“Wah, you are not allowed to bully the Sickle Insect.”

Lo Yu shouted angrily.

All the insects within a 20-meter radius rushed towards the werewolf without caring about anything else.


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