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C101 – Catching the Fish While Taking A Bath

Half a day later…

Opening the White Silver Treasure Chest, Magic 1.3 Enhancement coupon obtained.


“Eh” Lo Ya opened her mouth and spat out the meat in her mouth.

After a ray of light, her Magic value instantly jumped from 16.2 to 35.

7 became the highest attribute.

This kind of item that strengthened every level in the family was definitely the most abnormal.

With this Magic Enhancement coupon, Insect Girl’s Magic leveled up to 2.3, which was even higher than a human’s by 0.

3 (After the chrysalis has turned into a cocoon, it can still be increased by 1).

Although the increase in attributes could not determine everything, there were still many other factors that could cause a change in one’s attributes.

However, there was no doubt that the item in the treasure chest this time directly doubled the damage of Little Insect Girl’s Magic.

She recovered from the pleasant surprise, and another notification sounded.

Sickle Insect obtained beneficial genes and evolved greatly, forming a branch species: Black Wolf Beast (Insect).

[Black Wolf Beast (Bug)] [Giant black wolf covered in a thick carapace (Insects).

Its speed is slightly slower than the Sickle Insect.] Its size, weight, defensive power, and Strength increased by a large margin.

They boarded the Undead Insect and became the Wolf Cavalry’s troops.

With the addition of the wind attribute, it could undergo the special transformation of the Sickle Insect.

The energy required to hatch a Black Wolf Beast was five times that of a Sickle Insect.


“Eh, could this be a heavy cavalry version of a Sickle Insect”

Sacrificing the speed of the Sickle Insect in exchange for powerful damage and defense, and even the weight of the Sickle Insect itself was shocking.

Currently, the Insect Girl Clan’s combat army only had the Sickle Insect and the relatively awkward Undead Insect.

Now that they had the Black Wolf Beast, they had indirectly strengthened the use of the Undead Insect.

Furthermore, the scene in his mind was that of the black mist swirling around the Wolf Cavalry.

It was quite handsome.

At the end of the battle, there were only a few werewolves left.

At this time, the Sickle Insect did not charge forward to kill the enemies.

Instead, it hid to the side and relied on the black loli’s spear skills to shoot at the target.

These werewolves had already used up all their Magic and Strength.

The compressed air cannon in their mouths was unable to shoot out again, so they could only die one by one under the spear.

Lo Ya and Lo Xin hid not too far away.

As long as they saw that the werewolves could not hold on, they would run up and stab them.

When there were no more wolves left, the 700 surviving Sickle Insect took the initiative to eat the ground full of minced meat before leaving the battlefield with the relatively intact corpses.

When they returned to the territory of Insect Girl Clan, a group of young Little Insect Girl immediately gathered.

“Wow, it’s Lo Ya.

Lo Ya is back.”

“Yiya, meat.”

The young Little Insect Girl was the first to eat.

Each of these little fellows were white and fat (finger and tail).

Very soon, they were immersed in the joy of delicious food.

Lo Ya saw that they were all dirty and thought that there was a clean stream nearby, so she decided to bring Little Insect Girl and the rest to take a bath together.

“Speaking of which, my clothes are also dirty and tattered.”

Lo Ya decided that the next time she went to Origin Space, she must make a good looking set of clothes for every Little Insect Girl.

However, the clothing of young Insect Girl was more troublesome because they grew too fast.

Basically, in two months, they could go from a few centimeters of Small to an adult Insect Girl that was more than 30 centimeters tall.

The current Lo Ya could even grab those little cuties with two hands and rub them on her face.

“Treasure, take a bath.”

Lo Ya carried the two young Little Insect Girl in her arms and moved towards the small stream not far away.

Arriving at the edge of the water, Lo Ya took a look at the little thing’s body shape and suddenly slapped her forehead as she thought of something.

The water was so deep that the little fellow would definitely drown.

Fortunately, she remembered that the blue Slime provided a breathing gel Components.

Breathing gel was used to aid one’s breathing underwater.

Although it could not be used directly as a cheek, it could allow Little Insect Girl to survive underwater for at least 30 minutes.

“I’ve decided to use it.”

“Aiya!” Almost at the moment when Lo Ya had a flash of inspiration, the two Little Insect Girl also screamed.

It turned out that when she slapped her forehead, these two pitiful little ones fell to the ground due to exhaustion.

Lo Yu who was carrying the two Little Insect Girl and following behind saw this scene and immediately rushed over in fear.

“Be careful.”

Lo Yu threw away the baby in her hands and lied down on the two Little Insect Girl who had landed on the ground.

Jump, jump…

The two cute little ones hit Lo Yu’s body and rolled twice like a elastic ball.

They fell onto the lawn and cried.

She did not have time to be happy when two cries came from a few meters away.

“Wow, Lo Yu, why did you throw the baby in your hand out”

Lo Ya quickly picked up the two poor little ones that fell and patted their heads to comfort them.

Although the fall did not hurt, she felt that there was an inexplicable shadow in Little Insect Girl’s heart.

Half a minute later, Lo Ya used 300 units of Evolution points in the editor and installed the breathing gel.

Insect Girl used up a bit of energy from her tail and quickly grew this kind of transparent gel covering the upper layer of her skin.

Whiz, whiz, whiz!

The little fellows jumped into the water one after another and then sank to the bottom.

“As expected, they’re all fellows who don’t know how to swim.” Lo Ya wiped away her cold sweat and decided to take this opportunity to learn how to swim with Little Insect Girl and the rest.

Now that she had the respiratory gel, she could absorb the oxygen in the water at a slower speed.

After a few minutes, most of Insect Girl had already learned how to swim.

“Gugugu, little fish.” A little Little Insect Girl chased after a fish and rolled in the water before gradually disappearing into the distance.

Over 40 Sickle Insect followed along the shore, and some also jumped into the water.

They were constantly running on the road ahead of Little Insect Girl, to prevent any danger.

Not long after, a Sickle Insect carried the cute little girl and ran back to Lo Ya’s side.

“Lo Ya, Little Yu, Little Yu.”

Its tail was held upside down in the air.

This little thing even had a happy expression as it showed off to Lo Ya.

The fish that she was holding, which was about the same size as her, slipped and fell back into the water.

“Wah.” Little Insect Girl, who was next to him, bit it.

“Say, what happened Why did you bring her back with you” Turning her head to look at the group of returning Sickle Insect, Lo Ya used the Spirit’s thought to ask.

The Sickle Insect sent back a message.

It turned out that there were many bird nests bigger than adults on the huge trees in the distance.

“Alright, natural enemies.” Lo Ya shook her tail and understood.

Little Insect Girl and the others would often encounter something in their lives.

It was a small bird that treated them as food.

It came down to hunt and pecked at its tail.

Although it was the small birds that were killed in the end, this left a very bad impression on many of Little Insect Girl.

Comparatively speaking, the newborn Insect Girl could really be taken away by the birds, so there were a lot of Sickle Insect protecting them.

Lo Ya even sent the Black Evil Lolita to surround the little fellows and shoot at the birds at any time.


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