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C100 – A Summoning of Magnificent Existence

The movement of the Insect Swarm was faster than the wolves had imagined.

Everything needed only one instruction from Lo Ya.

Even if it was the end of the world, every living insect could attack in an instant, tearing all the enemies to pieces.

Almost all the Sickle Insects at the battle waved their sickles at the same time, catching the werewolves unprepared by this level of aggressiveness.

More than a dozen grey wolves’ bodies were instantly cut by the sharp scythes, spurting out hot blood.

“Casey, look what you’ve done!” Ku Lu roared as he looked angrily at his subordinate.

The old werewolf that was standing alone in the eastern woods sighed, “I was too impulsive.

It’s just a bunch of insects after all.”

There was a reason for the High Priest’s arrogance.

At this moment, behind him, there were already more wolf packs surging over to the battle.

They could be perceived as a gray wave, displaying their might from the several hundred meters before crazily crashing into these insects.

At this moment, every werewolf understood that these bugs were nothing like the kind of creatures they had encountered before.

Their reaction speed was extraordinary as they could automatically attack the moment the Air Cannon was fired.

This kind of spontaneous reaction speed was something that they had never experienced in previous battles with the human armies before.

“Enable berserk state, all of you!”

The leader, Ku Lu, ordered all the warriors.

After that, one by one, the bodies of the werewolves increased in size, and countless thick blood vessels protruded from their skin.

Their eyes appeared to be bloodshot with fierceness, and their bodies which were already packed with muscles turned even bulkier and tougher to the extent where their bones could be perceived as the texture of the iron.

These werewolves who had incredible combat power did not fear the insects at all as they swung their fists viciously.

“What a stupid battle!” Lo Ya watched the battle unfolding and shook her head.

In fact, she could see that it was very disadvantageous for the Insect Girl Clan now.

Although they had surrounded this group of enemies, more wolves from the east were likely to cooperate with the wolves in the battle to attack the Sickle Insects here.

In order to avoid this situation, Lo Ya transferred part of the insect swarm to the east to block the pack of wolves who came to help.

Approximately 60 Sickle Insects faced the greater number of wild wolves without the slightest fear.

Amidst the dull sounds of collisions, some of the weaker insects were sent flying like kites out of line, getting thrown six or seven meters away.

Nonetheless, they quickly got up again.

Ignoring the injuries on their bodies, they continued to use their bodies to block and counterattack the enemy.

The battle situation was a little difficult at the moment.

The large swarm of insects in the territory were still on their way while the old werewolf priest had already begun to prepare some powerful magic.

A large number of Wind Blades were already gathering around his body, and the scale of this weapon was no less than a small tornado.

Lo Ya looked at the scene intently and muttered to herself, “I have to solve that danger.”

She raised her hand and a crystal pendant that was sparkling and translucent appeared in her palm.

[Crystal Oath Pendant: Can summon a crystal creature to fight.

This creature’s level will be the same as the summoner, the highest level is 30.

Lasts for 10 minutes.]

Originally, she wanted to wait until her level improved further before using it.

However, at this moment, it would actually not considered a waste.

Lo Ya opened her palm and a ray of light was projected into the sky above.

[Crystal Oath Pendant is being used and it starts to summon randomly.]

[Summoning has been generated.

Your luck value affects the position of the target.

If the target’s level is too high, a projection will appear (there will be no memory of the original body).]

The pendant emitted a sacred light and its magic guided the unknown elements to float in the air.

Lo Ya soon felt a tightness in her chest, as if there was an enormous existence that wanted to break through the void and descend in front of her.

Hum –

In a flash of light, a huge flying dragon with a wingspan of extraordinary size and length suddenly appeared in the sky.

There was no magnificent change in the formation nor any prelude.

Everything happened in an instant.

The dragon’s entire body was made up of crystals and the colorful light spots on its body were clearly extinguished.

They were as resplendent as the starry sky, as if countless dazzling neon lights were adorned on it perfectly.

The lights flickered and became brighter and brighter as if it had just awoken.

The dragon spread its wings and let out a shocking roar that could shake the sky and the ground.

Following that, a terrifying pressure spread throughout the entire place.

The werewolf priest, who was channeling the wind elements, seemed to have suffered a great backlash.

He spat out a mouthful of blood and the surrounding storm dissipated in an instant.

“What the…”

The old werewolf priest swallowed hard as he looked at the summoned creature in shock.

Was that a dragon

So magnificent and so gorgeous.

It was like the pattern of stars flickering…

“Not good, quickly retreat! Now!” The elder finally realized the danger.

He immediately released a loud and alarming roar towards the wolf pack that came to support them.

However, it was too late.

The crystal dragon flew into the air, causing the surrounding light to be dimmed compared to its existence, thus becoming even more dazzling.

The light spots of various colors were like blinking stars, floating out of its body, and then falling to the earth one by one.

The target was the reinforcing wolf packs.

Lo Ya narrowed her eyes and squinted to see the message on the top of Crystal Dragon’s head.

Crystal Dragon God (Projection), Level 16 (Suppression), Divine Attribute life form.

“It’s a God!”

A God

Was her luck value maxed out or did she receive the blessing of the Goddess of Luck to be able to directly summon such an existence

Lo Ya really did not understand.

Of course, a more likely answer would be that there was a problem with this dragon itself.

The dazzling star-like lights had already scattered into the pack of wolves.

Accompanied by the deafening sounds, colorful explosions and countless fireballs dropped into the pack.

This scene was incomparably spectacular.

Every dazzling star was like a bomb, continuously exploding.

After a short ten seconds, looking at the scene in front of her again, Lo Ya saw at least 100 grey wolves blasted into pieces.

Even a few number of Sickle Insects had been affected due to large scale of impact.

Unfortunately, the old werewolf priest had become the first target of the attack.

He was directly blasted into countless pieces of flesh.

After the explosion, there were still glittering spots of light floating in the air.

They looked like spheres which were the size of fists.

They carried “Huiling Tail” that was in the shape of a meteor and wandered around a few times before gradually extinguishing.

Lo Ya was too stunned by this whole scene to even let out a sound.

The power unleashed at level 16 was already so terrifying.

It seemed that the skill just now had far exceeded the scope of level 1.

As for this kind of Divine Arts…

she did not know or recognize it.

This was far from the end.

The Crystal Dragon suddenly flapped its wings and rushed into the clouds at an astonishing speed.

After that, a glaring light flashed across the sky, causing the onlookers to subconsciously cover their eyes.

Then, the dragon’s body descended from the sky, turning into a fireball that fell from the sky like a comet.

[Warning: You are summoning a life form to use the ‘Meteorite Impact’ skill.

Due to the strength of the body being unable to withstand the friction damage, the skill cannot be used.]

Under the friction of the atmosphere, the Crystal Dragon’s body suddenly collapsed into a large number of fragments and extinguished in the eyes of many beings.

Lo Ya stared blankly at the sky for a few seconds.

When she regained her senses, a rumbling sound reached her ears.

It was the sound of something colliding harshly with the ground.

[The body of the summoned creature has collapsed.]

“It has collapsed Alright…but what about the promised ten minutes”

At that time, the crystal pendant in her hand suddenly dimmed.

Now, it looked like any ordinary gem pendant.

Lo Ya looked at it and thought for a while before hanging it around her neck.

The size was a little too big for her, but it was really pretty.

“High Priest!” The werewolves looked at the werewolf priest who had been crushed to pieces in extreme shock and fear.

Their minds were filled with the scene of Crystal Dragon God releasing its power earlier.

However, the Sickle Insects did not stop fighting because of this matter.

While many grey wolves and werewolves were distracted for a moment, their bodies were pierced by the insects that pounced on them.

Their chests were pierced by sharp blades and miserable howls rang out continuously.

“Casey, prepare to retreat.

Go back and ask the patriarch for help!” Ku Lu roared and panted as he was already injured.

His right leg had been cut open, and the wound was about ten centimeters long.

Red flesh could be seen and blood kept dripping down from the wound.

“Retreat, retreat!” Jesse was already stunned by Lo Ya’s terrifying summoning skill.

At this moment, all four sides were surrounded by the Sickle Insects and the only way for the wolf pack to retreat was to break out of the encirclement.

Lo Ya was originally standing on the east side of the encirclement net, seeming as if it was the weakest part.

However, everybody now knew that this was actually the most tightly guarded part by having learned the hard way.

Ku Lu shouted frantically, “Run towards the south.

Kill our way out!”

A few Sickle Insects rushed over.

The Air Cannon in Ku Lu’s mouth did not have enough time to meet all the enemies rushing towards him.

Just as one of them was blown away, the other fearlessly grabbed onto its right arm.

A punch blasted apart this damn Sickle Insect, but its back was cut by another Sickle Insect.

The wolves roared wildly.

The grey wolves were also putting their lives on the line, but they were doomed to lose this battle.

That was because the reinforcement of the Sickle Insect group had already rushed over from the west side of the forest.

Their numbers were even greater than the ones left on the battlefield.

With this batch of reinforcement joining the battlefield, the Insect Girl Clan had invested a total of over 1,000 Sickle Insects in the battle against the werewolves, taking up two-thirds of the entire swarm.

The wolf corpses blasted all over the ground by Crystal Dragon God were practically ready-made nutrition for the Sickle Insects.

Apparently, after this battle, the strength of the swarm would not decrease but increase by a lot.

“Isn’t it too late to think about escaping now”

With a mocking provocation, Lo Ya jumped onto the shoulder of a Sickle Insect and turned her head to look at the swarm of insects that were charging over from all directions.

The corners of her mouth curled up with confidence and satisfaction.

The wolves that intended to break through not only failed to break out of the encirclement, but were also trapped in an even larger battle quagmire.

The remaining ten werewolves and hundreds of gray wolves were completely oppressed to a small area while the insects jumped on top of them like fleas, desperately stabbing their sharp blades on top of their heads.

The victory had already been decided.

Lo Ya and Lo Xin were finally relieved and began to grab the meat on the ground to fill their stomachs.

A portion of the insects started to clean up the battlefield under Lo Ya’s orders.

Crystal Dragon God’s power had caused the Insect Girl Clan to lose at least a few hundred Sickle Insects.

Even then, this pendent could be considered very helpful to Lo Ya.

If she knew that this thing was so powerful, she might have saved it for later.

“Lo Ya, will we continue to pursue the victory” Lo Xin made a vague sound while biting the meat in her mouth.

Her soft tail patted on the ground repetitively as if it was dancing, indicating that she was in a very good mood.

Lo Ya shook her head and replied, “For the sake of safety, let’s increase the number of our own soldiers first before going for the annihilation of the enemy’s clan.”

The Insect Girl Clan was not afraid of delaying the battle.

After all, time was on their side.

However, since the loss of this battle was actually quite big, she was quite worried that the battle would lead to a shortage of Sickle Insects.

So, Lo Ya decided to wait for a wave of reproduction before launching the final attack.

Besides, the more troublesome problem now was about how much combat power the werewolves still had left.


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